Womens Weighlifting Gloves plus FREE Padded Figure 8 Lifting Straps for Powerlifting-Gym-Crossfit-Weight Training-Biking-Cycling-Best for Comfort-Grip and Callus Protection-Washable-*FREE* Fox Fierce Fitness Workout for Women Ebook

The BEST Womenâ€TMs Weightlifting Gloves by Fox Fierce

•We believe that women can still look and feel feminine whilst unleashing their fierce determination to get in shape
•We believe in women rocking womanly figures
•We believe in bringing sexy back
•We believe in you

Our passion is to help our fellow female powerhouses to unleash their inner fox by making the selection of gym ready wear easy. Our expertly crafted gloves look great, and are designed to keep your hands looking and feeling amazing. And like they belong to a lady!

•They are super comfortable! The isolated padding and half finger design stops your hands looking and feeling like the hulks
•Never lose your grip again! With the bonus Figure 8’s hit your max weight potential with confidence
•Lightweight, due to the lack of bulk
•And breathe…The perforated leather prevents sweat build up
•Calluses be gone! Protect those hands!
•Easy to get off. Just pull the finger tab and off you go
•Durable as well as comfortable. The combination of leather and synthetic materials ensures endurance
•Yes they’re washable: cold wash only
•They’re made from high quality materials and arrive in quality packaging

For a Limited time only included with your purchase
•Figure 8 straps to help you maximize your workout. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with grip alone. More weight means more muscle! More Muscle means less fat and more tone. Valued at $16
•EBook-The Fox Fierce

Product Features

  • THE BEST Weight-lifting Glove for CrossFit (WOD), Weights, Gym, Powerlifting, Fitness, Cycling, Biking, Kettlebell Workout, Personal Training, Combat, Wheelchair, Golf, Rowing, Rope Climbing, MMA, Bicycle. Cross-Training. Sets on Machines. Dumbbells.
  • Designed for Ladies! Super Comfortable. Breathable Leather. Half finger. Padding and extra Grip where it’s needed. Easy Pull off Tab.
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY Figure 8 lifting wrist straps to help you maximize your workout. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with your grip alone. More weight means more muscle! More Muscle means less fat and more tone.
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY EBook- Fox Fierce Fitness Program & How to use your figure 8 straps. Raise the bar! Or should we say Barbell!
  • BUY TODAY and your lifting pack will include 2 x Fingerless Gloves in Pink or Black, 2 x Figure 8 Support Strap and Fox Fierce Fitness Program EBook. The prefect gift for any fit female.

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Protection Wristlet Wrist Support Bandage Gorilla Sports Kettlebell

The kettlebell wristlet – Wrist Protection prevents bruising on the wrist by a kettlebell training and can also be used as a sweatband.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 11 x 7.5 x 2 cm
Delivered as a pair
Colour: Black with Gorilla Sports logo

Product Features

  • * Dimensions (L x W x H): 11 x 7.5 cm)
  • Delivered as a pair
  • Colour: Black with Gorilla Sports logo

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ROCKTAPE G-LOVES WeightLinfing CrossFit Gloves (XL)

G-LOVES are engineered to safeguard your hands from even the harshest conditions. From handlebars to barbells, G-LOVES reduce direct friction to protect your hands from tears and blisters.


• Touch Screen friendly
• Seamless palm construction
• “False-grip” silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups
• Hook grip thumb protection
• Sweat wipe
• Vented finger side walls
• Para-cord pull strap
• Works with Chalk

For sizing G-LOVES, measure around your hand just below your knuckles, not including your thumb.

XS -6in and under

Small -7in

Medium -8in

Large -9in

XLarge -10in and over

Product Features

  • • Touch Screen friendly
  • • Seamless palm construction
  • • “False-grip” silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups
  • • Hook grip thumb protection
  • • Sweat wipe

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Bodymax 10kg Kettlebell Cast Iron

Bodymax cast iron Kettlebells are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and to enable the most effective kettlebell workout. Kettlebells are weights that can be lifted like ordinary dumbells, but can also be swung about for an intense cardio workout. With kettlebells you can have a workout in very little space that will get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body. With a pair of Bodymax cast iron kettlebells, you can combine weight training and cardio workouts with a minimum investment, and with minimum floor space. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with a kettlebell, exercising your whole body, in little space.

Product Features

  • Solid cast iron kettlebell – beautifully balanced
  • Comfortable spacious kettlebell handle design
  • Full range of kettlebell sizes: 4kg – 40kg
  • Kettlebell racks also available
  • Trusted Brand

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Philips SHL1700PP/10 Lightweight Headphones – Purple

Product Features

  • 30 mm speaker driver delivers big sound performance
  • Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort and fit
  • Simple headband can be fully adjusted for the best fit
  • Completely cushioned earshells provide extra comfort
  • Foldable headband makes headphone easy to carry around

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Weight Lifting Gloves – Gym Gloves with Anti-Sweat Design & Superior Wrist Support. Perfect for Crossfit WODs, Workout, Fitness, Pull-Ups. Healthy Hands = Longer Workouts (Black, XS)

What makes ViperSportsWear Gloves stand out from the competition? Here are our gloves benefits:
Hand Protection: Extra layers of reinforced leather and extra silicone padding on the palm leads to best possible palm protection. Say goodbye to calluses and blisters!
Strong Grip: Anti-slip silicon pattern on top of the reinforced leather palm will give you the grip you need. Reduce the bar slipping out of your hands.
Wrist Support: Integrated wrist wraps specially designed for weight lifting offers superior wrist support and best training experience. Velcro closure straps let you adjust your wrist wraps for a perfect fit. Save money by not buying separate wrist wraps!
Sweat Protection: Neoprene material and anti-sweat ventilated breathable design means that your gloves will last longer and will not smell bad.

Who were these gloves made for?
Men and Women who want a more efficient workout.

What Size Should I Get?
Measure the width of your palm at the knuckles level. See sizing chart in photos.
The ViperSportsWear Crossfit Gloves come in 5 different sizes:
– Extra Small fits up to 2.8″ (7 cm)
– Small fits 2.8″ – 3.2″ (7-8 cm)
– Medium fits 3.2″ – 3.5″ (8-9 cm)
– Large fits 3.5″ – 3.9″ (9-10 cm)
– Extra Large fits over 3.9″ (10 cm)

What’s in the Box?
– 1 pair of extra padded workout gloves with wrist support.
– Plastic storage bag to help you keep your gloves organized.

Buy with confidence
Our products come with 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like our gloves for any reason at all, get your money back no questions asked. All the risk is on us, you don’t have anything to lose!

CLICK the “Add to Cart” button above to try these amazing gloves. WE PROMISE, YOUR HANDS WILL THANK YOU!

Product Features

  • EXTRA COMFORT & PADDING: Say goodbye to calluses and blisters! Made from neoprene material, together with the extra padding on the palm and the extra layers of reinforced leather and silicon, these gloves offer an amazing comfort and the best possible palm padding.
  • VENTILATED & ANTI-SWEAT: Our gloves were designed to let the air flow so your hands don’t sweat, keeping your gloves and hands dry and your grip strong during your workouts.
  • SUPPORTIVE INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS: Save money & don’t buy separate wrist wraps because these gloves are designed with integrated adjustable wrist wraps that offers you superior wrist support. Its velcro closure straps let you adjust your wrist wraps for a perfect fit.
  • MULTI-USE For BOTH MEN & WOMEN: These gloves are ideal for Crossfit WODs, Weight Lifting, Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Rope Climbing, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting etc.
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will love these gloves so you get to try them COMPLETELY RISK FREE.

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FXR Sports Vinyl Kettlebells With Plastic Coating Gym Fitness (2-24kg) – With Free A3 Workout Poster (18kg)

Sizes: 2kg (Height: 17cm, Handle Circumference: 10cm) 4kg (Height: 19cm, Handle Circumference: 10cm) 6kg (Height: 22cm, Handle Circumference: 12cm) 8kg (Height: 24cm, Handle Circumference: 12.5cm) 10kg (Height: 27cm, Handle Circumference: 14cm) 12kg (Height: 28cm, Handle Circumference: 15cm) 14kg (Height: 28cm, Handle Circumference: 15cm) 16kg (Height: 29.5cm, Handle Circumference: 15.5cm) 18kg (Height: 33cm, Handle Circumference: 16.5cm) 20kg (Height: 33cm, Handle Circumference: 16.5cm) 22kg (Height: 33cm, Handle Circumference: 16.5cm) 24kg (Height: 33cm, Handle Circumference: 16.5cm)

Product Features

  • Comes with free A3 poster featuring 12 different kettlebell exercises
  • Available in 12 different sizes
  • Made from high quality plastic (filled with cement)
  • Easy grip handle
  • Can be used at home or in the gym

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The Complete Kettlebell [DVD]

Paul Katami brings his signature Hollywood Kettlebell Workout right to your home. Kettlebells have been around for centuries and have a proven track record of changing people’s bodies and increasing their fitness levels. As a Kettlebell Master Instructor, Paul has created this 3 DVD box set for the beginner, to bring you an in-home programme designed specifically to use a moderate weight Kettlebell. Paul’s clinics will give you all the basics and teach you about Kettlebell safety. This 180 minutes of great programming consists of: Ultimate Kettlebells for Beginners:25 minute tutorial emphasising correct technique; 25 minute easy-to-learn drills and combinations; 25 minute Kettlebell Kore workout. Kettlebell Drills: 35 minute Kettlebell Clinic that demonstrates safety and is a step by step guide to starting with kettlebells; 35 minute Kettlebell Drills Workout; 15 minute Kettlebell Kore Drills with specific core exercises. Kettlebell Combos: 35 minute Kettlebell Clinic that demonstrates safety and is a step by step guide to starting with kettlebells; 40 Minute kettlebell workouts using combinations; 15 minute Kettlebell Kore challenge. Get ready to work with Paul’s dynamic and challenging routines. This all-in-one DVD will help you change your body using the kettlebell!

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PicSil RX 2 hole Crossfit grips and gymnastics grips Great for WODs, pullups, weight lifting, chin ups, cross training, exercise, kettlebells, and more. Protect your palms from rips and tears! (S)

PICSIL offers the best product for hand protection in the practice of crossfit. We improve our line Calleras / grips designed for real athletes who need maximum protection. We improve the Calleras with new technical fabric that matiene capacity impermeability and breathability, which will make your hands sweat during exercise not and if they do, it’s absorbed. Antibacterial, washable, lightweight, environmentally friendly and highly resistant, makes the life of this grip is much higher than others in the market. we also improved wrist strap for comfort, strength and add antiallergic buckle for extra security. PicSil patented design and materials. The best protection for the hands that were waiting PicSil Grips called RX !!! Features: Line of the highest quality in terms of strength and materials. Manufactured for strength, durability and maximum protection in the palm of your hand. Adjustable strap and antiallergic wrist for maximum comfort and correct position throughout the exercise.

Product Features

  • RX line with best leather, breathable and washable
  • Antiallergic aluminum buckle
  • It fits over the hand grip

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Confidence Fitness Pro Kettlebell: 18kg

These kettlebell allow you to work muscle groups of various strengths for a total body workout.
By engaging multiple muscles with each swing, you’ll benefit from improved muscle strength and definition, enhanced cardiovascular performance, and higher levels of flexibility.

Product Features

  • 10kg kettlebell – Height: 26.5cm, 12kg kettlebell – Height: 28cm
  • 14kg kettlebell – Height: 30cm, 16kg kettlebell – Height: 30cm
  • 18kg kettlebell – Height: 30.5cm, 20kg kettlebell – Height: 31cm
  • Weight stamped on each kettlebell with clear colour coding

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JLL Vinyl Kettlebells Home Gym Training Weight Fitness Kettlebell 2kg – 12kg (2 x12kg)

JLL Kettlebells is perfect for cardio and strength training. Lose weight and build great muscle definition and have great fun all at the same time and do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

JLL kettlebells incorporate a vinyl coating and have an anti-slip base to provide extra safety, protect the floor from damages and reduce noise in case they were dropped.

Product Features

  • Ergonomically designed comfort handle
  • Vinyl coating and Anti-slip
  • Colour coded weight.
  • Kettlebells are designed & finished to the highest standard.
  • Delivery: This item will be dispatched on a 48 hour delivery service from the date of dispatch. This item can be delivered free to the U.K Mainland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and the Isles off the Coast. This does not include Ireland, Jersey or Guernsey.

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Rubber kettlebell 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg and 20kg (16 kg)

Working out using Powrx Rubber Kettlebells is very effective and time saving.

You can do squats, throws rotational swings using kettlebells. Many of muscles are engaged using one piece of equipment. Powrx Kettlebells are great for building strength, body shaping as well as cardiovascular exercises. Back muscles also benefit from the training. Kettlebells can be lifted and swung to intensify the workout. Exercises using the kettle bell are regarded very challenging and effective.

Its essential to perform the exercises correctly to avoid any injuries. Pay attention to your posture. Take note, beginners should perform simple exercises correctly and with relatively light weights.

The rubber covered kettlebell is made of robust cast iron. The rubber coating prevents floor damages. Therefore you can use it without any worries. Furthermore, it has a smooth chrome handle for comfortable grip.

Kettlebells are available from 4kg-20kg.

Product Features

  • Kettlebell exercises engage the whole body in a short time
  • Training tool that targets many muscles including the deep muscles
  • Rubber coated kettle bell with a chrome handle
  • Fun and easy to use, no assembly required
  • Available weights: 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg and 20kg

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