MAXFIVE Leather Hand Grips Palm Protectors Mesh Net Back Glove Gymnastics Wrist Support, Cycle Padded Gloves Biker Fitness Gym Body Building and Kettlebells (Black, Medium)

MAXFIVE Leather Weightlifting Gym Fitness Exercise Body Building with these net back gloves from the MAXFIVE fitness range in size from S to XL. The net back make these gloves extremely comfortable while the padded palms offer protection against wounds, calluses, dumbbell pressures and pain.

Product Features

  • MAXIVE Genuine leather with cotton mesh back.
  • Padded leather palm with reinforced seams.
  • Soft terry lining for comfort and durability while lifting.
  • Cut to ensure consistent quality and fit.
  • Hooks and buckles, white and black in 1 pair

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Gymnastics Grips Crossfit – Now with 3 holes for your fingers! GYMNASTICS, CROSSFIT, WEIGHTLIFTING – Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Kettlebell Swing – Hand & Wrist Protection – Small UNBROKEN Bag includes Grips for CrossFit and Weightlifting – Gymnastics Protection against Rips & Calluses – Genuine Leather Manufacturer: Unbroken Sports wear SAS (Medium)


  • You loved our Hand Grips, the same quality and support now comes in the form of hand grips with 3 holes for your fingers! Same quality, more options! NO MORE CALLUSES – Everyone who has worked out at a gym before will agree, strength workouts destroy your palms. Not any more. Say goodbye to slow frustrating training, torn hands, ring finger calluses and sweaty hand grips. The UNBROKEN Grips will allow you to keep training day after day without losing strength from painful hands
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY LEATHER: Made from the finest 100% genuine cow leather, those grips are durable and designed to marry the shape of your palms for increased comfort. The Velcro wrist strap ensure that you wrists do not twist during exercise so that you can put all your concentration towards that last rep!
  • Description They are ideal for workouts that include many reps of pull-ups, kettlebell swings, muscle ups, deadlifts etc. (basically anything that is very abrasive against your hands!). The shape, durable quality of those grips will leave you satisfied and hungry for more workouts. Give the UNBROKEN grips a try and increase your performances!

    Product Features

    • NEW OPTION! HAND GRIPS WITH 3 HOLES – You already loved our regular Unbroken HAND GRIPS? We have new options with a grip that uses all three fingers to cover your palms, if liked the other ones you should really give these a try!
    • REINFORCED GRIPS RESISTING ALL TYPES OF TRAINING – Ideal for Crossfit Training, Kettlebell Swings, Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Deadlifts, Biceps curls, Gymnastics and many more!
    • QUALITY GENUINE LEATHER – Each pair of UNBROKEN Grips is made from 100% genuine cow leather. The Grips were designed specifically to match the shape of your hand for optimal comfort while remaining sturdy and in place thanks to a wrist Velcro strap protection.
    • THE PERFECT GRIP – Easily put on and effortlessly adjustable, it will only take SECONDS for you to begin your workout safely. On top of preventing hand injuries, the UNBROKEN grips will help you reach your maximum strength and performances brought by a stronger grip.
    • NO MORE RIPS OR CALLUSES – Those grips protect your hands against hand injuries that may occur in Gymnastics, Crossfit Training or even at the gym. Each purchase includes a pair of UNBROKEN grips.

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    Foxter Fitness Women Genuine Leather Hand Grip – Weightlifting Gloves CrossFit, Fitness, Gymnastics & Weightlifting – Protect Your Hands from Rips and Tears (Medium, Turquoise)

    Product Features

    • Flexible, Second skin layer keeps your palms protected against cuts and calluses during workout
    • Provides extra grip for squats, pull-ups and curls without the need for chalk
    • Ideal for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Strength Training and Kettlebell
    • Made from tough, durable thick leather, these grips are designed to last longer, Adjustable wrist straps design with buckle

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    PREMIUM TRAINING GLOVES FOR MEN and WOMEN by HIBERNO, Comfortable grip for Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Pull Ups, Climbing, Training and Exercise (Medium)

    Fed up of Calluses and sore hands while you workout?

    Calluses are hard skin caused by excessive friction or rubbing. They can turn into blisters resulting in a temporary suspension of your training program.

    1. Improve your grip – Your hands get sweaty during a workout and it can be annoying. Pull Up gloves also make it safer to life heavy weights
    2. Support your wrist – These gloves will also prevent injuries – The HIBERNO gloves acts like extra ligaments and tendons giving your wrist extra support
    3. Our gloves are padded which helps prevent pain allowing you to lift more
    4. Our gloves can make you stronger by distributing the weight across your forearms as opposed to your fingers bearing all of the weight
    5. Prevent blisters and calluses allowing you to continue your training uninterrupted

    50%Spandex, 40%Synthetic Leather, 10%Neoprene

    There are 4 different sizes available, Large, Medium and Small
    X-LARGE 20 * 11* 5 cm (7.87 x 4.33 x 1.96)
    LARGE 18 * 9 * 4 cm (7.08 x 3.54 x 1.57 in)
    MEDIUM 17 * 8 * 4 cm (6.69 x 3.14 x 1.57 in)
    SMALL 15.5 * 8 * 4 cm (6.10 x 3.14 x 1.57 in)

    Just check out the pictures which will show you how to measure your hand

    Experience life without calluses! Simply Click the “Add To Cart” Button to Get your Training Gloves. And Consider Getting a Pair for Your Training Partner too.

    Product Features

    • HAD ENOUGH OF PAINFUL CALLUSES – Workouts with torn and sweaty hands are hindering your progress, let this be a thing of the past. Our newly designed Training gloves for both men and women prevent those injuries allowing you to reach your potential without worry or hindrance.
    • ACCELERATE YOUR IMPROVEMENT – Allow yourself to participate in high intensity workouts while protecting your hands. Ideal for all exercises where gripping is crucial. This can include indoor rock climbing, weightlifting, powerlifting, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell swings and butterfly pull ups. You can even maintain your grip without the need for excessive chalking.
    • READY TO GO OUT OF THE BOX – No need to break these gloves in. The material we use ensure that you are protected from the get go while not having to wait until the 5th or 6th use before they feel comfortable. The design of these hand protectors includes extensions on the third and fourth finger allowing you to easily remove the gloves when you are finished.
    • DON’T KNOW YOUR SIZE – No problem, check out our Product description below which details the sizes available and tells you how to measure your hand to find the perfect fit. If you are unsure of the size it is better to go smaller as larger workout gloves will not provide the same protection.
    • GIVE THEM A TRY – If for some reason, you do not love these workout gloves we have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – People like you are the reason we exist and we want you to be a happy customer. If you are not, we will do our absolute best to rectify that. Don’t wait to order, do it today and we will take care of the rest.

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    Bear KompleX 2 hole Gymnastics grips are great for WODs, pullups, weight lifting, chin ups, cross training, exercise, kettlebells, and more. Protect your palms from rips and tears! (Black Grip / Neon Yellow Strap, Medium -4.25″ – 5″)

    It doesn’t take long to realize that ripped hands or palms drastically impact your life. From not being able to write your name with an ink pen to that blood curdling sting the first time you hop in the shower, we all know that sting… We at Bear KompleX have been down this road more times than we can count and we finally had enough. With the help of many of our friends and local boxes we have developed the best crossfit gloves to help you dominate your WOD and actually enjoy that post workout shower. From using the highest quality leather that will form to the bar shape over time, to the most comfortable wrist strap that keeps the buckle from digging into your wrist, we think we have nailed it. We currently have options available including multiple sizes, 2 colors choices, and also a 2 OR 3 hole grip selection to customize your experience. With Cross Training and daily work in your respective box, everyone is there to improve and push the ones around them. This is why you will see the Bear KompleX motto of “GET BETTER” on every pair of grips to give you that push you need. The next time you look down at your hands in the middle of “Angie” or “Fran” we want you to get some inspiration to get back up on that bar and “GET BETTER”! Click above and get a pair of gymnastics crossfit grips today!!! You won’t be disappointed… Our Black grips are a bit thinner and made of a suede material while our tan and grey grips are natural leather and break in like a baseball glove. Try one or try both!!!

    Product Features

    • THE BEST HAND GRIPS ON THE PLANET! Manufactured from genuine leather with a custom wrist strap which is designed for comfort and support positioned under the buckle. Bear KompleX gloves will NOT dig into your wrist!
    • 2 HOLE AND 3 HOLE FINGER OPTIONS to protect your hands and palms during Pull ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Power lifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and more…
    • DURABLE TRIPLE STITCHING will ensure full support and stability when using the Bear KompleX gymnastics grips. You shouldn’t have to worry about your hands when dominating your WOD!
    • SUPERIOR LEATHER WILL REDUCE SLIPPING on the bar and allow you to keep banging those pull-ups out. Great for the Speal bar as well!
    • BUY MULTIPLE BEAR KOMPLEX PRODUCTS and SAVE $$$ – be sure to look at the special offer section below to get quantity discounts on ALL Bear KompleX products

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    adidas Full Finger Essential Gloves, Medium, Orange

    The adidas Essential full finger gloves encompass the entire hands helping assist effective training for bar work, pull-ups, rope climbs and kettlebell exercises while providing protection from bacteria. The Climacool® ventilation technology enhances airflow and breathability for increased comfort while the cushioned padding alleviates strenuousness and discomfort on your hands. These gloves also help fight against calluses, blisters and other such effects on your hands from training exercises. They offer an excellent streamlined natural fit that supports your endurance during workouts.

    Product Features

    • Full Hand Coverage & Bacteria Protection; Great for Bar Work, Pull-Ups, Rope Climbs & Kettlebells
    • Climacool® Ventilation Technology for Excellent Moisture Management and Comfort During Work Outs
    • Padded, Streamlined, Natural Fit for Endurance; L =21.5cm (8.4″), W =15cm (5.9″), Thick=1cm(0.4″)
    • Prevention from Calluses and Blisters; Material (Back): Elasthine (9%), Polyamide (90%)
    • Minimised Friction on Weightlifting Equipment ;Material (Palm): Polyamide (65%), Polyurethane (35%)

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    Workout Gloves – Best for Gym, Weightlifting, Fitness, Training and CrossFit – Made for Men and Women who love Weightlifting & Exercise – RUE (Medium, Black)

    Weightlifting Gloves to protect your hands so you can be a winner in the gym

    – Back of hand is designed for a premium look and feel, while giving you enhanced durability and comfort
    – Palm features strong PowaTM comfort pads, protecting your palms from the stresses of active training and maintaining a strong feel on the bar
    – ½ finger length increases contact with grip surface and gives you more control during your lifts
    – Pull tabs on thumb, first and third fingers for easy removal of gloves post work out
    – Strong stitching enhances durability so you get more value for your money because your gloves last longer
    – Adjustable wrist closure for a more custom fit and to keep your gloves in place during work out
    – Sizes range from X-SMALL to XX-LARGE. Please check our sizing chart pictured above to get the right fit for your hands
    – CoolWeaveTM technology on the back of the hand and in between fingers enhances ventilation, comfort, and glove performance for a superior fit


    These gloves can be hand washed, make sure you secure the velcro closure to not damage fabric when washing. Use a mild soap to lather them up and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Lay the gloves on a towel and use another towel to pad them down to remove as much water without ringing the gloves. Leave to air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight or tumble dry the gloves. Wash as often as you want. Allow to fully dry before use.

    Take the Steel Sweat challenge TODAY! Try our weight training gloves for 30 days, if you feel they do not do what we’ve said they’ll do, simply return them.

    We treat our customers like family. YOU deserve the best.

    Scroll Up Now And Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button so you can stop worrying about your hands and focus on lifting weights.

    Product Features

    • KEEP YOUR HANDS VENTILATED EVEN DURING THE TOUGHEST WORKOUT! – Our All-Purpose Workout Gloves use our StretchAirTM performance material across the back of the hand to provide a flexible fit, with enhanced ventilation and moisture wicking experience. This allows your sweat to evaporate and your hands to stay dry while you workout, providing you with a comfortable feeling that prevents skin irritation, calluses or sores.
    • WHAT GLOVE SIZE DO I GET? Check our fitness glove sizing chart in the pictures to see how to measure your hand to get the perfect fit for you. Our weight lifting gloves are designed snug fitting, so if you prefer a looser fit we recommend selecting the larger of the two sizes. Our fitness gloves are machine washable that offer long-lasting performance as no one wants stinky gloves!
    • 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEED – You’ll love our gloves, so take advantage of this amazing offer and pick the right choice and give your hands the best gym gloves they deserve. Our gloves will PROTECT your hands and put a smile on your face, as you find you can train for LONGER and hit your fitness goals QUICKER. If you’re unsatisfied with our gloves it’s 100% money back guaranteed. So, HURRY this is a limited time offer at the sales price and won’t last long Click Add Cart Now!
    • EASY TO GET ON & OFF: Our gym gloves have 3 integrated pull tabs to allow you to easily remove your gloves after your workout. Our anatomical foam padding is designed to strengthen your grip when lifting while protecting your hands to promote natural hand movement. The palm is double layered amara leather with rubber grip dots to aid your hold on gym equipment. The quick release velcro closure will keep your glove in place during exercise for a custom fit.
    • PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND IMPROVE YOUR GRIP – Our gym gloves are double stitched and have a double layered thumb for extra protection and endurance. Our gloves are half-finger foam padded with finger expansion seams for a comfortable fit for all finger sizes. Don’t waste your money on other poorly made gloves on the market, try our gloves that are built to protect your hands with ultra lightweight material. So Click ADD TO CART now!

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    Weightlifting Gloves with over 18-inch Wrist Wrap Support for Workout, Gym and Fitness Training – Best for Men and Women Who Love Weight Lifting (Black, Medium)

    Weightlifting Gloves with integrated wrist wrap support to protect your hands

    Features include:

    – Padded palms and grip dots to protect from the stresses of active training and help maintain a strong feel on the bar.
    – ½ finger length increases contact with grip surface.
    – Wrap-around thumb protection for added comfort and pull tabs on first and second fingers as well as on the thumbs for easy removal after use.
    – Double stitching enhances strength and durability.
    – Back of hand is crafted from real leather for a premium look and feel, and provides stability to the glove for added durability.

    Our gloves are measured to fit exact to size, please check our Sizing Chart (in the photos) to ensure you select the right size gloves for your hands.


    If you don’t like stiff training gloves, these gloves can be hand washed. Use a mild soap to lather them up and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Lay the gloves on a towel and use another towel to pad them down to remove as much water without ringing the gloves. Leave to air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight, UV rays can damage the gloves. Allow to fully dry before use. Apply a good quality leather conditioner on back of hand of gloves to nourish and protect the leather.

    Take the Steel Sweat challenge TODAY!

    5 STAR EXPERIENCE GUARANTEE with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty – We’re confident you’ll LOVE our products. If for some reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, please contact us via email and we’ll resolve any issues promptly.

    We Treat our Customers Like Family. YOU Deserve The BEST.

    Get the extra grip and protection your hands deserve Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button!

    Product Features

    • WHAT SIZE DO I GET? Check our sizing chart in the pictures to see how to measure your hand to get the best fit for you.
    • ENHANCED VENTILATION AND COMFORT: Weight lifting gloves with integrated wrist support and CoolWeave technology on the back of the hand to enhance ventilation, comfort and provide a superior fit.
    • EASY TO GET ON AND OFF: Use the helpful pull tabs on the fingers and thumbs because no one likes to wrestle with their gloves pre or post workout
    • BREATHABLE: Allows your sweat to evaporate and your hands to stay dry while you exercise.
    • PROTECT YOUR HANDS and say goodbye to blisters and calluses. Click the Add to Cart Button now, your hands will thank you

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    JAW GRAP Cloth Separates Medium

    So…  You’ve been wearing your JAW Graps to death – literally….  The grip section has completely worn out….

    Never fear, dont throw your wraps away, just replace the grip section with JAW Grap Separates.

    Useful for: PullUps, Toes To Bar, Knees To Elbows, Kettlebell Swings and general barbell work. To size, cut with a pair of sharp scissors in an upwards direction first before the cut towards the bottom. This will avoid oversizing the hole. It will stretch over time. After the product has been cut we cannot accept any returns. Measure from your wrist to the base of your middle finger Size Measurement
    Small up to 10cm
    Medium 10cm – 12cm
    Large Over 12cm
    If worn every day during every WOD they will have a lifespan of 4-5 months. If worn only for pull-ups, toes to bar or the like they will have a lifespan of 8-12 months. Although durable, they are delicate and will not last forever. JAW – Just Another WOD, manufacturer of Functional Fitnesst accessories, pull-up and gymnastic grips designed in Australia.

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    Badu Fit Gym Gloves – Leather Weight Lifting Gloves With Adjustable Wrist Wrap – Womens & Mens – Breathable – Anti-Slip – Improve Grip – Use for CrossFit, WOD, Cross Training, Kettlebell Workouts (Medium)

    – Are your weight sessions less effective because of a poor slippery grip?
    – Are your hands suffering from painful calluses and blisters?
    – Are your wrists sore due to hyperextension?

    Stylish All-Purpose Gloves Provide High-Quality Grip and Wrist Protection

    Premium fitness brand Badu Fit offers a weight lifting glove that is designed for both women and men, helping you to push yourself to perfection by allowing you to safely grip your weights and equipment — while the flexible and double-stitched wrist strap will help prevent wrist injury during those tough sets. This set of weight lifting gloves will help absorb unnecessary pain, so you can focus your pain on improving your health and getting the body you have always wanted!

    Vented Mesh Material Protects Hands, Allows for Ventilation

    – Foam padding on the palms protects against calluses and blisters as you gain strength
    – Half-fingered design allows hands to breathe and decreases sweat
    – Plus our weight lifting gloves WILL NOT leak dye on your hands!

    The manufacturer Badu Fit offers a free three-month no-hassle replacement guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact the manufacturer for a complete no-hassle refund.

    These weight lifting gloves are selling fast at this price. Add these accessories to your cart now, so that you can protect your hands in a matter of days!

    Product Features

    • Black Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Gloves Provide An Iron Grip On Weights for Any Workout — and Even Sports
    • Perfect for CrossFit Workouts, Cross Training, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Pull Ups, Cycling And More
    • Padding On The Palm Cushions Against Painful Calluses, Blisters And Pressure During Your Exercise Routine
    • Sturdy Half-Finger Weight Lifting Gloves With Wrist Straps Help Guard Against Wrist Soreness And Injury
    • Unisex Design Makes It The Best Weight Lifting Glove For Women And Men

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    Gymnastics CrossFit Gym Hand Grip Workout Glove Kit with Gloves + Sweat Wristbands + Liquid Chalk comes with Wrist Support for Weightlifting Unisex (Medium)

    Get Our Unique Gym Gloves And Become A Gym Star!

    Exclusive 3 Piece Kit

    This package includes gloves, sweat bands and liquid chalk. Protection for your hands liquid chalk used by pro athletes to increase your performance and as intensity increases wipe the sweat away without having to reach for a towel.

    Designed For Performance

    Whether it is Gymnastics, Gym workouts or Cross Fit our workout gloves are designed to help you make performance gains that will directly carry over to your overall improvement. We outperform every other similar pair of gloves plus we provide accessories to enhance your workout which no other seller on Amazon does.

    No More Destroyed Hands

    Blisters, callouses, rips and tears on your hands will put you on the sidelines and make it impossible to reach your maximum potential. Keep your hands protected no matter what exercise you’re doing including Pull ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Power lifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and more.

    Your Fitness Bag Essentials.

    We provide a three piece kit which are gloves to protect your hands, Liquid chalk, which increases grip by over 80 percent and for those intense workouts our users will sweat, we have provided two black sweat bands for good measure. Everyone else is just providing gloves not a three piece kit to increase performance and to wipe away the sweat to stop it from going into their eyes.

    Grips Sizing Specifications:

    • Small: Up to 3″
    • Medium: For 3″ to 4.25″
    • Large: For over 4.25″

    This Is A Risk-Free Purchase! Add To Cart Now!

    Product Features

    • ✔ EXCLUSIVE SET NO ONE ELSE SELLS: We have covered all angles. Our gloves act as hand protectors. Increase grip by 80% with our Liquid chalk and wipe away the sweat with two sweat bands.
    • ✔ SECURE YOUR GRIP AND LIFT AWAY THE PAIN: Our gloves will help you lift more effectively by stabilising your wrists to keep you injury free. Made of rugged leather on the outside, improving grip and prevent slippage. Smooth on the palm side, superb hand protection from calluses and blisters.
    • ✔ MAXIMIZE YOUR GRIP WITH OUR LIQUID CHALK: Enhance your grip during weightlifting, cross training, gymnastics, or any sport where it’s needed. It dries within 10 secs on to the gloves which increases grip by over 80 percent.
    • ✔ MAKE THE MOST OUT OF OUR WRIST SWEATBANDS: Complete your entire outfit by matching our gym gloves with these absorbent wrist sweatbands. They will absorb sweat while you work out keeping you comfortable and dry. Save time! No need for towels to wipe your brows.
    • ✔ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Providing quality products and customer satisfaction is our priority. Love this kit or return it for a full refund within 30 days. In the rare event there is a problem with the products, please contact us so that we may resolve the problem promptly.

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    Jasons Gear 3 Hole Leather Hand Grip and Gymnastics Grips Crossfit Gloves WOD Gripers Palm Protection Suitable for Cross Training, Pullups, Weight Lifting, Chin Ups, Training, Exercise, Kettlebell (Small / Medium)

    Product Features

    • Made of High Quality Leather. Leather Feels Soft But is Durable Inner Glazed protection
    • Reduced Slipping as the leather is Treated for Extra Rugged Grip Inside
    • Wide Head Design Protects Your Palm the Best from All other on the Market
    • The circular holes (as opposed to the square ones on the market) are designed to fit snug around your fingers, providing more protection at the finger base
    • Suitable For Pull ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Power lifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics

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