Kettlebell Vinyl Kettlebell Kettle bell Weight Gym, Swing Weight 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 8kg 10kg 12kg 14kg 16kg 18kg 20kg, 6 KG

‘Kettle Bells have a long time another special design and unique structure. a popular training aid for free weights training and also inside the cross training – even before you start your long time ago it was a popular training tool, also known as the “Iron Ball. The training with kettlebells is made from a combination of dynamic movement exercises and slow weight exercises. While training with an insulating the scoop weights is ideal not only a muscle trains, but we will send you a lot of supportive muscles. Individual exercises, both a will, as well as two arms engineered, to balance further perfectly trained. For this reason your kettlebell training a really effective training method and as well as having due to its great popularity. The kettle bells are the ideal way to be able to train at home, as they take much space and can store it anywhere. The different weight allows you to the training intensity Good dispensing. Please note: The training with kettlebells requires high concentration, as safety and movement exercises Unterschätzende forces to be released.. Special Features: Perfect Stand thanks to its straight base with weight specification filled made from concrete, casing made of plastic, various colours allowing you to visually differentiate between easy to transport – Space saving, perfect for work or around the home surface friendly and low in noise Very versatile and various training different ways Also suitable for cross training available in the following weight sizes/colours available: 2 kg/Pink 3 kg/Neon Yellow – 4 kg/Light Blue – 5 kg/6 kg/Purple 8 kg/Neon Green Neon Orange, 10 kg/Light Grey – 12 kg/Red – 14 kg/Royal Blue, 16 kg/Olive – 18 kg/Dark Grey, 20 kg/Black Package Content: 1 x kettlebell in the desired weight Size

Product Features

  • Box contents: 1 Kettlebell in the desired weight, size
  • Available in the following weight sizes/colours included: 2 kg/Pink – 3 kg/Neon Yellow – 4 kg/Light Blue – 5 kg – 6 kg/Purple/8 Neon Orange kg/Neon Green/10 kg 12 kg/Light Grey/Red – 14 Kg/Royal Blue – 16 kg/Olive – 18kg/Dark Grey/20 kg/Black
  • Perfect thanks to its straight base with kg and not the wattage that indicates filling made from concrete, cladding made from plastic
  • Various colours for optical identification easy to carry – space-saving – ideal for around the home surface friendly and low in noise
  • Very versatile and various training different ways also suitable for cross training

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