Kettlebell XL: An Accelerated 90 Day Swings Challenge

You’ve never seen a 90 Day Challenge like this before!

The 10,000 Kettlebell Swings Challenge is a physical achievement that many try to tackle, and has grown in popularity in recent years. Coach Rick Karboviak has covered this challenge in his best selling Kindle guide, “Just Swing It!”, and has now calculated out a precise, 4-phase plan to complete over the next 90 days to help you get 30,000 swings done in the course of just 3 months!

Following the precise planning of periodization of training volumes, Coach Rick as devised a set series of phases that covers 12 workouts within each 3-week phase, with a certain number of swings to achieve over the course of each phase.

You will first do a 3-week, 5,000 Swings plan, followed by a 3-week, 7,500 Swings plan. After a week off, you will finish out with a 10K Swings 3-week plan, then another different but challenging 7.500 Swings plan.

What’s unique is that you can take this overall plan, and use parts of it for your own unique 30 day challenges.

You will also get a BONUS routine of the Long Cycle Challenge that Coach Rick performed with the Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk) kettlebell power exercise.

If you are tired of seeing “picture challenges” for burpees or push-ups and want to get after a real, thought-out, carefully-crafted challenge, then “KBXL” is for you!

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