Just Swing It!

Have you ever wanted to tackle on a 10,000 Swings Challenge?

This is the guide to help you do it!

A common Kettlebell training challenge out there is doing 10,000 Swings within one month’s time. Coach Rick Karboviak took that a few steps further, and did 24,000 within 2 months, and lost 18 pounds in the process.

After 10,400 in the first month alone and an 8 pound drop in weight, he stuck with it and kept going, clipping off another 13,600 swings in only 24 days, and 10 more pounds of weight lost as a result.

“Just Swing It!” takes you through day by day of his workout log. How did he get all those in? How did he lose the weight? Did he drastically change his diet along with the increase in workout volume? Coach Rick takes you alongside the journey he ventured on the way to 24,000 Swings, and a better body in the end.

He also gives you tips on why a home gym is ideal for you if you want to accomplish this kind of challenge, and what items in your home gym makes it truly functional for you.

Are you ready for a great fitness challenge? Before you grab a kettlebell & start swinging, download yourself a copy and start reading “Just Swing It!” today!

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