MAXFIVE Leather Hand Grips Palm Protectors Mesh Net Back Glove Gymnastics Wrist Support, Cycle Padded Gloves Biker Fitness Gym Body Building and Kettlebells (White, Medium)

MAXFIVE Leather Weightlifting Gym Fitness Exercise Body Building with these net back gloves from the MAXFIVE fitness range in size from S to XL. The net back make these gloves extremely comfortable while the padded palms offer protection against wounds, calluses, dumbbell pressures and pain.

Product Features

  • MAXIVE Genuine leather with cotton mesh back.
  • Padded leather palm with reinforced seams.
  • Soft terry lining for comfort and durability while lifting.
  • Cut to ensure consistent quality and fit.
  • Hooks and buckles, white and black in 1 pair

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