Kettlebell 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg »Kylon« – made of 100% iron with protective, coloured neoprene coating – Strength Traning Home Gym Fitness CrossFit – Kettlebells Set

Our everyday life requires a lot of mental and physical well-being

Physical fitness helps us to cope better with these requirements of our environment. The positive effects of fitness training make up for every effort. Fitness training is enormously diverse because the term includes not only classical sports such as aerobics, gymnastics and jogging, but, for example, also balancing and faszien training.
Although it is possible to distinguish between pure endurance training and strength training, some sports, such as cycling, can not be clearly defined, but it is rather a combination of both types of training.

In our fitness equipment store, you will find a wide range of fitness equipment for fitness training
From fitness mats, fitness belts, gymnastics balls, jumping ropes, running accessories and water bottles, dumbbells, pull-up bars, power station accessories, training gloves, kettlebells and medicine balls to acupressure mats, Spiky massage Balls, lacrosse balls and massage accessories. We guarantee the right fitness equipment for everyone. The selection of #DoYourFitness fitness accessories is complemented by our yoga, swimming, diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities with our #DoYourYoga, #DoYourSwimming and #DoYourOutdoor branded products.

Product Features

  • ✔ KETTLEBELL: The original #DoYourFitness kettlebell ‘Kylon’ in high-performance studio quality is the ideal accessory for your systematic strength/endurance training. The kettlebell made of 100% iron has a protective, coloured neoprene coating. Not only does this provide especially easy cleaning and consistently hygienic training, but it also protects the training surface from damage like scratches and dents. Available in 9 different weight categories.
  • ✔ KETTLEBELL TRAINING: Training with the hand weight is versatile and challenges the whole body. It combines different fitness components (strength, endurance, cardiovascular, mobility, speed, reflexes & coordination) and thus quickly leads to noticeable and visible training effects. Training with the kettlebell is suitable for fitness enthusiasts of every training level and enriches your workout enormously especially the strength/endurance training.
  • ✔ ADVANTAGE: The kettlebell ‘Kylon’ is suitable for a range of applications, be it CrossFit, functional training or weight training. It is available in nine different weight categories (2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg) and thus is the ideal training weight for novices as well as professionals, for women as well as men. The kettlebell is also suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • ✔ FEATURES: Due to the different weight grading between the weight categories from 2kg up to 20kg, you can individually vary the training weight during your workout and increase your strength gradually. The special colour coding of the kettlebells facilitates the switching between the single weights, for every weight category has their own colour coded neoprene coating.
  • ✔ CERTIFIED BRAND QUALITY: Our focus is on excellent quality and reliable functionality. We develop our products with the help of experienced fitness trainers, physio and rehab experts and only use high-quality materials. The kettlebell ‘Kylon’ convinces by firs-rate processing as well as optimum weight composition and grading and is suitable for the professional use in home gyms and fitness centres.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks great on the Amazon page. But you’ll get one grey kettlebell. Misleading. Complete rip-off.Went thru’ the complete rigmarole. When I got the Amazon dispatch e-mail, fine, it said the set was coming. Then the e-mail from the seller (Germany, I think), said one grey kettlebell coming. E-mailed them, and they confirmed, one grey kettlebell on its way.E-mailed Amazon. Just said they would pass e-mail on.Arrived today. Refused with carrier. A-Z claim…

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