Proworks One Size Fits All Adjustable Black Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Wrist Wrap Strap Supports (Set of 2)

Proworks is proud to offer you the very best in work out and fitness gear, accessories, equipment and supplies for use at home, in the gym or on the move! Made from premium breathable polyester and neoprene, these comfortable sport wrist guards can be used in a wide variety of sports and exercises.

Whether you’re lifting your heaviest barbell, breaking a new bench press record or performing a new workout routine on various exercise machines; these Proworks padded wristbands can help maintain your strength and reduce the chance of any hand, wrist or arm injuries.

Product Features

  • High quality weightlifting workout wrist straps from Proworks; for improved wrist and forearm support during intense exercise routines. Made from 80% polyester and 20% neoprene.
  • These heavy duty wrist wraps are a good alternative to traditional training gloves; allowing you to keep your hands open and free while still providing your wrists protection from injuries.
  • Featuring a fully elasticated design and velcro fastener, these wrist protectors can be adjusted to fit perfectly; allowing you all of the benefits and avoiding a sprained or otherwise injured wrist from poor form or accidents during your workouts.
  • Suitable to use with various free weights including dumbbells and barbells, and while performing kettlebell, deadlift, CrossFit and powerlifting exercises. Includes an elastic thumb loop for added support.
  • These professional wrist braces can be used by both men and women and are sold as a pair. Dimensions: 350mm Length ¦ 80mm Width ¦ 2mm Height.

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3 Responses to Proworks One Size Fits All Adjustable Black Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Wrist Wrap Strap Supports (Set of 2)

  1. Rebecca Martin - rumblepack2001 says:

    Excellent support My husband has got into his fitness kick recently and is really into his weights but suffers from a weak wrist.These wrist band set is made from breathable polyester so no matter how yucky and sweaty he gets he won’t get sore wrists. They are also made with neoprene so these are incredibly comfy to wear and can be used as support for a variety of sports and exercises.My husband uses these when lifting his barbells or doing bench presses but he has plans to use the for basically…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve found myself buying more and more equipment to help myself get into better shape, as I’ve recently begun my path to getting healthier, as a result I decided to give these wrist supports a go, seeing as a friend of mine had suggested them for me as I wished to start lifting weights in order to become stronger and more toned.The material of the wrist supports feels high quality and after already having used them for a few times, I believe they will prove to be extremely…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have started trying to get a little more physical and active these days due to an office job and an age thing that means I am not as young as I used to be. I haven’t exercised with weights or performed things like push-ups for a while due to incurring a wrist injury. I have started to try and get back into training but have occasionally aggravated it and had to stop again to let it settle. Thankfully I am not fit enough yet to feel like I have wasted all the time I put in when I have to take…

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