PicSil RX 3 Hole Crossfit grips and gymnastics grips Great for WODs, pullups, weight lifting, chin ups, cross training, exercise, kettlebells, and more. Protect your palms from rips and tears! (S, Orange)

You’ll improve with the RX grip increase the time you spend on the bar or the rings and can pull your, chest to bar, muscleup and toes to bar. Don’t Come Back To Open The Palm Of The Hand Or The calluses. And so you not to leave train. The RX grip are made with patented design and material. This material is very lightweight, breathable, washable, eco-friendly and highly durable. The calleras not deform as easy as other models and lasts more. Furthermore, equipped with a hypoallergenic buckle and a velcro for maximum grip that never gets suelten in half of a WOD. You fly in the wod with the RX grip.

Product Features

  • Fly in the WOD you with the RX Grip.
  • – Patented Breathable and super strong you will not your hand.
  • – Environmentally friendly, antibacterial, washable, lightweight, and highly resistant.
  • – Design and Material pantentado you won’t find anything like it.
  • – Greater Durability than other CALLERAS strap, more comfortable and durable.

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