Rawfit Unisex Cast Iron Russian Kettlebell, Black, 28 kg

28kg Cast Iron Russian KettlebellTime to get serious with kettlebellsRAWFIT Kettlebells 28kg cast iron kettlebellÑ specifically for those who have already become proficient in their kettlebell lifting, but want to take their practice to the next levelÉÊFor some men, jumping straight up to the traditional next size, the 32kg kettlebell, after they have mastered the 24kg model, can be daunting. The 28kg kettlebell allows the already strong to hone new strength skills and develop exceptional conditioning, before they step up to the full rigors of the 32kg.More detail:Based on the traditional Russian design, this kettlebell has the correct handle spacing and smooth finish (to avoid damage to the hands). Weight – 28 kg kettlebellType – Cast iron

Product Features

  • 28kg Cast Iron Russian Kettlebell
  • Solid Cast iron with a sturdy construction
  • Helps develops functional strength, power, endurance, core stability and balance
  • Perfect for a good training session and advanced exercise
  • Ideal for both men and women, can be used in gyms, fitness centres, and for home based workouts.

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  1. Dr. Rudy J. A. Lapeer says:

    Excellent value for money

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