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Training with the best in the fitness industry means you’re guaranteed a long-lasting, efficiently designed, workout enhancing bodybuilding experienced. Fitness feels like a breeze in RDX’s light build Patent Pending gym gloves that feel like feathers but are sturdier than nails. Bring the comfort back into your routines with our highly breathable Lycra weight lifting gloves.

Product Features

  • Comfort and breathability are at the core of these efficiently designed Lycra weight lifting gym gloves
  • 3MM padding helps alleviate pressure against heavy weight, fitness & workout training, preventing calluses in the mean while
  • Suede throughout the palm ensures zero chances of slip grip
  • Authentic leather webbing between half-fingers adds durability and prevents tearing when intensely squeezing
  • Can be used for a range of fitness activities such as cycling, rowing, or kettlebell exercises

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