Smart Fytness F2 Fitness glove 2 in 1 (Wrist Support & weight lifting glove) SWEAT FREE, VERY LIGHT (S)

F2 Fitness Glove 2 in 1 (Wrist Support & Lifting glove) Can be easily washed. Very light with an excellent feel. The wrist support provides a very comfortable grip PALM PROTECTOR TRAINING GLOVES: finally, a functional and comfortable pair of fitness gloves. Our Mava training gloves with silicone padding provide full palm protection against abrasions, scars, hand tears, calluses and blisters. No more slips and reduced friction while gripping exercise equipment or doing bodyweight exercise sessions. INTEGRATED SUPPORT FOR WRISTS: prevent wrist strain and promote wrist health by using our Mava gym gloves. Simply reduce the risk of injury to your joints by providing a good support while focusing on your training. STRONGER GRIP and MOBILITY: our Mava workout gloves will give you a natural grip on the bar, boosting your grip and mobility. Find the best contact points, flex and bend your hands freely to focus on your training. Don’t worry about chalk or taping but work on your grip and the rest of your muscles. COMFY, BREATHABLE GLOVES: Thanks to their easy to put on design, you’ll be ready for training sessions in seconds. Comfortable and especially designed to prevent overheating, the Mava Exercise Gloves are built from high quality materials, double-stitched gloves and reinforced on the seams RECOMMENDED FOR: Gym workouts, weight lifting, HIIT, resistance training, kettlebells and dumbbells, time crunch, circuit sessions, bodybuilding, body weight exercise, endurance, power lifting, power cleans, Oly lifts, deadlifts. Very versatile gym gloves designed to improve your performance.

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