MAXFIVE Leather Hand Grips Palm Protectors Mesh Net Back Glove Gymnastics Wrist Support, Cycle Padded Gloves Biker Fitness Gym Body Building and Kettlebells (Black, X-Large)

MAXFIVE Leather Weightlifting Gym Fitness Exercise Body Building with these net back gloves from the MAXFIVE fitness range in size from S to XL. The net back make these gloves extremely comfortable while the padded palms offer protection against wounds, calluses, dumbbell pressures and pain.

Product Features

  • MAXIVE Genuine leather with cotton mesh back.
  • Padded leather palm with reinforced seams.
  • Soft terry lining for comfort and durability while lifting.
  • Cut to ensure consistent quality and fit.
  • Hooks and buckles, white and black in 1 pair

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