Barefoot Running: Minimalist Running For Efficient Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Building Your Dream Body (Barefoot Running, Minimalist Running, Running. HIIT Running, Weight Loss, Cardio, Fitness)

Barefoot Running: Minimalist Running For Efficient Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Building Your Dream Body

Are You Ready To Lose Weight And Feel Great? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place…

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For centuries, running has been a part of the daily routine of man and has been an essential task for survival. However, with modernization and with the work-easing inventions that followed, the physical efforts man was once required to exert have now been considerably lessened. This quickly transformed running from a necessity to a hobby or a task. This puts man at a disadvantage because the benefits that come with this practice are numerous. Download your copy now to change your life with Barefoot Running!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Going Au Naturel – The Transition To Barefoot Running!
  • The Benefits Of Barefoot Running
  • Getting Started With Barefoot Running & Goal Setting
  • Your Barefoot Running Training Regime
  • Getting In Shape
  • And Much, Much More!
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Men’s Health Push, Pull, Swing: The Fat-Torching, Muscle-Building Dumbbell, Kettlebell & Sandbag Program

No piece of exercise equipment is more convenient, reliable, versatile and effective at building lean muscle and boosting post-workout metabolic rate than the venerable dumbbell and its cousins the kettlebell and sandbag. Together, these are the tools that will reshape the way we think about fitness and this book will stand as the definitive guide to targeting the key muscles that men and women want to develop and tone.

The beauty of these tools is that they are simple, inexpensive, and can be used in a small space so readers can exercise in the convenience of their homes. Most important is that they allow the freedom to use a full range of motion, unlike the rigid, limiting structure of weight machines. No longer restrained by the typical up/down motion of barbells and machines, readers can become strong in any direction. And sanctioned by Men’s Health, this book demonstrates with large color photos more than 150 strength exercises that incorporate the three key movements–pushing, pulling, and swinging—that make up the perfect full-range-of-motion workout. Because it emphasizes building functional strength for real-world application and total-body fitness Men’s Health Push, Pull, Swing will appeal to beginners as well as fitness buffs, especially those who enjoy CrossFit style workouts.

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Worth It? Gym Motivational Wall Decal Quote Fitness Weight Loss Diet Kettlebell Health and Fitness Spinning Crossfit Workout Boxing UFC MMA

Frequently Asked Questions How easy are wall decals to install? Our wall decals are surprisingly easy to install. We supply easy to understand application instructions with every wall sticker. Are your wall decals re-positionable? Our wall stickers are not re-positionable and can only be applied once. Where can I apply the wall decals? Our wall decals can be applied to almost any smooth surface including but not limited to smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, cars, boats, vans and all other vehicles. Where can’t I apply the wall decals? Our wall stickers are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric. How long do your wall decals last? We manufacture all wall stickers using a premium quality vinyl with a minimum 5 year outdoor manufactures guarantee, however they will last up to 10 years indoors. Can the wall stickers be removed? Yep simple, just gently heat the wall sticker using a hair dryer and then gently peel the sticker off the wall. As we use a high quality removable vinyl there should be no mess, and no evidence of the wall sticker after removal. Removal instructions are also supplied with every order. Is it ok to apply my wall sticker to a recently painted wall? Please allow 2-3 weeks for the fresh paint to harden prior to applying your wall sticker.

Product Features

  • Size:57cm/22” wide by 82cm/32” high – Colour:BLACK Matt Vinyl
  • DESIGN DIVILS SET INCLUDES:• Your decal with transfer paper applied • Free practice decal • Free Squeegee • Easy step-by-step detailed instructions
  • DesignDivil only use premium grade matt vinyl films by Detape, an industry leader in vinyl manufacturing.
  • Easy to apply and can be removed(not repositioned) without damage to existing walls
  • Professional hand painted finish

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Men’s Health: The Belly Off! Workout – The Body Weight Routine (2008) – region 0

Men’s Health has found the secret to weight loss. For more than a decade, guys have been sharing their weight loss success strategies with Men’s Health magazine. Using their tips- and the science that backs it all up – we’ve developed the Men’s Health Belly Off! Diet, a real food, real workout system that has helped thousands of guys lose weight.

In The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine, you can lose pounds quickly and easily and increase your strength and muscle mass. The Belly Off! Workout includes: 1) The 2-Minute Drill: Eight heart-pumping exercises that you’ll do for 15 seconds each, 2) Non-stop body weight circuits that use your own body weight as resistance and get your heart rate up, 3) The Power of 10: Ten exercises done back-to-back for a complete cardiovascular and strength workout.

The Belly Off! Program – powerful workouts and targeted nutrition that keeps you full while you burn fat and build muscle.
Instructor’s name: David Jack

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: None

Total Running Time: 50 Minutes

Release Date: 2010

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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