Fitness-Mad PVC Kettle Bell 5Kg

The Fitness Mad 5kg PVC kettlebell provides a versatile workout that enhances strength, endurance, agility and balance. It has a PVC body with concrete filling. The kettlebell features an oversize handle that guarantees excellent grip and allows for full and fluid motion.

Product Features

  • Fantastic low cost alternative to the traditional cast iron kettle bells
  • Perfect for group exercise classes
  • PVC body with concrete filling
  • Not Warranted For Commercial Use

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3 Responses to Fitness-Mad PVC Kettle Bell 5Kg

  1. Kaya McBain says:

    Good first buy I have only started my training with kettlebells some two months ago, so didnt see much of a difference between vinyl and cast iron ones (exept the price)at the begining.This vinyl bell is very comfy to swing with, however when sweating, the hold on the handle becomes a bit of a challenge. The vinyl is very smooth but also very slideable. The sideways of the handle are too thick, that doesnt allow for a proper grip with some type of exercises, so combination of that plus sweat makes…

  2. Dom W says:

    The kettle bell is great. The delivery…

  3. Sussi says:

    Starter and warm up kettle Bell

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