Gorilla Sports Contrast Vinyl Kettlebell Set 8KG + 10KG + 12KG

The kettlebell has long made the jump from a niche sports product into popular sport – Also over are the times when you still had to make do with the original cast iron form. While it has not lost in importance, it is just not for everyone. Gyms in particular prefer to opt for versions with a plastic cover that won’t damage floors, also because they prevent some injuries due to handling or during training.
This GORILLA SPORTS design is also suited as an optical treat so… It is perfect for any fan to whom not just the function but also the look in the local training area is important.

Kettlebell Stylish 2 – 20 kg plastic.

  • Compacted filling with a high-quality, floor-friendly plastic coating.
  • Colour: Grey with a contrasting accent.
  • Powerful, professional design.
  • Stable stand thanks to the rounded base and pimples.
  • All designs with weight specification.
  • Typical exercises: Swing, snatch, clean, jerk. –

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2 Responses to Gorilla Sports Contrast Vinyl Kettlebell Set 8KG + 10KG + 12KG

  1. StanthemanRetoma says:

    You get what you pay for As a keen gym goer but someone who sometimes wants to sleep on the bench press I thought I would buy the weapon of choice for the Russians, something that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years the kettle bell.This product is great, first of all everything is sleek and nice and no iron bits to go rusty or squeak or make funny noises etc. The handle is comfortable and slightly bigger than your palm so you develop a really strong grip over time. I feel at this point I have to…

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