Mirafit Cast Iron Kettlebell – Choice of Weight

Product Features

  • Mirafit Black Cast Iron Kettlebells – Available in a range of weights from 4kg to 32kg
  • Power coated matt black finish with orange styling
  • Comfortable easy grip handle – feels great in the hand
  • Flat non wobble base prevents rolling – Mirafit logo and kg indicator on front – Additional kg and lb markings on rear for easy identification
  • Dimensions (height x width, handle diameter): 4kg: 16.5cm x 15.5cm, 2.9cm – 6kg: 18.5cm x 16.5cm, 3cm – 8kg: 20cm x 17.5cm, 3.3cm – 10kg: 21cm x 18.5cm, 3.4cm – 12kg: 22cm x 19cm, 3.4cm – 16kg: 23.5cm x 20cm, 3.5cm – 20kg: 25cm x 20cm, 3.6cm – 24kg: 26.5cm x 21cm, 3.7cm – 28kg: 28cm x 22cm, 3.7cm – 32kg: 29.5cm x 23cm, 3.8cm

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