MACCIAVELLI – Premium Grip Pads – THE Alternative to Weight Lifting Gym Gloves & Crossfit Gloves – MAX GRIP Rubber Padding for Maximum Grip and Cushioning

► Proven in the competition area:

The MACCIAVELLI grip pads have been specially developed for use in weight training and they protect the palms of the hands from cracking and excessive callus formation.

► MAXIMUM GRIP TECHNOLOGY – Optimal grip during weightlifting, calisthenics, CrossFit and Freeletics

The MAXIMUM GRIP TECHNOLOGY is one of our tried and tested lamella rubber coatings which successfully prevents dumbbell bars, pull-up bars and sports equipment of any kind from slipping.

No chalk necessary!


The shape of the 2-layer neoprene rubber profile ensures extensive PROTECTION of the palm. The material is robust and weather-resistant. This is why the grip pads have been used by our customers for many years without restrictions for training both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.

Our products are designed to be used over many years.

► Size:

Suitable for small to large hands.

Rule of thumb for appropriate palm size:

M: 8.5 – 11cm / 3.35″ to 4.33″ (medium-sized hands)

L: from 11cm / 4.33″ (large hands)

MACCIAVELLI – Design.Driven.Sportsgear.

Product Features

  • ✅1# Grip pads with MAX GRIP coating and 2-layer neoprene rubber profile to help accelerate training progress.
  • ✅Unique MAX GRIP rubber coating – Optimal grip thanks to innovative lamella coating. No slipping when doing pull-ups, curls, squats and the like. No longer any need for chalk and magnesium.
  • ✅PROTECTION – Protect the palms of your hands from cracking and excessive calluses. To be used when doing CrossFit, calisthenics, Freeletics and weightlifting.
  • ✅2-LAYER NEOPRENE RUBBER PROFILE – High-quality neoprene rubber gently caresses your palms; the high-performance rubber compound provides the necessary grip. Suitable for small to large hands.
  • ✅THE BEST CHOICE – for all those seeking an alternative to fitness gloves

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Mens and Womens Gym Workout Gloves | Perfect for Rowing, Weightlifting, Crossfit and Kettlebell Training | Great Alternative to Gym Gloves | Neoprene and Leather Design Prevents Blisters and Calluses

THE PURESKÄR GYM GRIP A great and hygienic alternative to the traditional gym glove, the pureskär gym grip provides cushioning and protection for your hands during gym activities such as weight training, pull-ups, resistance training and rowing. PRODUCT FEATURES Stylish and slimline unisex design so you can look and feel great in the gym; Lightweight and flexible to ensure maximum grip; Comfortable cushioning to prevent blisters and calluses; Quick and easy to slide on and off; Breathable and hygienic design to reduce odour; Durable, high quality materials – genuine leather palm for grip and neoprene backing to wick away moisture. ABOUT PURESKÄR Pureskär was developed by graduates of Cambridge University and the University of British Columbia with a passion for fitness and style. At pureskär we work hard to bring you products of the highest quality so you can get the most out of your workout time after time. We pride ourselves on our customer service and hope you love our products as much as we do. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products we will give you a full refund.

Product Features

  • SLIMLINE DESIGN DEVELOPED WITH YOU IN MIND: While other gym grips, pads and gloves on the market can be bulky with excessive padding resulting in loss of grip and straining your forearms, the pureskär grip is designed to fit neatly in palm of your hand and the slimline and flexible padding doesn’t reduce the size of your grip. This ensures maximum grip and comfort while still protecting your hands from blisters and calluses during intense workouts. Ideal stocking stuffer!
  • SUITABLE FOR A RANGE OF GENERAL FITNESS AND GYM ACTIVITIES: Great for any exercise that is tough on your hands, including weightlifting, pull-ups, resistance training, crossfit, indoor rowing, the pureskär grip is lightweight, easy to slide on and off, and will fit neatly in your pocket.
  • THE MOST STYLISH AND ELITE GYM GRIP ON THE MARKET: pureskär was developed by graduates of Cambridge University and the University of British Columbia with a passion for fitness and style. At pureskär we believe in smarter fitness. Our customers love our sleek, stylish, unisex designs which keep you looking and feeling great in the gym.
  • HYGIENIC, BREATHABLE DESIGN MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Our gym grips are designed to keep up with you during your workouts. The high-quality leather palm ensures maximum grip and protects your hands against blisters and calluses while the 4-finger loop neoprene backing holds your fingers securely and wicks away moisture to ensure minimal odour while allowing your hands to breathe.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are passionate about our products and are confident that you will love them too. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied we will give you a full refund.

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Premium Weight Lifting Straps – Power Grips with the Dual Functionality of Wrist Wraps & Gloves ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ Hydar Strength Range – Flexible Rubber Grip the Best Alternative to Lifting Hooks and Fat Gripz – Ideal for Heavy Duty Lifting & Bodybuilding – Padded Wrist Support for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Workouts Deadlifts & Bench Press (Black & Gold)

The perfect replacement for wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks and gloves, the Hydar Strength range presents to you the unique and advanced all in one POWER GRIPS.

Developed by combining the latest cutting edge technology with the most advanced materials, this is the ultimate lifting accessory to secure your grip – a must have for all gym goers!

★ 5mm thick durable rubber lifting surface secures a non-slip grip around the bar – far more sustainable than other leather and neoprene products!
★ Ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable cushioned feel in the palm of hand.

★ 5mm thick foam padding wrist interior for added comfort and support – essential for protecting the wrist against any strains and relieves tension.
★ Smooth foam padding interior prevents the wrist support digging into skin.

★ Nylon webbing exterior to keep the accessory durable and long-lasting.
★ Hook and loop closure with velcro fastening to fit all wrist sizes securely and comfortably.

With a secure grip and a functional support for the wrist, the athlete is able to train at optimum levels and reach the maximum with no restrictions with both pulling and pushing movements. Grip fatigue is eliminated to improve mental focus; developing the ability to attain a greater mind-muscle connection. Grip worries can now be a thing of the past so you can concentrate on the most important part of training – GAINS!

At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we believe function and durability are key in the development of our products. The Hydar Strength Power Grips incorporate the latest muscle building technology alongside a sleek fashionable design to give you the perfect wrist and grip support that guarantees to go the distance with your training requirements.


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Product Features

  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in our Power Grips exceeding expectations!
  • ★ NON SLIP GRIP & NO MORE ROUGH HANDS! – Take your grip to a whole new level with our heavy duty rubber material that eliminates unwanted slipping motions. Maximum protection against blisters and calluses with an extra thick rubber lifting surface for both push and pull movements.
  • ★ UNIQUE FOAM PADDING – Prevent wrist pain and enhance your wrist stability for deadlifts, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, shrugs and upright rows with our padded wrist wrap support.
  • ★ 2 COLOUR DESIGNS – Available in the original stylish Black & Gold design, or for that extra stealthy look try the exclusive ‘Blackouts’.
  • ★ EXPERTLY TESTED – Durability is key when it comes to serious lifters and our Power Grips have been innovatively trialled and tested to withstand even the toughest erosions.

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Premium Weight Lifting Grips – “Lion Paws” the Ultimate Neoprene Palm Protectors ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ Hydar Strength Range – The Best Alternative to Weight Lifting Gloves – Ideal for Heavy Duty Lifting & Bodybuilding – Easy to Wear & Remove for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Workouts Deadlifts & Bench Press

Is your lifting form affected because of grip problems? Or are your intense workouts giving you blisters and calluses on your palms? Do you need a more efficient and convenient pair of weight lifting gloves?

Hydar Strength & Fitness have once again provided you with the answer so there’s no need to be held back any longer. Introducing the hard-hitting, all action LION PAWS.

What are the LION PAWS?

A modern take on weight lifting gloves, the Lion Paws are simply an innovative cut above. We’ve addressed what was wrong with traditional gloves and formed an advanced superior upgrade that’s designed to transform your grip with both pulling and pushing movements; whilst also giving you complete ease and convenience in the gym!


BREATHABLE hands due to the open design – no more smelly gym gloves!
ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED for your palms so you can sustain your natural hold.
SLIP ON, SLIP OFF so you can remove them easily between sets without the effort of unstrapping and pulling off.
HEAVY DUTY NEOPRENE on each palm for a sustainable non-slip grip.

Included in your purchase:

✓ 1 Pair of Lion Paws (2 Paws – one left, one right) – ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
✓ PDF ‘how to use and product care guide’ emailed to you.
✓ Packaged in the signature Hydar Fitness reusable pouch.

The Lion Paws are perfectly suitable for all exercises, either compound exercises like bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts and squats; or isolated exercises such as bicep curls and shrugs. A must have for crossfit, powerlifting/bodybuilding or general gym use.

So eliminate your grip fatigue now and protect your palms with the all-action Hydar Strength LION PAWS.


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Product Features

  • ★ SUPREME NATURAL GRIP – Shaped specifically to fit in the palm of your hand! The neoprene palm securely grips to barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells and cable ties – without compromising your natural hold!
  • ★ BREATHABLE, ODOURLESS, PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made from only the highest quality fabric to give your hands the necessary breathability for preventing an excess build-up of sweat. Fully integrated with anti-odour properties to combat against bad odour and maintain freshness.
  • ★ ULTIMATE SKIN PROTECTION – We don’t believe your skin should suffer! Say goodbye to blisters and calluses with the tough eroding neoprene palms that are sure to safeguard your hands.
  • ★ EASE & CONVENIENCE – The perfect replacement for weight lifting gloves, the Lion Paws are seamlessly easy to wear so your hands can breathe between sets and exercises. No need to unstrap and struggle to pull off like gloves, simply slip your three middle fingers through the three holes for a safe snug fit and you’re good to go!
  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in the Lion Paws exceeding expectations!

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The Gym Glove Alternative | GymPaws Pro Grip Leather Workout Pads (Grey)

Workout your Body…not your Hands.

GymPaws Leather Weight Lifting Grips are the best selling alternative to Gym Gloves

They’re the most popular Hand Pads for the Gym in the USA for several reasons:
1. The compact design fits right in the palm of your hands to protect against friction causing calluses. 2. Slightly padded Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather eases hand fatigue allowing you to bust out those extra couple of reps. These are not cheap faux leather or micro-fiber gloves.
3. GymPaws are Moisture Resistant which means they won’t absorb sweat, and you can toss ’em right in the washing machine and dryer along with your gym clothes.
4. Military grade Neoprene and tensile strength thread, assure these will last longer than you do.

GymPaws Gym Gloves have become a favorite Crossfit Glove by fans worldwide because they don’t inhibit movement, cause your hands to get sweaty, and they actually fit like a glove thanks to the 4 finger loops.
Bodybuilding, Fitness and Exercise, and Crossfit Athletes and coaches alike alike use them every single day. They’re especially the best option for those who don’t like bulky traditional gloves.
GymPaws are super versatile too. They made ideal Rowing Gloves, Gloves for Pull Ups, Battling Ropes or even Kettlebell Workouts.
Basically, anytime you want some hand protection to help you push yourself in the gym, Crossfit box, or weight training room, grab your GymPaws Grips and Get Your Workout On.
We’re not some faceless company either. Located in Muscle Beach, CA (aka Venice Beach) GymPaws Inc is a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Pros, Exercise Physiologists, and Athletes. We design products for performance over profit.
Search for gympaws on any Social Media platform to get get workout and fitness advice and tips, watch our exercise video demos, or just to see what other customers have to say.
Your order contains ONE PAIR of Gloves (Right and Left).

Product Features

  • Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather, Slightly Padded Palm Eases Hand Fatigue.
  • Four Finger Loops Assure They’ll Stay in Place and Fit Like A Glove!
  • Military-Grade Neoprene Backing Wicks Away Sweat and Enhances your Grip and Performance.
  • Compact Design Fits In The Palm Of Your Hands to Protect Against Calluses, without the excess bulky material of most Gym Gloves.
  • Designed by REAL Certified Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals. They’re awesome for Crossfit, Weight Training, Rowing or Circuit Training.

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toPOWER – grip pads professional (neoprene) – hand protection – NEW – alternative to gym gloves | weight lifting | training | bodybuilding | workout | fitness

Professional grip pads made of neoprene.
You get a set of grip pads from toPOWER.
The size of the pads are 12cm x 11cm.
The set includes two pads of non-slip neoprene (4mm).
Used as alternative to gym gloves for weight lifting
to protect your hands.

Product Features

  • Set of grip pads from toPOWER
  • 2x non-slip neoprene pads
  • Size 12cm x 11cm
  • Made in Germany

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