OZERO gym gloves,womens and mens leather fingerless gloves for riding,running,cycling,gym workout (1 pair)

Palm base:Deer split leather
Palm pad:Silicone rubber
Back:Breathable polyester

Features:Good grip,breathable,sweat-absorbent,snug fit,excellent hand protection,light weight

Cleaning method:machine washable

Suitable sports:
Gym workout and fitness :dumbbell,barbell,kettle bell,parallel bars,sit-up,spring expander,weightlifting
Outdoor sports:cycling,motorcycle riding,horse riding,hiking,hunting,driving

Note:Please refer to the size chart in the image area of this product listing for confirming the fittest size for your hands.

Product Features

  • These fingerless gloves have deer split leather palm base and palm interior,the leather is soft,breathable,sweat-absorbent,anti-skid,and washable.It will be comfortable for you to wear them
  • Thick rubber pads on the palm provide you with excellent palm protection and make it easier to tightly hold bars during cycling and exercises
  • Adjustable velcro allow you to get the right fit for different sports,including outdoor exercises such as riding,running and gym workouts such as weightlifting,dumbell,push-up,parallel bars
  • Back with meshes further optimize the breathability of these gym gloves
  • There is a practical sweat-absorbent cloth on the thumb back of the glove,you can wipe beads of sweat easily with these cycling gloves

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2 Responses to OZERO gym gloves,womens and mens leather fingerless gloves for riding,running,cycling,gym workout (1 pair)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely soft gloves. I wear this all day, everyday (active job in a wheelchair). Other manmade gloves can smell a tiny bit funky by the end of the day, but these are great. I have worn them solidly for 6 months, and the back fabric and stitching although still intact, is starting to look a little scruffy, as the backs of my hands get scuffed against things, so I’m buying a new pair ready for when these have had it. However the palms and stitching are still great, which is pretty good after so…

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