We R Sports™ SnatchFlex™ KettleBells 4KG – 40KG Cast Iron Rubber Coated Kettlebell – 28KG

The We R Sports© Kettlebell is a solid weighted Ball with a handle that is sold in a variation of weights from 4kg to 40kg catering for the novice gym/home user to the Elite athlete.

The kettlebell is made entirely of cast iron with the added coating of neoprene rubber to help prevent damage to flooring.

Neoprene Rubber dipped for thickness and coating

Provides cushioning on the skin

Help prevent scratches to Wooden floors, tiles, etc.

Different kettlebell size depending on the weight

We R Sports© Kettlebells are ideal for:

Fat loss

Building Strength

Increasing Endurance

Lean Muscle Building

Benefits of using We R Sports© Kettlebells:

Full-body conditioning.

Big results in less time than traditional weight training.

Increased resistance to injury.

The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously.

Improved mobility and range of motion.

Increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky-a benefit that appeals to women and men alike.

Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning

Major calorie burning.

Product Features

  • They can be used outdoor as well as indoors and need very little space when working with them. They are ideal for home use as they can be stored away very easily and take up little space.
  • The cardiovascular benefits are great also and to achieve a more intense cardio workout try using 2 in sequence. This is great also if you have a small child at home or you are at the office and cannot stray too far, 25-40 mins of training with kettlebells 3 times a week will be more than enough to reep the benefits both physically, mentally and visually.
  • Great for improving Grip strength, flexibility and core stability not forgetting ROM especially the shoulder joints.
  • Effective Toning and sculpting the body and burning body fat.
  • Please note you only receive the weight you select, you do not get the entire set as shown on the generic image.

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