SANJIANKER Resistance Bands Exercise Bands for Booty,Hip Bands for Legs and Butt, Stretch Bands for Physical ,Set of 3,Workout Bands with Workout Book & Carry Bag (Green-Pink)

Exercise resistance bands for all of your reasons. 

Resistance bands are ideal for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength can use these bands, as they are used routinely by Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist. These bands are even adaptable at home for anyone looking to for an injury prevention or injury rehabilitation tool.


★ Our Resistance Bands are vastly more comfortable than plastic/rubber bands that roll up during use and pinch the skin.

★ We offer 3 different size so anyone can use Exercise Bands and so that you can engage in different exercises that require different resistances.

★ Durable, Versatile and Easy to Use


★ Warm Up Lower Body while Performing Dynamic Warm Up or Glute Activation Training

★ Focuses Athletes on Forcing Knees Out During Squatting, Kettle Bell Swings, and Dead-lifting

★ Maximize Gym Time and your Workout Potential by Increasing Muscle Mobility and Strength

★ Ideal for Any Level Athlete

 Especially suitable for:

Key words:

Resistance Bands Best Exercise Bands for Booty Ideal For Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt – Premium Workout Bands For Hips & Glutes Exercises

Booty Bands  Hip Resistance Band for Glute Workout Set Elastic Fabric Resistance Fitness Loop Exercise Legs Butt  Thighs  Thick, Wide, Heavy Cloth Bootie Training Lift

Hip Bands – Set of 3 – Thigh – Hip Resistance – Booty Exercise Resistance Bands Low, Medium and Heavy Loop Set – Stretching, Lifting, Squatting, Non Slip/Roll

Booty Hip Circle Resistance Bands  Glute Strengthening Exercise for Women and Men Elastic Non Slip Loop with a Low, Medium, and Heavy Fabric Band  Set of 3  with Workout Book  Carry Bag

Product Features

  • ✮Improved Material✮-Hip Band has thick & soft material with slip-resistant inner layer. Booty bands is supportive and the tacky strips inside of the band could ensure itself staying in place while training. Resistance band will not snap or roll up on itself during use like traditional bands.
  • ✮Unique Stretch Technology✮-Resistance loop bands are the best exercise bands for legs when doing squats. Our exercise bands resistance is durable, as the bands are snap, stretch and sweat resistant. Unlike other hip band or loop bands, our hip band circle can be stretched repeatedly and will not fold over. Workout bands for thighs give you the perfect bands workout as they are made of elastic material, which makes them pliable and easy to bend.
  • ✮Different Levels of Resistance✮-These exercise bands come with different levels of resistance.Three loops included in this pack: High + Medium + Low Resistances – so you have the flexibility and OPTIONS during your warmups and workouts. Choose the right resistance depending on what you’re training and athletic level. As you gain strength you can increase the resistance!
  • ✮Dynamic Workout✮-Our hip band circle is portable enough for you to get a great hip band circle exercise. These glute bands will give you just the right resistance. Our leg bands set will keep your knees straight while you do air squats or weighted squats, and help you keep perfect form. Booty bands will give you a dynamic warm up and are great for hip exercise and glute activation.
  • ✮Warranty and Packaging✮-The stretch bands come with lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. If, for Whatever Quality Problem, just Contact Us. We’ll refund every penny you paid (or replace it for you immediately).The wide resistance bands comes in a great gift bag that makes it presentable and suitable as a gift to wives, mothers, fathers and friends. Click on “Add to Cart”right now!

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40 Days + 10,000 Swings: A Journal (Home Gym Strong Book 3)

Are you tired of fitness guides that skim over the details? Discover the steps you need to take with a behind-the-scenes look at one man’s healthy lifestyle.

Have your last few attempts at fitness fallen flat? Do grand exercise ideas and proclamations always seem to fail when you put them into practice? Author Chad V. Holtkamp knows that no health routine is perfect. By showing you the highs and lows of his year-long fitness program, you’ll finally learn how to conquer the challenges that most fitness experts ignore.

40 Days + 10,000 Swings: A Journal is a detailed companion guide that shows you the nitty gritty of how Chad reached the best shape of his life. By paging through the author’s own daily journals and detailed accounts, you’ll see his food intake, his exercise routine, and even his state of mind. Through this over-the-shoulder look at how he dealt with personal trials, you’ll find our own roadmap for personal success.

In 40 Days + 10,000 Swings, you’ll discover:

  • Daily journal entries for a real-world example of a fitness plan in motion
  • The steps you can take to balance your professional, personal, and fitness challenges
  • How Chad managed to stick to his plan despite daily life and his father’s lung cancer diagnosis
  • A step-by-step exploration of the 40 Days + 10,000 Swings workout program
  • How to stay in shape in the face of unexpected adversity, and much, much more!

This hands-on fitness memoir is a companion guide to Sink or Swing, the second volume of the Home Gym Strong series. If you like real stories of fitness struggles and success, practical advice, and life-changing workout programs, then you’ll love Chad V. Holtkamp’s candid exercise guide.

Buy 40 Days + 10,000 Swings to take the first step toward your ideal body today!

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Hip Hinge Movement-How do You Perform it Correctly?: Explained in plain English so everyone can understand it. (Kettlebell Training Book 1)

Whether you’re a personal trainer wanting to get a deeper understanding of the Hip Hinge and be able to explain it properly to your clients, or whether you’re wanting to start swinging a Kettlebell, Deadlift weights or perform Bent-Over Rows, this book is for you. This book is the precursor to the Kettlebell Swing, Conventional Deadlift and Bent-Over Rows, it covers important information that goes into details on what using the back to lift is, and how to prevent lifting with the back.

The hip hinge is a fundamental movement in exercise. It is vital because knowing and performing it correctly will prevent injury and will allow you to work a large portion of the posterior chain muscles with one movement. Also, a lot of important exercises—such as the kettlebell swing, the traditional deadlift, bent over rows and many more—depend on this movement.

The follow up to this book is the Kettlebell Swing which is available here

This book will cover every intrinsic detail of the Hip Hinge movement, explained and broken down in such a way that everyone can understand it; it’s basic but at the same time advanced.

“No one should progress to exercises like the hip hinge deadlift, bent-over row or the kettlebell swing without fully understanding the hip hinge movement.” ~ Anna Junghans (Gym Owner – Gym Elite)

“This publication is a great asset for fitness enthusiasts. It covers an under-appreciated yet vital element in functional movement, the hip hinge. I’m glad I got the opportunity to help contribute to this important topic. I hope you find it useful and informative and, most importantly, incorporate this valuable information into your fitness routine.”
~ Derek Fronczak (NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Functional Training specialist)

“You are doing a great service to people who are new to kettlebells and fitness in general. Breaks my heart when I see a large class using their upper body to move kettlebells with the kettlebell swing.” ~ Tony Gomez”

“The hip hinge is one of the fundamental movement patterns for human beings and Taco Fleur has provided a guide to help the reader own the movement. Broken down into component parts, with definitions and videos, this little ebook is big on performing the hip hinge correctly. It is sure to become a valuable addition to your reference library.” ~ Wendy Chappell

“Throughout my life I have attended many courses and workshops, from most I walked away thinking to myself that if they just changed the wording slightly, presented things differently, and did not assume everyone would know what they were talking about, then a lot more people would have benefit from the information provided. I have learned from these experiences and vowed not to make the same mistake.” ~ Taco Fleur (Owner of Cavemantraining)

Taco Fleur is a Qualified Kettlebell Coach with Level II credentials, IKFF CKT Level 1, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, MMA Fitness Level 2, MMA Conditioning Level 1, PUNCH, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and others.

Table of Contents
– Definitions
– What is it?
– What is it not?
– Confusion
– Daily Life Applications
– Exercise Applications
– Requirements
– What are Hips?
– What is a Hinge?
– Cavemantraining definition of the Hip Hinge
– Posterior Chain
– Resistance
– Dynamic vs Static
– Muscles
– Muscle Groups Worked
– Main Muscle Targets
– Synergists and Stabilizers
– Details
— Gluteal muscle group
— Gluteus maximus
— Hamstring muscle group
— Semitendinosus muscle
— Semimembranosus muscle
— Biceps femoris muscle
— Erector spinae muscles
– Hip flexors
– Hip extensors
– The Hip Hinge Four Phase Movement Pattern
– Hip Hinge Drills
– Corrections
– Back Aches and Pains
– Supercharge your Weightlifting
– Cues
– What is “Pulling Yourself Down”?

Ask your questions:

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Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Efficiency in CrossFit: Education in a workshop format—ready to run at your box (Kettlebell Training Book 6)

First things first, this book contains information on how to run a workshop in your CrossFit box or any other gym that wants to help their students improve their efficiency with the American Swing and Kettlebell Snatches.

It is assumed you will have a foundation or knowledge of both exercises prior to running this workshop. Having said that, the book does include a format which could teach yourself, it also has plenty of external links to high quality articles and videos to understand what is explained in the workshop format.

The primary aim of this workshop is to improve efficiency in American Swings and Kettlebell Snatches. This goal is achieved by building the movement up from hip hinging, to conventional swing, swing variations, snatch and snatch variations; and most importantly, making participants understand how these variations affect performance and muscles.

Most of this material is written as if directly speaking to the audience, this allows you to read and speak directly from the material, rather than first reading, deciphering and deciding how to present it to the audience. I’ve run this workshop several times and left some of the parts in that apply to me, you should edit those parts out.

Can be used as a 4 hour workshop or for self study: the primary aim being to improve efficiency with the American Swing and Kettlebell Snatches. This goal is achieved by building the movement up from Hip Hinging to the Conventional Kettlebell Swing AKA Russian Swing, covering swing and snatch variations, and finally getting across these variations affect performance and muscles so the right choices can be made at the right time.

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Steve Maxwell – The Kettlebell Conditioning System Book

New from Shihan, The Kettlebell Conditioning System is the ultimate guide to Kettlebell training. Renowned Kettlebell and fitness trainer Steve Maxwell teaches his core Kettlebell lifts along with his unique training system in an easy to understand, step by step fashion. Included in this book is his powerful 8 week training system along with 8 specialty workout programs that will get you in the best shape of your life. With a total of 59 Kettlebell techniques and 40 individual workouts, Steve Maxwell’s Kettlebell Conditioning System is an absolute must have for any Kettlebell enthusiast.

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