40 Days + 10,000 Swings: A Journal (Home Gym Strong Book 3)

Are you tired of fitness guides that skim over the details? Discover the steps you need to take with a behind-the-scenes look at one man’s healthy lifestyle.

Have your last few attempts at fitness fallen flat? Do grand exercise ideas and proclamations always seem to fail when you put them into practice? Author Chad V. Holtkamp knows that no health routine is perfect. By showing you the highs and lows of his year-long fitness program, you’ll finally learn how to conquer the challenges that most fitness experts ignore.

40 Days + 10,000 Swings: A Journal is a detailed companion guide that shows you the nitty gritty of how Chad reached the best shape of his life. By paging through the author’s own daily journals and detailed accounts, you’ll see his food intake, his exercise routine, and even his state of mind. Through this over-the-shoulder look at how he dealt with personal trials, you’ll find our own roadmap for personal success.

In 40 Days + 10,000 Swings, you’ll discover:

  • Daily journal entries for a real-world example of a fitness plan in motion
  • The steps you can take to balance your professional, personal, and fitness challenges
  • How Chad managed to stick to his plan despite daily life and his father’s lung cancer diagnosis
  • A step-by-step exploration of the 40 Days + 10,000 Swings workout program
  • How to stay in shape in the face of unexpected adversity, and much, much more!

This hands-on fitness memoir is a companion guide to Sink or Swing, the second volume of the Home Gym Strong series. If you like real stories of fitness struggles and success, practical advice, and life-changing workout programs, then you’ll love Chad V. Holtkamp’s candid exercise guide.

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Kettlebell: The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get Ripped in 30 Days (Kettlebell Workouts)

Are you ready to stop wasting time at the gym and actually get the body you’ve always wanted?

Whether you are a beginner or an old pro, the Kettlebell Training will amp up your workouts, help you lose weight, pack on muscle, have more energy, and feel and look fit. The kettlebell workout is one of the most comprehensive in the world, transforming your arms, legs, and abdomen with only a few minutes a day. And with a wide variety of kettlebell exercises to choose from, neither you nor your body will ever get bored.

Kettlebell Training Benefits

How is a kettlebell workout different from a traditional workout? First of all, you need only one tool: the kettlebell. Say goodbye to the gym—you don’t need all of those machines or that expensive membership. Instead, with a set of kettlebells, you can perform hundreds of different exercises, working out not only your arms, but every part of your body. There’s no better way to streamline your workouts than with this book and this one simple tool.

Whether you are a workout fanatic or just starting to get in shape, you know that your body quickly becomes bored with repetitious exercises. If you go to the gym every day, you likely perform the same circuit every time. Eventually, the body gets used to the workout and stops responding. Kettlebell training is varied enough that your body never becomes accustomed to the workout and you never stop building real kettlebell muscle. Continual confusion of your muscles is key to keeping them on point and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this book.

It even includes DIET PLAN suggestions to be followed for Kettlebell training and Weight Loss Management System as an added BONUS.

Can you really learn this from a book?

These exercises may sound complex at first, but this kettlebell book makes it easy to learn, even if you are not a fitness enthusiast. All you have to do is read and you will start losing weight. You’ll be in shape in no time. Just follow the simple instructions written by John Powers, a kettlebell enthusiast and expert!

Top 30 Illustrated Kettlebell exercises will guarantee to bring you the best results in the shortest period of time!

What does the Kettlebell Training cover?

The Kettlebell Training covers a range of topics that will get beginners started on their kettlebell path, as well as help those who are already familiar with the exercise amp up their workouts. You will also learn:

• What is kettlebell and how does it work?
• What kettlebells do I need? What weight, what size, how many?
• Does kettlebell help me build muscle?
• What is the difference between kettlebells and workout with dumbbells?
• What are the benefits of kettlebell over other workouts?
• Can I use kettlebells every day?
• Most effective Kettlebell exercises for abdominal area.
• What should I eat for the peak performance?
• Does kettlebell help you burn fat?
• and much more..

If you are ready to supercharge your workouts and see real results, get your copy today!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“Money well spent. Good diagrams and illustrations with just the right amount of information. Not to muck to be boring, but enough to get you going safely.”
– Dr Claude Botha (UK)

“If you’re a beginner this is a great book. I enjoy the fact that it includes video links for exercises. The nutrition section is a plus too. I think it’s important to speak about nutrition. This book is a catch all regardless of goals and ability level. It’s also a quick skin read too.”
– Roger Humphrey

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