Kettlebell Conditioning: Functional Strength & Power Drills (The Body Coach (English))

Kettlebell Conditioning helps to steer you through essential foundational exercises, key movement, and swing patterns prior to undertaking more complex power drills using both single and double kettlebells.

Every good exercise program starts with a method.
In Kettlebell Conditioning, Coach Collins has developed the 4-Stage BodyBell® Training System™ that allows you to learn the basic strength and swing pattern drills before more complex power-orientated movement patterns.

The unique shape of the kettlebell challenges the whole body as the hand, arm, shoulder, and core region controls the displacement of weight and counteraction of muscles with each movement.

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2 Responses to Kettlebell Conditioning: Functional Strength & Power Drills (The Body Coach (English))

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    KB Amateur Enthusiast. I am a Kettlebell Enthusiast. 44yrs old with family mainly a martial artist who due to family committments and work now trains alone in his shed.Drawn too Kettlebells due to rave reviews and also minimilist equipment and space. i have been KB training for 12 months and feel i have reached a basic standard.The book.Good quality paper, excellent full colour photos. nicely laid out. Comprehensive range of exercises very well explained.Very nice reference manual…

  2. C. Folkes-miller says:

    Overall very good though could have been better

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