Authentic RDX Gel Weight lifting Fitness Training Gloves Gym Workout, Large

New great training gloves offer everything we have come to expect from RDX. The gloves are distinguished by their stretch “ventilator mesh” construction, which lets the hand and fingers bend naturally while staying cool, along with the abrasion-resistant leather on the palm with gel padding offers great comfort and grip. The gloves come on and off easily, meanwhile, thanks to their slip-on design. And lifters will love the short finger length, which reduces unwanted bulk. Velcro wrist closure keeps wrists stronger and secures fit. The RDX Gloves create a cooling airflow and dry your sweat quickly during tough workouts. Padded gel palms and stretch fit design allow for flexibility of movement yet a Velcro closer offers secure fit.

Product Features

  • Special finger loops offer maximum comfort and finger flexibility
  • Non-slip palm Gel pad provides optimum grip and palm cushioning
  • Velcro wrist closure keeps wrists stronger and secure fit
  • Wash by hand Hang to dry
  • 4 way stretch panels

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The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting & Cross Training Athletes – Enhanced Silicone Grip Palm (Black, Small)

The Gripper glove is designed for cross training and weightlifting athletes to maximize grip and mobility. This glove is intended only to cover the callused areas of the hand that athletes normally tape. Our compression fit engineered Gripper Glove is patterned for performance and reliability. The compression fit reduces bunching and discomfort while enhancing your natural grip on the bar. The fingerless glove is finely tailored to lay flat on the palm of the hand and reinforced with double stitching on seams. The palm of the glove is infused with an anti-slip silicone grip. This honeycomb patterned grip ensures that the glove will flex and bend freely, maximizing your mobility as each hexagonal shape adjusts independently to your natural grip. The Gripper glove’s palm opening is z-stitched for ultimate expansion to provide a perfect match to your palms circumference. The top of the Gripper glove is constructed with form fitting Lycra, which allows your hands to breathe to prevent overheating.

Each model of Fit Fours gloves are designed for a specific application. That being said, Fit Four has found that most people prefer the gripper gloves for stationary pull-ups, rope climbing, kettle bells, and rings. Fit Four knows that every athlete’s grip and preferences are different and don’t expect our gloves to work the same for everyone. Fit Four gloves are tools to keep in your arsenal and to be used as needed. Need less grip / more bar rotation? Try the Fit Four Anti-Ripper gloves, designed for OLY weightlifting. Need more cushion? Then the Neo Grip glove is for you.

Product Features

  • Preferred for hanging bar work, rope climbing, kettle bells & rings
  • Maximize grip & mobility, Minimize slipping & ripping, No more taping!
  • Independently moving hexagonal shaped silicone pads for extra grip
  • Fit Four’s patented minimalist four finger Callus Guard Fitness Gloves, Compression fit
  • Unisex Sizing SX-XL (see SIZE CHART located in images) 40% Synthetic Leather, 50% Lycra, 10% Silicone, Hand-made, Easy on / Easy off, Available in 4 colors

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Fitness-Mad Women’s Cross Training Gloves – Medium, Light Blue/Grey

The Fitness Mad women’s cross training gloves are ideal for weight lifting or general fitness workout. These stylish gloves have a palm manufactured from soft padded almara artificial leather that improves comfort and ensures good grip. They have half-finger design with pull off and pull on tabs that make them easy to remove and pull on. The two-layer stretch-spandex back guarantees good breathability.

Product Features

  • Soft padded almara leather palm which offers great comfort and a good grip
  • Half finger design with pull off tabs for easy removal
  • Two layers stretch-spandex back, for breathability
  • Pull on tabs make it easy to pull the gloves on

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The Spartan Grip – with Enhanced Silicone Palm | Fit Four Callus Guard Workout Gloves for Weight Lifting & Cross Training Athletes (All Black, Small)

Spartan Grip surpasses all expectations of what a performance workout glove should be. A gymnastic grip, wrist wrap, & Callus Guard fitness glove in one design, allows you to keep your gloves on the entire workout. The Spartan Grip includes a 3″ wide expandable ribbed wrist support that provides the perfect amount of protection to keep you lifting strong. The Spartan’s tactical compression fit and open design isn’t just made to look cool, it was designed to help keep your hands cool. The palm is injected with Fit Four’s hexagonal silicone to help provide the maximum grip on any surface. One things for sure, after putting on our workout glove and wrapping your wrist you’ll look and feel like a Spartan ready for war.

Product Features

  • Gymnastic grip, wrist wrap, & Callus Guard fitness glove in one design
  • Enhanced silicone injected palm for extra grip, No Bunching!
  • Compression fit workout glove, open and breathable design, No more taping or wrapping!
  • Best for: weights, pull-ups, ropes, rings, kettle bells, tires, & hammers
  • Made from lycra, cabretta leather, silicone, and high grade poly reinforced elastic

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Womens Weightlifting Gloves PLUS Padded Figure 8 Lifting Wrist Straps for Powerlifting-Gym-Crossfit-Weight Training-Biking-Cycling-Best for Comfort- Grip and Callus Protection-Washable-*FREE* Fox Fierce Fitness Workout for Women Ebook (Pink, Medium)

The BEST Womenâ€TMs Weightlifting Gloves by Fox Fierce

•We believe that women can still look and feel feminine whilst unleashing their fierce determination to get in shape
•We believe in women rocking womanly figures
•We believe in bringing sexy back
•We believe in you

Our passion is to help our fellow female powerhouses to unleash their inner fox by making the selection of gym ready wear easy. Our expertly crafted gloves look great, and are designed to keep your hands looking and feeling amazing. And like they belong to a lady!

•They are super comfortable! The isolated padding and half finger design stops your hands looking and feeling like the hulks

•Never lose your grip again! With the bonus Figure 8’s hit your max weight potential with confidence

•Lightweight, due to the lack of bulk

•And breathe…The perforated leather prevents sweat build up

•Calluses be gone! Protect those hands!

•Easy to get off. Just pull the finger tab and off you go

•Durable as well as comfortable. The combination of leather and synthetic materials ensures endurance

•Yes they’re washable: cold wash only

•They’re made from high quality materials and arrive in quality packaging

For a Limited time only included with your purchase
•Figure 8 straps to help you maximize your workout. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with grip alone. More weight means more muscle! More Muscle means less fat and more tone. Valued at $16
•EBook-The Fox Fierce

Product Features

  • THE BEST Weightlifting Gloves for CrossFit (WOD), Weights, Gym, Powerlifting, Fitness, Cycling, Biking, Kettlebell Workout, Personal Training, Chin Ups and more
  • Designed for WOMEN! Super Comfortable. Breathable Leather. Washable. Padding and extra Grip where it’s needed. Easy Pull off Tab.
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY Figure 8 lifting straps to help you maximize your workout. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with your grip alone. More weight means more muscle! More Muscle means less fat and more tone.
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY EBook- Fox Fierce Fitness Program & How to use your figure 8 straps
  • BUY TODAY and your lifting pack will include 2 x Gloves, 2 x Figure 8 Strap and Fox Fierce Fitness Program EBook

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Proworks Women’s Padded Grip Fingerless Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting, Cross Training, Exercise Bikes & More – Black with Pink Trim (Medium)

New from Proworks, these professional womens exercising gloves are the best piece of sports wear apparel for all your home and gym work out routines. Their tough rubber grip ensures they can be used with most exercise machines, balls, bars and mats.

Improve your strength, conditioning and general fitness by taking your workouts to the next level! Add push ups, sparring, powerlifting or kettlebell exercises to your routines to keep your body working at it best. These gloves can be used for all of these exercises and more.

Proworks is proud to offer you the best girls work out gear and sport accessories. Stylish, cute and functional; these sporting gloves are a great replacement for standard hand grips when working out.

Product Features

  • High quality bodybuilding and fitness gloves from Proworks; made from 70% SBR rubber and 30% Dacron polyester and available in several sizes.
  • Offering a comfortable, effective grip; these workout gloves are a great alternative to standard hand wraps for free weights, dumbbells, barbells and other pieces of weightlifting and strength training equipment.
  • Not into lifting weights? Don’t worry; these gloves are great to use with your rowing machine, cross trainer, elliptical and exercise bike. They’re also perfect for your indoor and outdoor yoga sessions if you don’t have a mat.
  • If you’re put off using a pull up bar, dip station or bench press because of calluses, these ladies crossfit gloves can help reduce the friction on your hands to prevent them from forming.
  • Medium size female glove dimensions: 145mm Length ¦ 95mm Width ¦ 5mm Thick.

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