WODs: AMRAP Cross Training WODs! 100 Convenient Workouts to Build a Healthy Strong Athletic Physique (Bodyweight Training, Kettlebell Workouts, Strength … Bodybuilding, Home Workout, Gymnastics)

AMRAP Cross Training WODs! 100 Convenient Workouts to Build a Healthy Strong Athletic Physique

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GR Weight Lifting Gloves – Fitness Gloves With Wrist Support – Cross Training Exercise Gym Workout Bodybuilding (M)

Product Features

  • ADVANCED MATERIAL – The glove is designed with ergonomic principles and the most comfortable fit of palm. The palm is made of premium leather , wear-resistant, anti-skid, can effectively buffer impact, protect the palm.
  • MICROFIBER STITCHING – Microfiber stretch fabric, washable, durable and resilient. The adaptive, breathable stretch fabric of microfiber gloves will strike the perfect balance of comfort, strength and durability when you workout.
  • INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS – 45 cm long neoprene wrap wrist wraps offer both men and women the best cross training experience. The best gloves with wrist support for workouts.
  • ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES – Suitable for Rope climbing, chin ups, pull ups, bodybuilding, deadlifts, dumbbells, kettlebell classes, cross training, gym workouts, training sessions, military drills.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident that you will love our Fitness Gloves that we offer a 100% guarantee. Either you are fully satisfied with it or receive your money back!

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Women’s Gym Gloves »Aphrodite« from #DoYourFitness – women’s training gloves for workouts, weightlifting, bodybuilding – available in 3 sizes: S, M and L – Colour: black/pink

Our everyday life requires a lot of mental and physical well-being

Physical fitness helps us to cope better with these requirements of our environment. The positive effects of fitness training make up for every effort. Fitness training is enormously diverse because the term includes not only classical sports such as aerobics, gymnastics and jogging, but, for example, also balancing and faszien training.
Although it is possible to distinguish between pure endurance training and strength training, some sports, such as cycling, can not be clearly defined, but it is rather a combination of both types of training.

In our fitness equipment store, you will find a wide range of fitness equipment for fitness training
From fitness mats, fitness belts, gymnastics balls, jumping ropes, running accessories and water bottles, dumbbells, pull-up bars, power station accessories, training gloves, kettlebells and medicine balls to acupressure mats, Spiky massage Balls, lacrosse balls and massage accessories. We guarantee the right fitness equipment for everyone. The selection of #DoYourFitness fitness accessories is complemented by our yoga, swimming, diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities with our #DoYourYoga, #DoYourSwimming and #DoYourOutdoor branded products.

Product Features

  • BRAND QUALITY: The women’s fitness gloves »Athena«, »Aphrodite« and »Luna« are high-quality proprietary brand gloves from #DoYourFitness. Made from extra-thick and therefore very soft and joint-gentle material, first-class workmanship. Ideally for CrossFit, Fitness studio, home workout, bicycle riding and weight lifting.
  • ADVANTAGES: The training gloves are easy on the skin, free of harmful substances, slip-resistant and durable. The material consists of multi-elastic synthetic and a combination of Amara and leather. Thanks to the extra-thick upholstery of up to 0.3 cm, the hands are protected especially well during intensive dumbbell training. The palms are provided with extra silicone dots for EXTRA GRIP. The gloves are particularly joint-friendly and pleasantly soft.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: All our gloves are particularly anatomically preformed for an optimal fit. The gloves offer reinforced pull-off loops at the fingertips. The backs of the hands provide a mix of multi-elastic synthetic materials, Amara and leather. The Velcro straps provide a secure grip.
  • SIZES & MODELS: »Athena« / »Aphrodite« / »Luna« for women in the sizes S, M, L. For men, »Hades« / »Artemis« / »Hephaistos« / »Menelaos« in the sizes M, L, XL. You can find a table of hand circumference sizes in our guidebook.
  • TESTED QUALITY: Our gloves are tested and verified by personal coaches and power athletes.

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ULTRA FITNESS® Gel Padded Weight Lifting Training Wrap Gym Straps (PAIR) Hand Bar Wrist Support Gloves Strap weightlifting Bodybuilding Protein Exercise Workout EXTRA GEL for Strong Grip (Yellow)

Gel Padded Weight Lifting Training Wrap Gym Straps Hand Bar Wrist Support Gloves ULTRA FITNESS New Authentic Gel Grip Weight Lifting Hand Bar Straps made of high quality 100% cotton material. 1.5″ Wide and 21″ Long (Extended Length allows you to wrap the bar several times). Gel Grip Wrist pad cushions the wrist during heavy lifting. Gel Grip rubber strips grab the bar for a non slip grip when lifting. Rubber grip side must always face the bar when using the strap. One size fits all and sold in pair. Provides extra grip and support to your wrist while doing heavy lifts, Ideal for dead lifts and various other exercises. Absorbs Moisture and Washable.

Product Features

  • Strap is made from heavy duty cotton and Grip FlexTM rubber for added strength.
  • Helps the Exercises that involves working against gravity or a pulling motion. I.e. Deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.
  • Perfect for the Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Heavy Fitness Workouts etc
  • With your weight lifting grips, you’ll throw up the most reps with the most weight of your life! Easy to apply or remove and comfortable.
  • One size fit all men women.

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Premium Weight Lifting Straps – Power Grips with the Dual Functionality of Wrist Wraps & Gloves ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ Hydar Strength Range – Flexible Rubber Grip the Best Alternative to Lifting Hooks and Fat Gripz – Ideal for Heavy Duty Lifting & Bodybuilding – Padded Wrist Support for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Workouts Deadlifts & Bench Press (Black & Gold)

The perfect replacement for wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks and gloves, the Hydar Strength range presents to you the unique and advanced all in one POWER GRIPS.

Developed by combining the latest cutting edge technology with the most advanced materials, this is the ultimate lifting accessory to secure your grip – a must have for all gym goers!

★ 5mm thick durable rubber lifting surface secures a non-slip grip around the bar – far more sustainable than other leather and neoprene products!
★ Ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable cushioned feel in the palm of hand.

★ 5mm thick foam padding wrist interior for added comfort and support – essential for protecting the wrist against any strains and relieves tension.
★ Smooth foam padding interior prevents the wrist support digging into skin.

★ Nylon webbing exterior to keep the accessory durable and long-lasting.
★ Hook and loop closure with velcro fastening to fit all wrist sizes securely and comfortably.

With a secure grip and a functional support for the wrist, the athlete is able to train at optimum levels and reach the maximum with no restrictions with both pulling and pushing movements. Grip fatigue is eliminated to improve mental focus; developing the ability to attain a greater mind-muscle connection. Grip worries can now be a thing of the past so you can concentrate on the most important part of training – GAINS!

At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we believe function and durability are key in the development of our products. The Hydar Strength Power Grips incorporate the latest muscle building technology alongside a sleek fashionable design to give you the perfect wrist and grip support that guarantees to go the distance with your training requirements.


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Product Features

  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in our Power Grips exceeding expectations!
  • ★ NON SLIP GRIP & NO MORE ROUGH HANDS! – Take your grip to a whole new level with our heavy duty rubber material that eliminates unwanted slipping motions. Maximum protection against blisters and calluses with an extra thick rubber lifting surface for both push and pull movements.
  • ★ UNIQUE FOAM PADDING – Prevent wrist pain and enhance your wrist stability for deadlifts, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, shrugs and upright rows with our padded wrist wrap support.
  • ★ 2 COLOUR DESIGNS – Available in the original stylish Black & Gold design, or for that extra stealthy look try the exclusive ‘Blackouts’.
  • ★ EXPERTLY TESTED – Durability is key when it comes to serious lifters and our Power Grips have been innovatively trialled and tested to withstand even the toughest erosions.

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Kettlebell – Adjustable – 4.5kg-18kg – 7 in 1 – Gym – Strength – Bodybuilding

SPACE SAVER: 7 kettlebells for the price of 1! TIME SAVER: – Effective training from your own home! Switch weights in seconds! MONEY SAVER: Pay for one kettlebell instead of numerous pieces of kit! AESTHETIC DESIGN: Sleek and dynamic, this kettlebell will look great in your home!

Product Features

  • Effective: bodybuilding – muscle building – strength training – home Gym
  • Robust: 4.5kg to 18kg – 7 kettlebells in 1
  • Variable: weight increments of 2.27kg
  • Space-saving: approximately 20 x 23 x 27 cm (height)
  • Easy: change weight in seconds

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Premium Wrist Wraps – Power Wraps with the Ultimate Wrist Support & Protection ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ Hydar Strength Range – Ideal for Heavy Duty Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding to Avoid Injury – Thumb Loop Wrist Support for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Workouts Deadlifts & Bench Press

Do your wrists feel weak when weightlifting or carrying out manual work? Do you suffer wrist pain when lifting? For many athletes and bodybuilders, this is a common lifting hindrance.

By combining the most durable and breathable fabrics to provide ultimate strength and comfort, the Hydar Strength Power Wraps are the solution to your wrist related problems!

Why are wrist wraps crucial for weightlifting?

Weightlifting involves both push and pull movements that constantly engage the wrist joints, putting them at risk of being strained. Wrist support in the form of wraps alleviates this strain by providing extra stability. The Hydar Strength Power Wraps provide:

STRETCH to maintain full wrist motion.
SUPPORT to the wrists and forearms to avoid straining them.
PROTECTION to the wrists to prevent injuries.
REDUCED WRIST FATIGUE so you’ll have more power in your wrists.
MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION so you can mentally focus on lifting the weight with confidence.

The Power Wraps are recommended for all exercises, more specifically for basic compound movements such as bench press. Just watch your push movements level up like never before!

Who are the Power Wraps designed for?

➤ Competitors in Powerlifting, Strongman and Weightlifting.
➤ The common gym goer seeking the best possible wrist support!
➤ Not just for weight training – Also suitable for boxing, MMA, grappling, crossfit, pole dancing and for those looking for extra wrist support in everyday life!

Included in your purchase:

✓ 1 Pair of Wrist Wraps (2 Wraps – one left, one right).
✓ PDF ‘how to use and product care guide’ emailed to you.
✓ Packaged in the signature Hydar Fitness reusable pouch.


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Product Features

  • ★ ‘STRETCH & SUPPORT’ WRIST PROTECTION – Wrap up and ease your wrist vulnerability with the Hydar Strength Power Wraps, designed to protect your wrists from potential injuries and provide you with maximum support for lifting heavy with its unique ‘stretch and support’ feature. Suitable for both men and women – one size fits all – sold as pair.
  • ★ FULL ADJUSTABILITY – Featuring an extra strong, elasticated thumb loop with a large velcro surface on the fastening, the Power Wraps can be adjusted to fit perfectly for all wrist sizes with no chance of them coming loose or shifting during your workout! More effective wrist support than straps or gloves.
  • ★ PREMIUM, SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Made from extra tough, breathable fabric to combat against sweat nuisance and skin irritation. Crafted with robust stitching for durability and extra comfort. 50% cotton, 40% elastic, 10% polyester.
  • ★ EXPERTLY TESTED – Durability is key when it comes to serious lifters and our Power Wraps have been innovatively trialled and tested by various athletes and bodybuilders to support different wrist sizes when performing the most strenuous, wrist pressured exercises.
  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in the Power Wraps exceeding expectations!

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Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves, Half Finger Light Microfiber & Anti-Slip Silica Gel Grip Gloves for Workout, Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding and Exercise – Men & Women

Exercise is easier on Trideer
Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves, Gym workout exercise glove are ideal for men/women/trainers/athletes/beginners.
Our gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won’t overheat, while the padding on the palm protects and helps to hold your grip.

Product Description:
– Does NOT Bleed From the Dye Inside
– Strategically Padded Palms for Extra Comfort and Grip
– Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality microfibre material and Reinforced Stitching

Size Chart:
S: 5.9-6.6inch / 15-17cm
M: 6.6-7.0inch / 17-18cm
L: 7.0-7.4inch / 18-19cm
XL:7.4-8.2inch / 19-21cm
XXL:8.2-9.0inch / 21-23cm
Pls measure the circumference of your hands (as picture) by measuring tape and compare with the chart to know the size of your gloves.

Clean Tips:
1.Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry it in the shade.
2. If washed by machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.
3. Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loose and gloves deformation and so on.

1. Our gloves are generally snug-fitting, If you are in-between sizes, we recommend you select the larger of the two sizes. If you prefer a looser fitting glove, buy one size larger than you typically wear.
2. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and you will receive unmatched personal assistance.

Product Features

  • ✔ ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for Weight Lifting, Pull Up, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training and General Workouts
  • ✔ GET A STRONGER GRIP IN SECONDS: Silica gel palm for the BEST GRIP and effectively PREVENT FROM THE INJURY
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE & EASY WORKOUT: Made with high quality lightweight microfiber to allow for a comfortable workout, BREATHABLE mesh on the back keeps your hands dry. Pull Tabs on fingers make it easy to pull gloves off

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The Body Achieves What the MInd Believes…Gym Bodybuilding Weightlifting Wall Decal Motivational Quote-Health and Fitness Kettlebell Crossfit Workout Boxing UFC MMA

Frequently Asked Questions How easy are wall decals to install? Our wall decals are surprisingly easy to install. We supply easy to understand application instructions with every wall sticker. Are your wall decals re-positionable? Our wall stickers are not re-positionable and can only be applied once. Where can I apply the wall decals? Our wall decals can be applied to almost any smooth surface including but not limited to smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, cars, boats, vans and all other vehicles. Where can’t I apply the wall decals? Our wall stickers are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric. How long do your wall decals last? We manufacture all wall stickers using a premium quality vinyl with a minimum 5 year outdoor manufactures guarantee, however they will last up to 10 years indoors. Can the wall stickers be removed? Yep simple, just gently heat the wall sticker using a hair dryer and then gently peel the sticker off the wall. As we use a high quality removable vinyl there should be no mess, and no evidence of the wall sticker after removal. Removal instructions are also supplied with every order. Is it ok to apply my wall sticker to a recently painted wall? Please allow 2-3 weeks for the fresh paint to harden prior to applying your wall sticker.

Product Features

  • Size:57cm/22” wide by 60cm/24” high
  • THIS SET INCLUDES:• Your decal with transfer paper applied • Free practice decal • Free Squeegee • Easy step-by-step detailed instructions
  • We only use premium grade matt vinyl films by Detape, an industry leader in vinyl manufacturing.
  • Easy to apply and can be removed(not repositioned) without damage to existing walls
  • Professional hand painted finish

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Rebuty Women’s Silicone Non-Slip Weight Lifting Gym Gloves Crossfit Training Bodybuilding Fitness Exercise

Material: Polyester + Peel

Size Chart:
Size:S; Hand Width:7.5-8cm/2.95-3.15”;Circumference:17-19cm/6.69-7.48”
Size:M; Hand Width:8-8.5cm/3.15-3.35”;Circumference:19-21cm/7.48-8.27”
Size:L; Hand Width:8.5-9cm/3.35-3.54”;Circumference:21cm-23/8.27-9.06”
Size:XL; Hand Width:9-9.5cm/3.54-3.74”;Circumference:23-25cm/9.06-9.84”

These professional womens exercising gloves are the best piece of sports wear apparel for all your home and gym work out routines. Their tough rubber grip ensures they can be used with most exercise machines, balls, bars and mats.

Improve your strength, conditioning and general fitness by taking your workouts to the next level! Add push ups, sparring, powerlifting or kettlebell exercises to your routines to keep your body working at it best. These gloves can be used for all of these exercises and more.

Rebuty is proud to offer you the best girls work out gear and sport accessories. Stylish, cute and functional; these sporting gloves are a great replacement for standard hand grips when working out.
working out.

Product Features

  • Special finger loops offer maximum comfort and finger flexibility
  • Non-slip palm Gel pad provides optimum grip and palm cushioning
  • Velcro wrist closure keeps wrists stronger and secure fit
  • Wash by hand Hang to dry
  • Excellent Quality Neoprene Material

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SWPS – Greek God Atlas Mythology Kettlebell Bodybuilding Vest Exercise Fitness Workout Top Gym Strongman Protein Shakes Birthday Gift Christmas Present – MEN’S PERFORMANCE TRAINING COOL VEST

Men’s Performance Dry Fit Training Cool Vest using our own NeotericTM textured fabric with inherent wickability. Sporting fit. Self fabric binding. Curved back hem. This is just one of hundreds of creations featuring funny slogans as well as novelty, joke, vintage and retro designs – the perfect gift for him with prints to suit hipster, urban and cool to chic, geek or nerd. Available in chest sizes to fit SMALL (34″), MEDIUM (38″), LARGE (41″), XL (44″), 2XL (47″) This expertly designed item is a wonderful idea for any special occasion – whether as a Christmas gift for your Brother, Mum, Dad or Sister, a birthday present for your Auntie, Grandmother, Granddad or Uncle and especially on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. And although you may find cheaper items elsewhere, the quality of our garments and production techniques are unparalleled. So while the price may be a little more expensive, we’re adamant our assurance of quality is worth spending that little bit extra. And in the unlikely event that you’re not happy, as added peace of mind we operate a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY. Please note, this design is also available as a unisex loose-fit t-shirt, a lady-fit t shirt as well as a hoodie (hoody), so please search the title within our store. bodybuilding, gym, fitness, weights, body building, running, jogging weights fitness whey protein shakes sex dumbbells bodybuilding body building belt supplements bench lifting train training straps machines lift core strength kit gear Greek God Atlas Mythology Kettlebell

Product Features

  • Exclusive Registered Trademarked Brand
  • Men’s Performance Dry Fit Training Cool Vest using our own NeotericTM textured fabric with inherent wickability. We have many different designs in the range, which you can see by clicking on ‘Sex Weights and Protein Shakes Premium’ above (or below, depending on your browser)
  • Sporting fit with curved back hem – 100% Polyester – 140 gsm
  • Available in chest sizes to fit SMALL (34″), MEDIUM (38″), LARGE (41″), XL (44″), 2XL (47″)
  • This is a professionally produced screen-printed garment with woven Damask label at the hem. The quality of our garments and our production techniques are unparalleled, which is why you can buy with confidence, either for yourself or as a gift..And remember, we operate a 100% satisfaction policy, so if in the unlikely event you’re not happy, we’ll be glad to exchange or issue a refund

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Weight Lifting Gym Gloves with Wrist Wraps and Leather Palm Pads ideal for Workout, Fitness, Exercise, Bodybuilding, Dumbbells, Cross Training, Outdoor Sports, Biking. Enjoy Comfort & Quality by iFeel – Size L


Would you look back for anotherONE ?

iFeel ProSports Premium Leather Gym Gloves – Comfort & Quality

Our gloves are carefully crafted with specifications requested by athletes to satisfy your sportive needs.

Made of quality materials to combine the right amount of Comfort, Support & Protection, our gloves are suitable for:

Men and Woman, teens, trainers, beginners and experienced athletes.

Enhance Your Performance Now!

• Are you sick of painful hand injuries, calluses and abrasions?
• Does your current gloves offer poor protection or not enough support?
• Tired of trying products that do not satisfy?

Introducing The iFeel Gloves to the Rescue!

• Avoid hand injuries and increase protection with Double Layered Leather pads for palm and half fingers
• Feel the comfortable texture of fine leather
• Increase the support for your wrists and your joints with Integrated Wrist Wraps
• Reduce overheat with Breathable Mesh for backhand and fingers

NOTE* Make sure to select the correct size according to the SIZE CHART available in the images!

For Longer Durability follow the Instructions:

• Wash by hands in warm water around 30°C to 40°C only with soap, exclude detergents and acids
• Dry them in the shade, do not expose to direct sunlight
• Avoid grabbing sharp objects and rusty corroded metals

BENEFIT OF SUPPORT: Feel free to contact us for any questions, indications, claims or doubts. We are happy to assist you and We’ll answer within 12 hours or less.

Athletes Trust our Gloves and Successfully Tested them obtaining Good Results.

NOTE* We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing. So Make sure to Click Buy Now Enjoying High Discount!

Product Features

  • ✔ PREMIUM GYM GLOVES designed to fulfill the NEEDS of ATHLETES. Carefully crafted in our workshops to cover important aspects of Sport Equipment: Comfort, Support & Protection. Made of quality materials, gloves offer a comfortable feel for hands and also good protection during your workout.
  • ✔ DOUBLE LAYERED LEATHER for palm pads offers you strong grip and protection against calluses, blisters, painful abrasions, grazes and other palm injuries. Forget about painful disturbs and Focus on Training!
  • ✔ INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS and BREATHABLE MESH for Extra Support and Extra Comfort. Wrist wraps reduce the joints risk injury and tension offering better support while Breathable Mesh increase the comfort refreshing the backpalm & fingers and reducing the overheat.
  • ✔ USED FOR: Weight lifting, gym, bodybuilding, workout, fitness, exrecise, cross training, strength training, chest lift, chin ups, crossfit, deadlifts, dummbells push ups, grip and control, weight loss training, outdoor sports, biking. SUITABLE FOR: Men and Woman, teens, trainers, beginners and experienced athletes.
  • ✔ LIMITED TIME OFFER – Click Add to Basket Now and Enjoy the iFeel Gym Gloves with High Discount! We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing. So Make sure to Grab your pair Now!

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