RDX Gym Weight Lifting Gloves Women Workout Fitness Ladies Bodybuilding Crossfit Breathable Powerlifting Wrist Support Strength Training

Max comfort. Max breathability. Max gains. Constructed using the lightest materials in the market, and stitched for the longest lasting life in the market too. These Patent Pending Ladies weight lifting gloves are made with the same high-quality materials such as Lycra, authentic leather, and suede yet its floral design is different. Enhance your bodybuilding and training routines today

Product Features

  • Lycra made weightlifting gloves zone in on comfortability and total breathability
  • Suede palm incorporate strategically placed perforations for added ventilation, and a superb no-slip grip to fight calluses
  • 3MM padding under the Suede grip ensures comfort and cushioning against heavy weight
  • Authentic leather webbing throughout the fingers promises maximum durability and zero-chance tear during severe lifting
  • Can be used for a range of fitness activities such as cycling, pull up bars, kettlebells etc.

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YF-36 Men & Women Weight Lifting Gloves With Non-Slip Silicone Palms Provide Support For Gym, Workout, Crossfit, Fitness, Kettlebell, Yoga, WOD, Cross Training

YF-36 Sports Gloves Weightlifting Gloves protect your hands and improve your performance during crossfit, pull-ups, weightlifting and other fitness activities. Made from breathable Lycra, synthetic leather and silicone, our Gloves regulate temperature to keep your hands cool and dry. Silicone micropads in the palms add a layer of protection from painful abrasions while improving your grip to prevent slips and drops.Designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, YF-36 Gloves are ideal for anyone who whose hands take a beating. Use them for lawn work, motorcycling, weight training and any other activities that require a sure, steady grip without the risk of ripping out your palms.

Please attention: the size is measured by circumference.
S: 6.7″-7.5″ 17-19cm
M: 7.5″-8.3″ 19-21cm
L: 8.3″-9″ 21-23cm
XL: 9″-9.9″ 23-25cm

Product Features

  • Without the stress of slipping or dropping weights, or painful calluses and blisters. Proper weight distribution reduces hand fatigue and lets you work out longer
  • Silicone rubber beading on the glove palm provides a high traction surface to grab a barbell, dumbbell, or other piece of equipment and hold it securely without losing grip. This provides a much better grip than traditional leather palm gloves
  • Glove interior is soft to provide comfort for extended use. The materials help to pull sweat from the hands and absorb in order to maintain a firm fit without slippage
  • Whether you’re a professional body builder or beginner, our gloves will provide you with the support and grip you need
  • The best weightlifting gloves for crossFit (WOD), weights, gym, powerlifting, fitness, cycling, biking, kettlebell workout, personal training, chin ups and more

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Kettlebell Weight Lifting Fitness Sports Crossfit Fitness Training Accessory – Gift Idea Man Woman Child Pendant

fitrace offers a range of quality products to support you in your training. This pendant can be worn during your workout as well as outside. This is a quality product that will not fail to catch the eye with its originality. Are you looking for an original gift idea, don’t hesitate and add this item to your cart. Fast Free Delivery.

Product Features

  • Quality of material: Stainless steel
  • Comfort: comfortable to wear collar
  • Dimensions: necklace: 56 cm, width: 5 mm, kettlebell: H: 2 cm L: 1.4 cm
  • Perfect gift idea: Suitable for all: Men’s youth

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Badu Fit Gym Gloves – Leather Weight Lifting Gloves With Adjustable Wrist Wrap – Womens & Mens – Breathable – Anti-Slip – Improve Grip – Use for CrossFit, WOD, Cross Training, Kettlebell Workouts (Medium)

– Are your weight sessions less effective because of a poor slippery grip?
– Are your hands suffering from painful calluses and blisters?
– Are your wrists sore due to hyperextension?

Stylish All-Purpose Gloves Provide High-Quality Grip and Wrist Protection

Premium fitness brand Badu Fit offers a weight lifting glove that is designed for both women and men, helping you to push yourself to perfection by allowing you to safely grip your weights and equipment — while the flexible and double-stitched wrist strap will help prevent wrist injury during those tough sets. This set of weight lifting gloves will help absorb unnecessary pain, so you can focus your pain on improving your health and getting the body you have always wanted!

Vented Mesh Material Protects Hands, Allows for Ventilation

– Foam padding on the palms protects against calluses and blisters as you gain strength
– Half-fingered design allows hands to breathe and decreases sweat
– Plus our weight lifting gloves WILL NOT leak dye on your hands!

The manufacturer Badu Fit offers a free three-month no-hassle replacement guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact the manufacturer for a complete no-hassle refund.

These weight lifting gloves are selling fast at this price. Add these accessories to your cart now, so that you can protect your hands in a matter of days!

Product Features

  • Black Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Gloves Provide An Iron Grip On Weights for Any Workout — and Even Sports
  • Perfect for CrossFit Workouts, Cross Training, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Pull Ups, Cycling And More
  • Padding On The Palm Cushions Against Painful Calluses, Blisters And Pressure During Your Exercise Routine
  • Sturdy Half-Finger Weight Lifting Gloves With Wrist Straps Help Guard Against Wrist Soreness And Injury
  • Unisex Design Makes It The Best Weight Lifting Glove For Women And Men

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Gymnastics CrossFit Gym Hand Grip Workout Glove Kit with Gloves + Sweat Wristbands + Liquid Chalk comes with Wrist Support for Weightlifting Unisex (Medium)

Get Our Unique Gym Gloves And Become A Gym Star!

Exclusive 3 Piece Kit

This package includes gloves, sweat bands and liquid chalk. Protection for your hands liquid chalk used by pro athletes to increase your performance and as intensity increases wipe the sweat away without having to reach for a towel.

Designed For Performance

Whether it is Gymnastics, Gym workouts or Cross Fit our workout gloves are designed to help you make performance gains that will directly carry over to your overall improvement. We outperform every other similar pair of gloves plus we provide accessories to enhance your workout which no other seller on Amazon does.

No More Destroyed Hands

Blisters, callouses, rips and tears on your hands will put you on the sidelines and make it impossible to reach your maximum potential. Keep your hands protected no matter what exercise you’re doing including Pull ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Power lifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and more.

Your Fitness Bag Essentials.

We provide a three piece kit which are gloves to protect your hands, Liquid chalk, which increases grip by over 80 percent and for those intense workouts our users will sweat, we have provided two black sweat bands for good measure. Everyone else is just providing gloves not a three piece kit to increase performance and to wipe away the sweat to stop it from going into their eyes.

Grips Sizing Specifications:

  • Small: Up to 3″
  • Medium: For 3″ to 4.25″
  • Large: For over 4.25″

This Is A Risk-Free Purchase! Add To Cart Now!

Product Features

  • ✔ EXCLUSIVE SET NO ONE ELSE SELLS: We have covered all angles. Our gloves act as hand protectors. Increase grip by 80% with our Liquid chalk and wipe away the sweat with two sweat bands.
  • ✔ SECURE YOUR GRIP AND LIFT AWAY THE PAIN: Our gloves will help you lift more effectively by stabilising your wrists to keep you injury free. Made of rugged leather on the outside, improving grip and prevent slippage. Smooth on the palm side, superb hand protection from calluses and blisters.
  • ✔ MAXIMIZE YOUR GRIP WITH OUR LIQUID CHALK: Enhance your grip during weightlifting, cross training, gymnastics, or any sport where it’s needed. It dries within 10 secs on to the gloves which increases grip by over 80 percent.
  • ✔ MAKE THE MOST OUT OF OUR WRIST SWEATBANDS: Complete your entire outfit by matching our gym gloves with these absorbent wrist sweatbands. They will absorb sweat while you work out keeping you comfortable and dry. Save time! No need for towels to wipe your brows.
  • ✔ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Providing quality products and customer satisfaction is our priority. Love this kit or return it for a full refund within 30 days. In the rare event there is a problem with the products, please contact us so that we may resolve the problem promptly.

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ULTRA FITNESS Textured Leather Gymnastics Grips (PAIR) Gloves for Pull-Ups, Crossfit, gym strength training , Boxing training, Kettlebells and Weight Lifting. Palm protector Protect Your Palms from Tearing and Calluses. Healthy Hands = Longer Workouts – Protect Your Hands From Rips and Tears (Black, S)

The grips save on using hand tape. In addition to pull-ups they can be used for deadlifts and kettlebells. You can potentially find an application for these grips in any exercise that is grip intensive. The leather, while not stiff, can be softened further with use and time, they will become more comfortable.

Product Features

  • STRONGER GRIP: Textured leather for added grip. Reduce the bar slipping out of your hands.
  • They cover your palm with a pliable piece of soft leather, while a Velcro strap allows for you to tighten the grip down around your wrist.
  • HEALTHTY HANDS: Avoid tearing up your hands on pull-up heavy WODs, chin ups, toes-to-bar, muscle ups, T2B, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells and other movements that are hard on your hands.
  • Sold as a Pair

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Jasons Gear 3 Hole Leather Hand Grip and Gymnastics Grips Crossfit Gloves WOD Gripers Palm Protection Suitable for Cross Training, Pullups, Weight Lifting, Chin Ups, Training, Exercise, Kettlebell (Small / Medium)

Product Features

  • Made of High Quality Leather. Leather Feels Soft But is Durable Inner Glazed protection
  • Reduced Slipping as the leather is Treated for Extra Rugged Grip Inside
  • Wide Head Design Protects Your Palm the Best from All other on the Market
  • The circular holes (as opposed to the square ones on the market) are designed to fit snug around your fingers, providing more protection at the finger base
  • Suitable For Pull ups, Chest to bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Power lifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics

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Just Swing Kettlebell Workout Gym Fitness Sports Crossfit Slogan Men T shirt – Grey, Sky Blue or Beige Colour Men T shirt

Unique design on quality men t shirt. Size : Small (34/36), Medium (38/40), Large(42/44), XL (46/48), XXL (50/52), 3XL (54/56), 4XL (58/60), 5XL (62/64) . Dispatch from United Kingdom

Product Features

  • Men T shirt
  • Size ( Chest Measurement) : Small (34″-36″), Medium ( 37″-40″), Large (41″-43″), Xlarge (44″-46″), XXLarge (47″-50″)
  • Made with 100% quality cotton
  • Short Sleeve
  • Fast Dispatch

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MAXFIVE 461 Wrist Support Palm Protection for Pullups Crossfit Training Weight lifting Barbells Chin Ups Exercise Kettlebells Adjustable Neoprene Padded Wrist Wrap Support Bodybuilding (Blue)

Quality pair of elasticated MAXFIVE Wrist straps with a Velcro fastening perfect for supporting your Wrist and palm whilst squatting, powerlifting or doing any other exercises. If you’re into power lifting or you do heavy squats, dead lifts etc. Then Wrist straps are a must. If your wrist or palm hurt when you squat or dead lift then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of wrist wraps today. Wrist straps protect your Wrist and protects your palm. These wraps are of excellent quality for heavy duty workout which comes with a unique Velcro section to hold them in place during the most strenuous lifts. They come in pairs.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Soft rubber Padded.
  • Neoprene with Nylon webbing.
  • Secure stitching with industrial strength Velcro.
  • Wrist support with Wider Velcro Closure System.

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Gym Fingerless Gripper Gloves – Anti Ripper Workout Gloves for Fitness, Crossfit WODs, Weight Lifting & Pull-Ups by ViperSportsWear. Protect Your Palms from Tearing and Callus. Healthy Hands = Longer Workouts (Black, Extra Small)

Are you tired of having your hands torn after doing tough workouts? Are you forced to skip pulling exercises until it heals?

Torn calluses, blisters and pain aren’t cool because they slow your progress. When you purchase Viper Sportswear thin fitness gloves, you provide an effective protection for your palms from tears and blisters, leading to a more comfortable, more efficient workout.

What makes ViperSportsWear weight lifting gloves stand out from the competition?> Gloves are made of high quality soft and durable neoprone. Silicon padding allows athletes to maintain a firm grip on their equipment at all times. By using ViperSportsWear Gripper gym gloves you know that your palms will be safe from pain and blisters when doing workouts like pull ups, chin ups, toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups, kettlebell swings and many other exercises that would otherwise be difficult for your hands.

Who were these gloves made for?
Men and Women who want a more efficient workout.

The ViperSportsWear Grips come in 4 different sizes. To choose the right size measure your palm width of your flat hand at the knuckles.
XS: 5.5 – 6.5 cm
S: 6.5 – 8.0 cm
M: 8.0 – 9.5 cm
L: 9.5-10.5 cm

What’s in the box?
1 pair of ViperSportsWear Gripper Gloves and convenient carrying case to help you keep your gloves organized


Product Features

  • HEALTHTY HANDS – Avoid tearing up your hands on Crossfit WODs, Weightlifting, pull-ups, chin ups, toes-to-bar, muscle ups, T2B, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells and other movements that are hard on your hands. A simple must-have piece of gym gear for any athlete. Say goodbye to calluses!
  • QUALITY & STRONG GRIP – Made with high density premium neoprene. Silicon padding provides mobility and anti-slip traction, reduces the bar slipping out of your hands.
  • DESIGN & COMFORT – Light weight, minimalist and durable – allows your hands to feel free while still providing protection where you need it most. Glove interior is soft to provide comfort for extended use. The materials help to pull sweat from the hands and absorb in order to maintain a firm fit without slippage. Easy on / Easy off.
  • UNISEX & SIZING – Excellent for men, ladies, kids and youth. See SIZE CHART located in images.
  • CARRYING POUCH – Comes with convenient carrying case. Keep your workout gloves in their pouch, throw them in your gym bag without getting them all tangled.

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RDX Gym Weight Lifting Gloves Workout Fitness Bodybuilding Exercise Crossfit Breathable Powerlifting Wrist Support Strength Training

Training with the best in the fitness industry means you’re guaranteed a long-lasting, efficiently designed, workout enhancing bodybuilding experienced. Fitness feels like a breeze in RDX’s light build Patent Pending gym gloves that feel like feathers but are sturdier than nails. Bring the comfort back into your routines with our highly breathable Lycra weight lifting gloves.

Product Features

  • Comfort and breathability are at the core of these efficiently designed Lycra weight lifting gym gloves
  • 3MM padding helps alleviate pressure against heavy weight, fitness & workout training, preventing calluses in the mean while
  • Suede throughout the palm ensures zero chances of slip grip
  • Authentic leather webbing between half-fingers adds durability and prevents tearing when intensely squeezing
  • Can be used for a range of fitness activities such as cycling, rowing, or kettlebell exercises

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Kettlebell 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg »Kylon« – made of 100% iron with protective, coloured neoprene coating – Strength Traning Home Gym Fitness CrossFit – Kettlebells Set

Our everyday life requires a lot of mental and physical well-being

Physical fitness helps us to cope better with these requirements of our environment. The positive effects of fitness training make up for every effort. Fitness training is enormously diverse because the term includes not only classical sports such as aerobics, gymnastics and jogging, but, for example, also balancing and faszien training.
Although it is possible to distinguish between pure endurance training and strength training, some sports, such as cycling, can not be clearly defined, but it is rather a combination of both types of training.

In our fitness equipment store, you will find a wide range of fitness equipment for fitness training
From fitness mats, fitness belts, gymnastics balls, jumping ropes, running accessories and water bottles, dumbbells, pull-up bars, power station accessories, training gloves, kettlebells and medicine balls to acupressure mats, Spiky massage Balls, lacrosse balls and massage accessories. We guarantee the right fitness equipment for everyone. The selection of #DoYourFitness fitness accessories is complemented by our yoga, swimming, diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities with our #DoYourYoga, #DoYourSwimming and #DoYourOutdoor branded products.

Product Features

  • ✔ KETTLEBELL: The original #DoYourFitness kettlebell ‘Kylon’ in high-performance studio quality is the ideal accessory for your systematic strength/endurance training. The kettlebell made of 100% iron has a protective, coloured neoprene coating. Not only does this provide especially easy cleaning and consistently hygienic training, but it also protects the training surface from damage like scratches and dents. Available in 9 different weight categories.
  • ✔ KETTLEBELL TRAINING: Training with the hand weight is versatile and challenges the whole body. It combines different fitness components (strength, endurance, cardiovascular, mobility, speed, reflexes & coordination) and thus quickly leads to noticeable and visible training effects. Training with the kettlebell is suitable for fitness enthusiasts of every training level and enriches your workout enormously especially the strength/endurance training.
  • ✔ ADVANTAGE: The kettlebell ‘Kylon’ is suitable for a range of applications, be it CrossFit, functional training or weight training. It is available in nine different weight categories (2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg) and thus is the ideal training weight for novices as well as professionals, for women as well as men. The kettlebell is also suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • ✔ FEATURES: Due to the different weight grading between the weight categories from 2kg up to 20kg, you can individually vary the training weight during your workout and increase your strength gradually. The special colour coding of the kettlebells facilitates the switching between the single weights, for every weight category has their own colour coded neoprene coating.
  • ✔ CERTIFIED BRAND QUALITY: Our focus is on excellent quality and reliable functionality. We develop our products with the help of experienced fitness trainers, physio and rehab experts and only use high-quality materials. The kettlebell ‘Kylon’ convinces by firs-rate processing as well as optimum weight composition and grading and is suitable for the professional use in home gyms and fitness centres.

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