Kettlebells: Build Strong Body and Lose Weight with Kettlebell

Kettlebells or girya are a traditional cast iron weights that are used for ballistic exercises. Their physical appearance resembles that of a cannon ball with a looped handle. They look small bawling balls with a large handle on the top.
Russian lifters have had kettlebells as their weapon of choice for over a century now. They are so popular in Russia that all weight lifters and strongmen are referred to as kettlebell men. It is fascinating to know that it is now that they are making their way into the American markets. The surge in their popularity in the last one decade can be attributed to their three cardinal functions. They combine cardiovascular development building strength and enhancing flexibility. They are designed in such a way that the weight hangs just a few inches off the handle making it a little more difficult to control. The weights offer everything a dumbbell does and in addition their super thick handles challenge your grip making your core work extra hard burning calories in effect.

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