Your beginner`s guide!

There are many books on fitness or strength training, how to lose weight or build muscle, preventing back pain or the “best” endurance training. You find very precise training programs as well as books with a general approach on training theory.
What is so special about this book?

It`s the ideal book for beginners in kettlebell training, because it is all in one.

First, it is a book about kettlebell training, where it comes from and the benefits you can gain from it. This is nice to know, but will not take you one step closer to your personal fitness goals.

The book contains exercise with individual pictures and typical beginner’s mistakes you should better avoid. But there are only exercises that you actually need during your first months. You will have to deal with learning proper technique, you should not need to select out of hundreds of variations of different exercises.

Due to the fact that you need kettlebells for kettlebell training, there is one chapter that gives you some advice on what kettlebells you need to start – it`s your personal shopping guide.

Of course you get also training plans for your beginning with kettlebell training, divided into three cycles of six weeks each – all you need the first 18 weeks.

After finishing this 18 weeks, based on your first training experience and the theoretical background from this book, you are in the position to create your own training programs to customize kettlebell training to your very individual needs.

So, this book gives you all the tools to train without any gym and to get in the shape of your life.

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