MACCIAVELLI – Premium Grip Pads – THE Alternative to Weight Lifting Gym Gloves & Crossfit Gloves – MAX GRIP Rubber Padding for Maximum Grip and Cushioning

► Proven in the competition area:

The MACCIAVELLI grip pads have been specially developed for use in weight training and they protect the palms of the hands from cracking and excessive callus formation.

► MAXIMUM GRIP TECHNOLOGY – Optimal grip during weightlifting, calisthenics, CrossFit and Freeletics

The MAXIMUM GRIP TECHNOLOGY is one of our tried and tested lamella rubber coatings which successfully prevents dumbbell bars, pull-up bars and sports equipment of any kind from slipping.

No chalk necessary!


The shape of the 2-layer neoprene rubber profile ensures extensive PROTECTION of the palm. The material is robust and weather-resistant. This is why the grip pads have been used by our customers for many years without restrictions for training both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.

Our products are designed to be used over many years.

► Size:

Suitable for small to large hands.

Rule of thumb for appropriate palm size:

M: 8.5 – 11cm / 3.35″ to 4.33″ (medium-sized hands)

L: from 11cm / 4.33″ (large hands)

MACCIAVELLI – Design.Driven.Sportsgear.

Product Features

  • ✅1# Grip pads with MAX GRIP coating and 2-layer neoprene rubber profile to help accelerate training progress.
  • ✅Unique MAX GRIP rubber coating – Optimal grip thanks to innovative lamella coating. No slipping when doing pull-ups, curls, squats and the like. No longer any need for chalk and magnesium.
  • ✅PROTECTION – Protect the palms of your hands from cracking and excessive calluses. To be used when doing CrossFit, calisthenics, Freeletics and weightlifting.
  • ✅2-LAYER NEOPRENE RUBBER PROFILE – High-quality neoprene rubber gently caresses your palms; the high-performance rubber compound provides the necessary grip. Suitable for small to large hands.
  • ✅THE BEST CHOICE – for all those seeking an alternative to fitness gloves

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