Kettlebell »PowerMonster« dumbbell 2kg to 20 kg / plastic weight / high-performance studio quality ideal for strength training, functional training, aerobics and home workout / 15kg / grey

Our everyday life requires a lot of mental and physical well-being

Physical fitness helps us to cope better with these requirements of our environment. The positive effects of fitness training make up for every effort. Fitness training is enormously diverse because the term includes not only classical sports such as aerobics, gymnastics and jogging, but, for example, also balancing and faszien training.
Although it is possible to distinguish between pure endurance training and strength training, some sports, such as cycling, can not be clearly defined, but it is rather a combination of both types of training.

In our fitness equipment store, you will find a wide range of fitness equipment for fitness training
From fitness mats, fitness belts, gymnastics balls, jumping ropes, running accessories and water bottles, dumbbells, pull-up bars, power station accessories, training gloves, kettlebells and medicine balls to acupressure mats, Spiky massage Balls, lacrosse balls and massage accessories. We guarantee the right fitness equipment for everyone. The selection of #DoYourFitness fitness accessories is complemented by our yoga, swimming, diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities with our #DoYourYoga, #DoYourSwimming and #DoYourOutdoor branded products.

Product Features

  • The original #DoYourFitness ‘PowerMonster’ dumbbell features excellent workmanship and is therefore suitable for targeted strength and endurance training. Our dumbbells are available in different weight classes from 2 to 20 kg. Weight: The #DoYourFitness ‘PowerMonster’ kettlebell comes in the weights of 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg and 20kg. In addition to the classic black basic design, each weight class has its own eye-catching colour in order to easily distinguish among them.
  • Benefits for you: Due to the weight gradations of 2 kg up to 20 kg, the kettlebells are eminently suitable for beginners and women as well as for aspiring athletes. Using them, you can gradually increase your strength; the gradations between the individual weight classes make this particularly convenient. Of course, our kettle bells are also used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Your benefits at a glance: Ideal training equipment / weight classes: 2 – 20 kg / Elegant, simple design / Suitable for both ambitious athletes and beginners: modern colours as eye-catcher / completes your home gym / 100% cement filling.
  • Tip: The dumbbells help bring variety into your workout routine and can be used in various ways, such as for the kettlebell swing. This allows you to train your muscles from different angles, which ultimately also benefits cardiovascular health.
  • Targeted training sessions enable you to make great progress in flexibility and encourage your body to burn fat. The more muscle mass you build up, the higher your daily calorie needs. You will also feel fitter and healthier faster!

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BodyRip Iron Power Club Bell Clubbell Weight Indian Kettlebell Training 2KG 4KG 6KG 8KG 10KG 12KG 15KG 20KG (12)

2kg – 45cm x 4cm
4kg – 50cm x 5cm
6kg – 53.5cm x 6cm
8kg – 54cm x 5.5cm
10kg – 62cm x 7cm
12kg – 65.5cm x 7.3cm
15kg – 70cm x 8cm
20kg – 73.5cm x 9cm

Product Features

  • Durable Ductile Iron. Machined With Painted Black Finish. Smooth Texture For Easy Grip. Great Weight Distribution. Sleek Design On The Ends For Fluid Behind The Neck And Overhead Swings. Builds Grip Strength And Power In The Wrist. Builds Core Strength Through Rotational Exercise.
  • Constructed From A Single Piece Of Solid Cast Iron
  • Clubbells Are Club-Shaped Cast Iron Weights
  • Weight Imprinted On Surface
  • Flattened Base For Extra Stability. Complete Dimensions Of Each Club Are In The Description Field Below:

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Klarfit DS1S15 Dumbbell with Set of 6 Weights 15kg

The Klarfit dumb-bell is perfect for a demanding training, and are ideal for building strength comfortably at home.
The dumbbell boasts 6 weight plates (4 x 2 x 2.5 kg and 1.25 kg), which can be adjusted between 5 and 15 kg to allow beginners and experts a performance-based work out.
The dumb bells are plastic coated weights and can be safely kept on the floor, and thanks to star locks, the Klarfit dumbbell guarantees security in every situation.


• Nonslip dumb-bell handle with file structure (knurled)
• Barbell material: Stainless Steel
• Weights: Hard plastic casing


• 1 x Dumb-bell bar
• 4 x 2.5 kg weight
• 2 x 1.25 kg
• 2 x Star Collars


• Barbell length: 44cm
• Tugging length: about 11cm
• Barbell diameters: 2.5 kg
• Diameter 1.25 kg weight: 16.5 cm
• Diameter of 2.5 kg weight: 21cm

Product Features

  • • Dumb-bell with 6 weights a total weight of 15kg • Klarfit design with logo • Chrome barbell • Star closures • Weight plates with floor-friendly plastic coating
  • • Nonslip dumb-bell handle with file structure (knurled) • Barbell material: Stainless Steel • Weights: Hard plastic casing

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Gorilla Sports Weight Bench Indian clubbell Compact Priest 15kg Size:15 kg

Indian Clubbell 15Kg. Black cast iron. Constructed from a single piece of solid cast iron. Dimensions: 65cm long, 7.6cm maximum diameter. Clubbells are club-shaped cast iron weights. Weight imprinted on surface. Flattened base for extra stability. Typical exercises performed with clubbells, ideal for full-body workout: The swing: between the legs, using either one or two hands. The pendulum. Circles.

Product Features

  • Classic Design Cast Iron Black

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