Kore Fitness® Precision Steel Competition Kettlebells 8,12,16,20,24,28 & 32kg (24)

Our Precision Kettlebells are the finest kettlebell out there for your lifting. Manufactured from high quality steel with the competition dimensions, these kettlebells will deliver performance and technical perfection. If you’re serious about kettlebell lifting and are looking for the best equipment to lift with, then look no further. Our Precision Kettlebells are designed by kettlebell lifters for kettlebell lifters. Why Precision Competition Kettlebells? Pro Grade kettlebells originated in the 70’s as the sport of kettlebell lifting became internationally recognized. They were designed to ensure that certain dimensions and sizes remained the same when lifting in competitions. However, it wasn’t just for the competitions that the dimensions were set like this. As kettlebell lifters generally start on a lighter weight, to ensure good technique the size and dimensions of the kettlebell remain the same as the lifter increases the weight. So although the weight goes up, at no point will their technique have to change. The sport of kettlebell lifting is growing fast and the need for high quality Precision Competition Kettlebells is rapidly growing too. If you’re a sports person, athlete or kettlebell lifter these kettlebells are perfect for you. They are coloured in their true competition colours and have bare handles to allow the lifter to gain the perfect strong grip whilst having a smooth handle

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