PicSil Azor Grips 3 Holes, hand grips and gymnastics grips for Cross Training, muscleups, pullups, weight lifting, chin ups, training, exercise, kettlebell, more (S, Brown)

Unique in the world the Azor grips are a special patented fabric that is unique in the world. That is why not find other calleras as these. It is a breathable, washable, Maximum Strength, soft to the touch, flexible and very lightweight. But these calleras are not perfect… Still not make the dominated by Ti. No, not the muscleups. Tested by the best Javi Gomez, in London 2012 Olympic gymnast, has subjected to these calleras to a thorough Quality Control: him. Who better to someone that has been past Average life hanging of a ring and a bar to demonstrate that are proof of bullets *? * Do not attempt to stop bullets with the Azor grips, are a calleras and you’re not Superwoman (yet). Available sizes: S, M, L S – 9 cm m-10,5 cm L- 11.5 cm, XL- 11.5 – 12.5 cm

Product Features

  • UNIQUE IN THE WORLD!!! Designed and manufactured thinking of you. Special fabric patented with the maximum resistance soft to touch, flexible and vey light.
  • You will not find other grips like these!!! Double fabric leather for best soft and moldable. 1,8mm thick and high resistance to friction and durability.
  • The leather is a breathable, washable, of maximum resistance, soft to the touch, flexible and very light fabric. More palm hand protection with the 3H
  • Best quality Velcro with wraps efects and high resistance seal with buckle antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

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