Gold’s Gym Blast Belly Bulge DVD 6 Complete Workouts 60+ Minutes

Blast fat and uncover flatter, tighter abs with 62 minutes of workouts that target your core. Mix and match your favorite workouts or do them all for fast, fabulous results. 6 Complete Workouts: 5 Minute Warm Up 13 Minute Tighten Your Core 10 Minute Sculpt Your Abs 9 Minute Cardio Wake-Up 10 Minute Metabolism Boost 10 Minute Power Abs 10 Minute Energy Boot Camp 5 Minute Cool Down Equipment Used In Workouts: Stability Ball Aerobic Step Jump Rope Kettlebell or Dumbbell

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30 Minutes to Fitness TLC Train Like A Contender DVD – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region 0 worlwide

30 Minutes to Fitness “TLC” includes two fat-burning workouts that are geared toward improving your cardiovascular output, your muscle endurance and your overall fitness level.

Workout One is an effective, athletic-based conditioning workout that gets the job done without any equipment. Each easy-to-follow move is performed at a challenging pace that will leave you feeling drained, empowered and totally satisfied. This no-frills workout is fantastically motivating and worth every minute.

Workout Two is an upbeat Boxing workout that “everyone” can learn and benefit from. Each boxing combination is taught without intruding on the growing intensity and overall effectiveness of the workout. From start to finish, from teaching to drilling, Kelly never lets up and helps you get the arms and abs of a boxer.

30-Minutes to Fitness “TLC” also offers unique premix options that will keep this DVD in your player day after day. Entitled “TLC” , these challenging workouts are designed to get you fit without over-stressing your body…”Train Like a Contender” gives you the “Tender Loving Care” your body needs to get fit and stay fit for years to come!
Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning
Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Equipment Needed: Weighted Gloves
Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
* The DVD is compatible with UK and EU players.

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GoFit Bob Harper Kettlebell Sculpted Body 50 Minutes Dvd

Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Cardio Shred is a demanding 54 minute kettlebell workout combined with accelerated cardio and high-intensity circuits.

Product Features

  • Kettle ball DVD workout high-velocity circuit training
  • Increases heart rate & works nearly every muscle group
  • Muscle sculpting & toning workout

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Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings: Just 12 Minutes a Day to Lose Weight, Prevent Sitting Disease, Hone Your Body and Tone Your Booty!

This ebook shows you how to benefit from kettlebell swings as a key to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. Called the “most perfect single exercise,” kettlebell swings offer not only cardiovascular conditioning but also serve as strength training for losing fat and building great body composition.

The book acquaints readers with kettlebells, round weights with handles, and the kettlebell swing, a quick exercise that takes about a second and a half per repetition. With this simple weight and this single exercise, the basic requirements to gaining outstanding conditioning and weight loss are yours.

The book encourages you and makes it easy to take on the goal of 12 minutes per day of kettlebell swings. This is roughly the cardiovascular equivalent of a mile and a half run, but spread out across the day. Ideally, your swings are accomplished in one to 2 minute segments of 36 to 72 repetitions.
You will learn the basics of both the kettlebell weight and the key exercise, the two-handed swing. The book aids you in determining good kettlebell weights and helps you find them.

Although this wellness book does advocate other aerobic exercise, e.g. walking 10,000 steps per day and does present nutritional guidelines for weight loss and maintenance, the 12 minutes of kettlebell swings are the revolutionary element that can deliver exceptional fat loss and body toning. Weight loss and body composition goals that have long been elusive can quickly be achieved with your kettlebell swing sessions.

Your one-minute to two-minute kettlebell swing sessions are uniquely and powerfully timed to avoid and fix “sitting disease” maladies. Simply sitting has been found to be a cardiovascular and metabolic risk factor. Sitting too long confuses your metabolism. A quick kettlebell swing session is the postural and metabolic opposite of sitting and a perfect 90 second antidote to sitting diseases.

This book promotes and guides other wellness lifestyle changes to complement improvement from the kettlebell workouts. Choices of food and drink are critical to helping new muscles build while carving away fat. A chapter leads you through the what, why and how of eating choices that inoculate you from obesity and help develop and maintain a healthy, muscular and lean body.

On a personal note, I am not a certified kettlebell trainer and I do not attempt to instruct in kettlebell workouts. The kettlebell swing, one simple exercise, is all we work on in this book. We just do a lot of swings, more than you would do in a certified course. I have completed the 10,000 Swings monthly challenge. At 63, I find the exercise a great source of vitality. Swings are foundational to all kettlebell training, but just one of a dozen kettlebell exercises. For cardiovascular and strength training the swing is perhaps the most useful of all exercises.

You need only this ebook and a few kettlebells (the book helps you shop for them) to begin to gain the strength and weight loss that a few daily minutes of kettlebell swings will provide you. Get fit! Get fierce! Get swinging kettlebells.

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Fé Fit Women’s 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program with 28 Videos Under 30 Minutes: The Best Workout DVDs for Women to Flatten Abs, Firm and Tighten Glutes, and Get Rid of Arm Jiggle – region 0

We created some of the best fitness DVDs for women. Our weight loss program for women consists of 8 upbeat DVDs. Women who couldn’t shed baby weight found results losing fat and creating feminine tone with our 13-week program. Discover fun, convenient workouts and a support group of other women. Add variety that creates muscle confusion by constantly mixing up your routine to keep your metabolism blazing. These are also amazing exercise DVDs for women over 50 and in their 20’s! Strength training adds sexy shape and raises your basal metabolism burning more calories while you rest. Flexibility and core exercises improve posture and stability. Isometrics workouts contract specific muscles toning and targeting areas like legs and glutes. 28 videos and 7 fitness genres with modifications •Total Body Toning: High-intensity strength training that hits every set of muscles •Lower Body: Targeted exercises for toned legs and a firm, round butt •Upper Body: Arm, back, chest, and shoulder workouts for a balanced shape and confident posture •Cardio Circuits: Fat-melting, vigorous interval cardio sessions that improve endurance •Barre: Isolated exercises that contract specific muscle groups for targeted toning •Stretch Flow: Our version of yoga for flexibility while building strength •Core: Build strength from your core while creating a flat and sexy stomach 5 FREE flexible 90-Day calendars with Fé Fit workouts to keep you on track •3 times per week •4 times per week •5 times per week •6-Week weight loss calendar •6-Week tone and strengthen calendar Stay Accountable •Progress-tracking stickers •Measurement chart for updating body changes •Strength and Aerobic test tracker for measuring improvement •Healthy lifestyle tips DVDs are region 0 which can play in any Uk and EU DVD players

Product Features

  • Fun and trendy workout DVDs for women that burn fat and create shape. Empowering and high-energy instructor. Lose weight, tone up, and feel attractive and sexy. Always on the go? In 13 weeks get a stunning body by working out only 3 times a week (in 30 minutes or less). 30-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
  • 7 fun fitness genres: •Cardio Circuit •Core •Lower Body •Upper Body •Total Body Toning •Barre and •Stretch Flow exercises
  • Created by moms, for moms. Our program won’t bulk you up like other workout DVDs that aren’t designed for a woman’s body. Designed for women to: Flatten stomachs. Firm and tighten glutes. Push yourself to the NEW YOU. Join a weight loss community of women and stay accountable!
  • Fé Fit 90-day in-home workout DVDs target full body sculpting for sexy and feminine legs, butt, arms, shoulders, back, and core. A gym membership and personal training sessions 2 times per week can cost up to $600 a month! Follow Fé Fit fitness DVDs as your primary workout program or to supplement other fitness goals. Achieve your weight loss goals by spending less than $100 and without disrupting your other priorities
  • 8 discs featuring 28 unique fitness videos, free flexible workout calendars to fit your busy life, and bonus tools for measuring and tracking success

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30 Minutes to Fitness Meltdown – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

This DVD has two, 30 minute workouts that will challenge your overall fitness level and burn mega calories for a full body Meltdown! Workout One includes a series of challenging mulit-joint exercises with moderate to heavy dumbbells followed by barbell lifts (Dumbbells can be used in place of a barbell). Kelly goes one-on-one with you in this workout to keep you focused and pushing through the rough spots. In this workout your trainer is now your workout partner….the struggle is real and you’ll do it together! Workout Two is Tabata Boxing on a heavy bag. Kelly and her crew will take you through short rounds of basic punching combinations that are interesting and effective. The time flies by as you Melt Down your middle and sculpt a leaner, fitter upper body. You DO NOT need a heavy bag, instead you can shadow box right along with one of the exercisers who does the entire workout without one. The challenge is still there and the results will still come.

Chapters: Intro – 1 Minute Workout One – 27 Minutes Workout Two – 28 Minutes Premixes (each have a warm up and cool down) Combined Workouts – 54 Minutes Meltdown Mix Up – 37 Minutes Dumbbell Meltdown – 43 Minutes Barbell Meltdown – 33 Minutes Mini Lift – 15 Minutes Meltdown No Barbell – 21 Minutes Total Meltdown – 36 Minutes Dumbbell & Boxing Meltdown – 31 Minutes Barbell & Boxing Meltdown – 31 Minutes Credits Music On/Off Option

Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey Meyer Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (Mixed Impact, Total Body Toning) Fitness Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: Hand Weights, Barbell (optional), Heavy Bag (Optional) Total Running Time: 55 Minutes Release Date: 2016 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes to Fitness Your Best Body DVD – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

30 Minutes to Fitness “Your Best Body”
has two great workouts and added premixes to give you ALL the workouts you need to achieve “Your Best Body”!

Workouts One and Two are geared toward muscle endurance, body contouring, and overall health and fitness. Kelly takes you through her unique gym-style supersets of upper and lower body exercises for quicker results.
“Your Best Body” is designed to use heavier weights with Kelly for strength training or with lighter weights, at your own pace, for more of a cardio-sculpting workout. Either way…the results you seek are within your reach!

30 Minutes to Fitness “YBB” makes great use of every minute, including your rests. The two main workouts utilize core moves in place of rests to keep your heart rate up between sets and to create a trimmer, stronger midsection.

If you are more of a cardio fan, Kelly has designed premix workouts just for you. Simply choose a “cardio rest” premix and have fun while you sculpt lean muscle mass and burn maximum calories.

“Your Best Body” also includes yoga. No matter which workout you choose, finish it off with Kelly’s 10 minute Yoga Flow segment to stretch out, de-stress and re-energize!

It’s the numerous workout options on this DVD that makes it great on its own or in any workout rotation. Whether you pick straight-up lifting, intervals of weights and cardio or total core-blasting, “Your Best Body” has the perfect workout for you!
Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
Release Date: 2011

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes to Fitness Body Design – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

This DVD has six, 15 minute workouts. You design your own workout by choosing the 2 training techniques of your choice. Your options are; Cardio Bootcamp, light db Cardio Sculpting, Upper Body Strength, Stronger/Leaner Lower Body, Kickboxing with light dumbbells, Yoga Flow Stretch. *Although theses 15 minute workouts are designed to be all-inclusive and not needing a full warm up or stretch, they have been added as another option in case you want or need them. Region 0 DVD which can play anywhere around the world. Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey Meyer Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (Mixed Impact, Total Body Toning) Fitness Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: Hand Weights Total Running Time: 90 Minutes Release Date: 2016 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes To Fitness Athletic Conditioning Volume 2 – Kelly Coffey-Meyer- Region0 worldwide

Whether you are an athlete, a retired athlete still in training, or just want to train like one…30-Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning” Vol 2 is your quick and complete full body challenge.

Workout One is a thorough program utilizing functional strength training in an easy to follow format. Your entire body will be pushed to the next level with a single pair of dumbbells. You won’t use heavy weights, you won’t be jumping endlessly, and there isn’t an overabundance of repetitions. Keeping it simple and effective, “AC2” includes 3 rounds of 12 exercises that challenge you for real results.

Workout Two is a floor-based workout that strengthens your core and increases flexibility. The unique fusion of these two styles is the key to the success it delivers. Most core/abdominal workouts exhaust your hip flexors and abs prematurely and most stretch routines are too boring to complete. Workout Two delivers a strong core and increased flexibility more effectively than all the others… and in less time!

Chapters: (Music On/Off Option) Introduction – 1 Minute Workout One – 32 Minutes Workout Two – 26 Minutes Premixes (All have Warm Up & Stretch) No Impact Mix – 18 Minutes Single Round & Abs – 24 Minutes Double Round – 23 Minutes Double Round & Abs – 33 Minutes Double Round & Core/Stretch – 36 Minutes Triple Round & Abs – 45 Minutes Triple Round & Core/Stretch – 43 Minutes Credits

Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (Mixed Impact, Total Body Toning) Fitness Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: Hand Weights Total Running Time: 60 Minutes Release Date: 2015 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes to Fitness Athletic Conditioning DVD – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

I’ve been fortunate enough to play sports my entire life, so it’s a pleasure for me to offer this conditioning program to athletes who want to stay fit and get faster during their off season.

Every athlete should show up to their first day of practice ready to go. Coaches shouldn’t have to spend their first few weeks getting their athletes in shape.. that’s your job and that’s where this DVD comes in!

You have the choice of 2 different 30 minute workouts. Both are geared toward getting your stronger and faster.

Workout one is a cardio workout that’s tough but very doable. Once you press play, don’t give up. Pay attention to my form tips and try to keep your energy at the same level as the other athletes on the workout. This workout is only 30 minutes so do your best.. Not More… Not Less!

Workout two is a 30 minute athletic stretch session that is crucial to your speed and to ward off sports related injuries. Every athlete needs a good stretch routine.. every athlete! Many athletes don’t stretch enough.. and that’s a big mistake!

So whether you are a 13 year old athlete embarking on a higher level of play or a college student on a scholarship… 30 Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning” is the key to your off-season training.

So now get ready because it’s Time to Get Started!
Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Stretching (High Impact)

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: None
Total Running Time: 63 Minutes

Release Date: 2014

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes To Fitness Live Amped Up Cardio – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

“Amped Up Cardio” was filmed in front of a LIVE audience so that you can enjoy a group fitness class in your own home. There are two 30-minute workouts that are upbeat, fun and challenging. These two workouts offer a unique infusion of boxing, basic aerobic moves, plyometrics, calisthenics, and core work that will help you burn calories and get in shape. These action-packed workouts are designed to trim down your waistline, tone up your arms/legs/glutes, and improve your overall strength. You will enjoy every fun, challenging, and sweaty minute as time flies by! Amped Up Cardio LIVE offers additional workout options, including a quick Drill Mix, that will quickly and effectively blast your entire body on those busy days when even 30 minutes is too long. Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Type of Workout: Aerobics (Mixed Impact) Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 60 minutes Release Date: 2016 Region: 0 (Worldwide) Chapters: Workout One – 30 Minutes Workout Two – 30 Minutes Premixes (All have Warm Up and Stretch) Combined Workouts – 56 Minutes Combined Workouts No Drills – 44 Minutes Workout One No Drills – 23 Minutes Workout Two No Drills – 24 Minutes All Drills – 22 Minutes Region 0 DVD which can play anywhere around the world.

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