MuscleSquad 3/5/8kg Kettlebell Set 16kg Total

Set of 3 MuscleSquad Kettlebells including 3kg, 5kg and 8kg Kettlebells.
• Includes 3kg, 5kg and 8kg
• Excellent for full body workouts
• Increase core strength
• Easy clean vinyl surface
• Smooth handles for twists and movement

Kettlebell exercises are hugely beneficial and can help to build muscle tone and shape and lose body fat. There are an endless amount of exercises that can be done with this piece of equipment, whether you use the heavy or lightweight kettlebells. Form is vitally important to training with kettlebells. You need to make sure you perform kettlebell exercises correctly so that you are building muscle in the right way. When the muscles are under tension, it’s important to time the exercises properly. Tension is the key to rebuilding stronger muscles.

At MuscleSquad, we understand that people don’t always have to opt for a heavyweight kettlebell, make sure you know what zone you are training in whether it’s cardio or muscle building. It’s more important that you have the correct form and are using the appropriate amount of weight for your circumstances. Remember that the most toned people in the gym are not necessarily lifting the heaviest weights.

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