The Kettlebell Cleanse: Lose 3600 Calories Ah Day

Learn how to use the kettlebell from the best—the man who lost 50 pounds in 2 and a half months.

The Kettlebell Cleanse will have you ready for anything, from beating your 17 year old son in a foot race to knocking out a bully in a fight.

The Kettlebell Cleanse creates a olympic physique—because it combines cardio with weight training.

The Kettlebell Cleanse will make you strong, you’ll be able to play any sport with endless stamina.

If you are a veteran athlete, The Kettlebell Cleanse will improve your core strengh and hand eye coordination.

If you are a veteran weight trainer, The Kettlebell Cleanse will build and preserve muscle.

The Kettlebell Cleanse is the ultimate tool for muscle retention during weight loss. If you want to lose weight and look lean The Kettlebell Cleanse is for you.

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