The Bicep Workout Bible: Get Huge Arms, A Complete Guide to Building Shredded Bicep Muscles (Arm Workout, Tricep Workout, Triceps, Biceps, Arm Blaster, … Bodybuilding Diet, Protein Shake)

Are You Ready To Build Bulging Biceps?

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You’re about to discover how to correctly build massive biceps, using tried and tested methods by Arnold and other weightlifting greats! Stop wasting your time doing countless sets of bicep curls, this book contains ALL of the information you need on your journey to jacked arms.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • (The Best Bicep Building Exercises)
  • (Common Bicep Training Myths & Mistakes)
  • (Advanced Bicep Training Principles for MASSIVE GROWTH)
  • (Arnold’s take on Bicep Training)
  • (Recovery)
  • (Nutrition)
  • ( Anatomy of the Bicep)
  • Much, much more!

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Kettlebell: Kettlebell Workouts That Work 2nd Edition – The Pathway To A Million Dollar Body (workout plan, diet plans for weight loss, workout routines, … for men, workouts for woman, kettlebell)

Kettlebell workouts for the body of your dreams!!

Improved 2nd Edition Released in February 2017 and Only $0.99 for a Limited Time!!

Do you want to get fast noticeable weight loss results?Do you want to train every muscle in your body in one workout?Do you want to build muscle without reducing flexibility?

My name is Vincent Henry, I am a Italian American who has been in the personal training industry for 11 years, in 2005 I begun my study and practise of kettlebell training and after thousands of sessions I have became very well informed and I have learnt how to utilise a kettlebell in every way possible.

The Use Of Kettlebell Is An Art Form That Once Practised And Mastered Will Sculpt A Body That Demands Attention And Gets Heads Turning Full Circle.

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Worth It? Gym Motivational Wall Decal Quote Fitness Weight Loss Diet Kettlebell Health and Fitness Spinning Crossfit Workout Boxing UFC MMA

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Product Features

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Kettlebell: 30 Day Kettlebell WOD Exercises! – Get In Shape Fast With 30 Amazing Russian Kettlebell And Cross Training Workouts! (HIIT, Weight Loss, Metabolism, … Low Carb Diet, Paleo Diet, Crossfit)


This “Kettlebell” book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight and tone your muscles using only the Russian kettlebell.

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This book covers all the factors that affect weight loss including workouts, resting and diet. By using the tips suggested in this book, you will be able to lose weight fast without the need for expensive equipment. The kettlebell exercises are really easy and they could also be integrated to the workouts that you are already doing. The nutrition principle suggested by this book follows the Paleo and low carb diet. We hope that you will reach your workout goals by using the tips suggested in this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Workout Principles
  • Using The Russian Kettlebell To Get In Shape
  • The Kettlebell And Cross Fit Training
  • 30 Day Kettlebell WOD Exercises
  • Cross Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Making Your Metabolism Work For You
  • How Weight Loss Happens
  • Low Carb Diet
  • The Paleo Diet
  • Much, Much More!

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