GYMBOX Portable Kettlebell / Smashbell – Soft Fitness Power Sand Bag Free Moving Weight for Functional Training Heavy Weight Exercises Lifting Workout Black 4-20kg / 8-44lbs | Empty (12 kg)

The Gymbox® smashbell revolutionises the conventional kettlebell training and extends it for numerous facets.

This soft kettlebell does not damage the floor, it has a comfortable grip and is pleasurable while contacting the body. Furthermore it consists of high-strength fabric, can be filled with sand and is therefore a perfect companion on holiday, vacation or even on the beach. The versatility of this free weight comes about the mixture of a medicine-ball and a kettlebell. Besides the usual medicine-ball or kettleball exercises, lots of new functional exercises are possible. The smashbell can be thrown, swung or smashed -whether against a wall, a floor or outside in the fresh air – and nothing will get broken. The extremely durable CORDURA® material is firmly sewn and guarantees a long durability, even with common and heavy use. The unbelievable variety of both training devices (kettlebell and medicine-ball) has been combined in this portable sand kettlebell, so that you are having unlimited training opportunities with it.

Secure yourself the latest invention from Variosports® and add a versatile, innovative and challenging component to your functional training equipment with it!

Gymbox® products are manufactured with brand materials such as Cordura® and Hypalon® and are setting new standards in the premium segment.

Gymbox® service:

The scope of supply includes extensive documents, e.g. a training poster and access data for the online training.

Product Features

  • *REVOLUTIONISES THE KETTLEBELL TRAINING* due to the mixture of a kettlebell and a medicine-ball, sportspeople are having much more training opportunities – can be thrown, swung or smashed
  • *BRAND MATERIALS* manufactured with high-quality materials such as Cordura® and Hypalon® – ensure a long durability and will not cause any damages on the floor
  • *HIGH FLEXIBILITY* can be filled with sand, so that you are able to choose the weight flexibly and to train wherever you want, e.g. at home, in the garden, at the playground or on holidays/vacation at the beach, for travelling etc.
  • *INCLUDING* training instructions, exercise poster and access data for the Gymbox® online training
  • *MULTIPLE VARIATIONS* smashbell / soft sand bag is available in the weight categories 4 (9), 6 (13), 8 (17,5), 10 (22), 12 (26,5) or 14 kg (30,8 lbs) – absolutely flexible kettlebell

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