ONE MAN ARMY GmbH Box Hero Competition Kettlebell 32kg Yellow Metal Ring PVC Key Charm

Box Hero competition Mini Kettlebell Key Fob in yellow
The Mini Kettle Bell Keyrings are for the real heroes of the box. Your fitness or CrossFit athlete Hantiert probably with a the small Biestern around on a daily basis. We love and we hate the small and large ball dumbbells and sometimes, but at the end of the workouts, we wish to the kettle bells not won’t go back. That is why we have created these small keyring – so show your love however when you can wear;)
The 32 kg Box Hero competition Mini Kettle Bells are high Made to the highest quality, and your bunch of keys a long day. The box hero logo & the weight aren’t, you’ll definitely have they Stainless embossed.
And no, of course these small kettlebell replicas of not really weighing 32 kg.
So it’s high time the Intelex’s soft toys from the key tearing and against this small kettlebell to you. The principal of the ring we have to charities in the connection of a keys nothing more you. Key Rantüddeln, nail art Schrotten and that’s it. Now you can bring your own kettlebell the whole day with you wear.
Dimensions: Height: 5.1 cm Length: 3.2 cm

Product Features

  • ❍ kettle bell: high-quality fake 32 kg Kettlebell for the true Heroes of the box. This model A Ball kettle bell is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is the large & heavy kettle bells to none.
  • ❍ quality and a manufacture: This mini kettle bells are made of odourless PVC, which are high quality and embossed with a black the branded box Hero.
  • ❍ must-have: Absolute Must-Have for any type of athletes Crossfit, functional fitness, Bermuda Shorts, fitness, body building. Any who loves the training with kettle bells, is also love this keyring;)
  • ❍ Keychain: This small Kettlebell is ideal as key ring. The pendant is attached with a small chain in the keyring.
  • ‘❍ Special Feature: The Shape and the workmanship allow the kettlebell with minimal weight Genuine are

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