Joyletics® ‘Shiny’ Kettlebell with Vinyl Finish, Various Weights and Colours | Vinyl Kettlebell | Non-Slip Surface Friendly for Gymnastics, Fitness and Weight Lifting | 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg Dumbbell, 2 kg | rosa

Joyletics® “Shiny” Kettlebell with vinyl surface | Vinyl Kettlebell | non-slip and gentle on flooring for gymnastics, fitness and strength training.

The kettlebell  – a convincing all-rounder.

Thanks to its special shape and practical handle, many exercises can be performed with the Joyletics® Kettlebell, which couldn’t be with others.

Swinging and pulling exercises in particular can be trained by the sturdy handle and optimal weight distribution.The kettlebell is also ideal for weight loss, muscle building and efficient cardiovascular training.

The Joyletics® “Shiny” kettlebell delivers a very versatile and comprehensive training program.It strengthens and not just the arm and shoulder muscles, but allows for effective training of the entire body.


Decide for yourself which weight you want to start with.The Joyletics® Kettlebell is of the highest quality, as are all of our products.High-quality materials create a unique training experience.The dumbbells have a vinyl coating to protect the floor.

Choose from different weights:The training kettlebells come in various colours to differentiate weight classes.

Pink = 2 kg.

Red = 3 kg.

Blue = 4 kg.

Purple = 5 kg.

Green = 6 kg.

Grey = 8 kg.

Black = 10 kg.

Joyletics® – Enjoy the next level of sports equipment.

Product Features

  • Weight, cardiovascular & endurance training:The Joyletics® “Shiny” Kettlebell is designed for individual training units which support your health.The shape and handle are perfect for swinging movements.You can perform throwing, pushing, pulling and Turkish get-up exercises with the kettlebell.
  • Helps when losing weight:The Joyletics® Kettlebell is equally suitable for both men and women.In addition to a well-balanced diet, kettlebells are true weight loss aids.As muscles become stronger with regular training, they burn fat even while at rest.The result is a defined, slim figure.
  • Suitable for building mass:To build muscle mass, the Joyletics® kettlebell is an ideal supplement to weight training.It trains mobility, reflexes and coordination.The alternation between a heavy load when swinging downwards, a powerful movement when swinging upwards and a short relief at the halfway point trains speed strength, maximum strength and stability.
  • Features:Our Joyletics® kettlebell is available in various weight categories.You can choose between weights of between 2 to 10 kg.The high-quality kettlebells can be differentiated through the various colours.Ideally you advance your training in stages, which is made possible by the various weight classes.
  • Product Features: The Joyletics® kettlebell weight is available in 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg and 10 kg.The outstanding quality of the materials as well as a vinyl coating to protect the floor allow optimum training conditions.Beginners and experts will have great fun with this training tool.

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