Claw Grip LoopsTM (2) – used for Pull Ups, Deadlifts and Hand Grip Strength Training

Basic exercises turn into finger-strengthening moves par excellence when you when you hitch the Claw Grip Loops over a chinning bar for pull-ups. Connect them to a bar or loading pin for deadlifts, rows and static holds. How about sled or truck pulling? Designed to train any combination of fingers, except the thumbs. The Claw Grip Loops are perfect if you’re interested in developing static strength, where you will be steadily holding your hand open as you chin or dead-lift the weight. It’s a favorite of rock climbers and martial artists, including MMA.

Product Features

  • Develop formidable finger and open hand strength
  • Train any combination of fingers, except the thumbs
  • Use with a chinning bar for pull-ups
  • Connect to a bar or weight stack for dead-lifts, rows, and static holds
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 60-Day Warranty

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