BODYPOWER Endurance Vinyl Coated Kettle Bell Weight Set

16kg, 20kg and 24kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Kettlebell training has taken the fitness world by storm. In just a few years, there are now thousands of people in the United Kingdom that are benefiting from the benefits of kettlebells. In addition, to everyday men and women, many athletes from a variety of sports now use kettlebells in their programs.

Kettlebells look like shot putts with a handle and have been used in training the Russian army for centuries. They work a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. There are cardiovascular benefits also.

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DesignDivil One More Rep T-Shirts Bodybuilding Training Weightlifting Kettlebell Gym Gift SP (Large, a. Sports Grey)

At DesignDivil we take great pride in designing and printing all of our own apparel Our t-shirts are made to order, to the highest standards. We always use quality garments for all our printing and have over 20 years experience in the printing industry Thank you for looking!

Product Features

  • Choose from 3 inspired t-shirt colour options.
  • Perfect for gym workouts or casual street wear.
  • Loose Fit Soft Cotton look and feel for comfort and freedom of movement during exercise AquaFX disperses moisture away from the body to help you stay cool and dry.
  • FreshcareTM odour-fighting freshness.
  • Printed using technology for longer lasting softer prints. Material Weight: White 169gsm, Colours 153gsm

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MiraFit Cast Iron Kettlebell – Choice of Weight

Product Features

  • Mirafit Black Cast Iron Kettlebells – Available in a range of weights from 4kg to 32kg
  • Power coated matt black finish with orange styling
  • Comfortable easy grip handle – Feels great in the hand
  • Flat non wobble base prevents rolling – Mirafit logo and kg indicator on front – Additional kg and lb markings on rear for easy identification
  • Dimensions (height x width, handle diameter): 4kg: 16.5cm x 15.5cm, 2.9cm – 6Kg: 18.5cm x 16.5cm, 3cm – 8Kg: 20cm x 17.5cm, 3.3cm – 10Kg: 21cm x 18.5cm, 3.4cm – 12Kg: 22cm x 19cm, 3.4cm – 16Kg: 23.5cm x 20cm, 3.5cm – 20Kg: 25cm x 20cm, 3.6cm – 24Kg: 26.5cm x 21cm, 3.7cm – 28Kg: 28cm x 22cm, 3.7cm – 32Kg: 29.5cm x 23cm, 3.8cm

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Gorilla Sports Contrast Vinyl Kettlebell Set 8KG + 10KG + 12KG

The kettlebell has long made the jump from a niche sports product into popular sport – Also over are the times when you still had to make do with the original cast iron form. While it has not lost in importance, it is just not for everyone. Gyms in particular prefer to opt for versions with a plastic cover that won’t damage floors, also because they prevent some injuries due to handling or during training.
This GORILLA SPORTS design is also suited as an optical treat so… It is perfect for any fan to whom not just the function but also the look in the local training area is important.

Kettlebell Stylish 2 – 20 kg plastic.

  • Compacted filling with a high-quality, floor-friendly plastic coating.
  • Colour: Grey with a contrasting accent.
  • Powerful, professional design.
  • Stable stand thanks to the rounded base and pimples.
  • All designs with weight specification.
  • Typical exercises: Swing, snatch, clean, jerk. –

  • 2 kg (width x depth x height 11 x 11 x 18 cm, handle width: 3 cm).
  • 3 kg (width x depth x height 14 x 14 x 20 cm, handle width: 3 cm).
  • 4 kg (width x depth x height 15 x 15 x 23 cm, handle width: 3 cm).
  • 6 kg (width x depth x height 15 x 15 x 23 cm, handle width: 3 cm).
  • 8 kg (width x depth x height 16 x 16 x 25 cm, handle width: 3.5 cm).
  • 10 kg (width x depth x height 18 x 18 x 26.5 cm, handle width: 4 cm).
  • 12 kg (width x depth x height 21 x 21 x 28 cm, handle width: 4 cm).
  • 14 kg (width x depth x height 20 x 20 x 30 cm, handle width: 4 cm).
  • 16 kg (width x depth x height 21 x 21 x 30 cm, handle width: 4 cm).
  • 18 kg (width x depth x height 22 x 22 x 30 cm, handle width: 4 cm).
  • 20 kg (width x depth x height 22.5 x 22.5 x 30 cm, handle width: 4 cm).

    Product Features

    • High-quality plastic coating with a compact cement fill.
    • Colour: Grey – with kg label and the GORILLA SPORTS logo on all models.
    • Especially kind to floors and long-lasting.
    • Available in the following versions: 2 kg, 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, 16 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg.
    • Suitable for beginners, intermediates, men, women, bodybuilders and hard training fitness lovers.

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Kettlebells: Burn Fat and Get Lean and Shredded in 30 Days with Total Body Kettlebell Training (Kettlebells, Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Get Lean, Kettlebell Training)

Have you been planning to start working out again but haven’t started yet?

Are you tired of watching everyone ELSE walk around with the body you want? Do

you bore quickly of old fashion weight training routines? Do you wish you had a new

routine that could whip you into shape?

When you download Kettlebells: Burn Fat and Get Lean and Shredded in 30 Days

with Total Body Kettlebell Training, your body will transform right before your


These simple tips and workout plan will transform that dreaded midsection, those

flabby arms, and soft legs into shredded, toned, and strong. You’ll be proud to

take off your shirt or show off your bikini after you put in the hard work that

have achieved your gains.

Within this book’s pages, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.

Just some of the questions and topics covered include:

  • What are kettlebells and how do you use them?
  • What types of exercises are available?
  • What are the benefits vs. traditional strength training methods?
  • What would be a good beginner’s workout with kettlebells?
  • This book breaks down kettlebell training into easy-to-understand modules. It starts

    from the very basics of why you should incorporate them into your workout to the

    various exercises and movements you will master to take advantage of the total body

    workout – even as a beginner!

    Download Kettlebells: Burn Fat and Get Lean and Shredded in 30 Days with

    Total Body Kettlebell Training now, and start building your dream body!

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vidaXL New 16 kg Kettlebell Gym Weight Fitness Training Kettle Bell Exercise Strength

This kettle bell is made of plastic with a compact interior. It has a massive and professional construction. This kettle bell weighs 16 kg. Thanks to the material it doesn’t damage the ground during your exercise.

  • Material: Concrete with plastic coated
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 32 cm

Product Features

  • Material: Concrete with plastic coated
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 32 cm
  • A massive and professional construction
  • With a compact interior
  • Weighs 16 kg

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BodyRip Iron Power Club Bell Clubbell Weight Indian Kettlebell Training 2KG 4KG 6KG 8KG 10KG 12KG 15KG 20KG (8)

2kg – 45cm x 4cm
4kg – 50cm x 5cm
6kg – 53.5cm x 6cm
8kg – 54cm x 5.5cm
10kg – 62cm x 7cm
12kg – 65.5cm x 7.3cm
15kg – 70cm x 8cm
20kg – 73.5cm x 9cm

Product Features

  • Durable Ductile Iron. Machined With Painted Black Finish. Smooth Texture For Easy Grip. Great Weight Distribution. Sleek Design On The Ends For Fluid Behind The Neck And Overhead Swings. Builds Grip Strength And Power In The Wrist. Builds Core Strength Through Rotational Exercise.
  • Constructed From A Single Piece Of Solid Cast Iron
  • Clubbells Are Club-Shaped Cast Iron Weights
  • Weight Imprinted On Surface
  • Flattened Base For Extra Stability. Complete Dimensions Of Each Club Are In The Description Field Below:

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Kettlebell »PowerMonster« dumbbell 2kg to 20 kg / plastic weight / high-performance studio quality ideal for strength training, functional training, aerobics and home workout / 8kg / sky blue

Our everyday life requires a lot of mental and physical well-being

Physical fitness helps us to cope better with these requirements of our environment. The positive effects of fitness training make up for every effort. Fitness training is enormously diverse because the term includes not only classical sports such as aerobics, gymnastics and jogging, but, for example, also balancing and faszien training.
Although it is possible to distinguish between pure endurance training and strength training, some sports, such as cycling, can not be clearly defined, but it is rather a combination of both types of training.

In our fitness equipment store, you will find a wide range of fitness equipment for fitness training
From fitness mats, fitness belts, gymnastics balls, jumping ropes, running accessories and water bottles, dumbbells, pull-up bars, power station accessories, training gloves, kettlebells and medicine balls to acupressure mats, Spiky massage Balls, lacrosse balls and massage accessories. We guarantee the right fitness equipment for everyone. The selection of #DoYourFitness fitness accessories is complemented by our yoga, swimming, diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities with our #DoYourYoga, #DoYourSwimming and #DoYourOutdoor branded products.

Product Features

  • The original #DoYourFitness ‘PowerMonster’ dumbbell features excellent workmanship and is therefore suitable for targeted strength and endurance training. Our dumbbells are available in different weight classes from 2 to 20 kg. Weight: The #DoYourFitness ‘PowerMonster’ kettlebell comes in the weights of 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg and 20kg. In addition to the classic black basic design, each weight class has its own eye-catching colour in order to easily distinguish among them.
  • Benefits for you: Due to the weight gradations of 2 kg up to 20 kg, the kettlebells are eminently suitable for beginners and women as well as for aspiring athletes. Using them, you can gradually increase your strength; the gradations between the individual weight classes make this particularly convenient. Of course, our kettle bells are also used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Your benefits at a glance: Ideal training equipment / weight classes: 2 – 20 kg / Elegant, simple design / Suitable for both ambitious athletes and beginners: modern colours as eye-catcher / completes your home gym / 100% cement filling.
  • Tip: The dumbbells help bring variety into your workout routine and can be used in various ways, such as for the kettlebell swing. This allows you to train your muscles from different angles, which ultimately also benefits cardiovascular health.
  • Targeted training sessions enable you to make great progress in flexibility and encourage your body to burn fat. The more muscle mass you build up, the higher your daily calorie needs. You will also feel fitter and healthier faster!

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Neoprene Dumbbells Aerobic Weight Fitness Training – Sold as a Pair /Boxed in a pairs (8kg – 2x4kg)

These Dumbbells have a neoprene PVC soft, non-slip grip -suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Ideal for toning and shaping, cardio or workouts. Enables you to tone up and increase strength from the comfort of your own home. The Neoprene Dumbbells are available in a range of weights with each weight colour coded. The weights can be used for general exercise or aerobic workouts. Perfect also for power walking, Aerobics, Yoga & Pilates as well as muscle toning & development. Neoprene covering is less prone to cracking and splitting than vinyl covering. Neoprene has the advantage over vinyl of being less slippery when hands become sweaty. 1Kg Orange, 2Kg Green, 3KG Blue, 4KG Grey, 5KG Black

Product Features

  • Questi manubri hanno un PVC morbido neoprene, antiscivolo -Suitable per tutte le età e livelli di fitness
  • Ideale per tonificare e modellare, cardio o allenamenti
  • Neoprene ha il vantaggio rispetto vinile di essere meno scivoloso quando le mani diventano sudate
  • Rivestimento in neoprene è meno incline alla rottura e scissione di rivestimento in vinile
  • Questi manubri possono essere utilizzati per l’esercizio generale o allenamenti aerobici

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Boyz Toys Phoenix Fitness Kettle Bell – Silver, 6 kg

An easy to use exercise accessory, the Phoenix Fitness 6kg Kettlebell weight is ideal for cardiovascular workouts and targeting muscle groups. The cast iron kettlebell has a vinyl coating to reduce chaffing and comfortably hold whilst you’re working out. Suitable for ages 14 years and over.

Product Features

  • Large easy grip handle
  • Perfect for your core stability and functional full body workouts
  • Challenge both your muscular and cardio strength
  • Increase your strength, endurance, ability and balance
  • Engages many muscles groups at the same time building muscle quicker

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Body Revolution Cast Iron Dumbbell Set – Adjustable Cast Iron Free Weights with bars (15kg)

Time Slashing Weightlifting Equipment from Body Revolution

Here at Body Revolution, we understand that going to the gym can result in lost time, which in the modern world results in lost opportunities. Which is why we specialise in designing and manufacturing gym-grade, performance enhancing strength training equipment for the typical home & garage gym, saving you time and money in the long run.

Strength Training Gear Designed to Maximise Progression
The dumbbell set has been designed for compatibility with any standard 1 inch plates & accessories, providing flexibility for continuous progression as you become fitter and stronger. Our goal is to ensure you get the most from your product without capping progression, providing freedom to continue reaching your fitness goals

Body Revolution Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Features

  • Heavy Duty, Solid Cast Iron Weight Plates
  • Chrome, Cambered Handles
  • 20cm Steel Barbell Link
  • Spinlock Collars
  • Suitable for Beginners and Professional, Commercial Gym Use
  • Free Shipping to Mainland UK

Sets include a barbell connector, 2 x dumbbell handles, 4 x spinlock collars and the following plates:

  • 15kg: 8 x 1.25kg
  • 20kg: 4 x 1.25 / 4 x 2.5kg
  • 30kg: 4 x 1.25 / 8 x 2.5kg
  • 40kg: 4 x 1.25 / 4 x 2.5 / 4 x 5kg
  • 50kg: 4 x 1.25 / 8 x 2.5 / 4 x 5kg
  • *Note – the total weight of each set is inclusive of the dumbbell handles and all accessories

So Get Your Order in Today and Never Skip a Workout Again

Product Features

  • STUCK FOR TIME? DON’T LET THAT BECOME AN EXCUSE! – In our modern, fast paced world, who has time to head to the gym every day? Well the Body Revolution cast iron dumbbells set may just have the perfect excuse to stay at home. With its compact and selectable design, the Body Revolution dumbbell weights set is the ideal personal training companion for speedy fitness weightlifting workouts at home to target areas such as biceps, triceps and a range of core muscle groups.
  • ALL IN ONE COMPLETE ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS – The Body Revolution dumbbell set is simple and easy to setup and comes equipped with an array of interchangeable cast iron metal plates and accessories, making it ideal for beginners looking to progress through a range of motions and isolated weight lifting movements. The selectable and changeable plate design allows for all discs to be stacked together, meaning that you no longer need to find masses of space to store individually weighted dumbbells in
  • 2-in-1 BARBELL LINK SOLUTION FOR INCREASED VERSATILITY – The cast iron weights set includes a 20cm barbell link to turn your dumbbell pair into a single barbell for a bigger range of isolated, compound and functional movement patterns. Ideal for starters perfecting the basic exercises and skills needed for functional form and fitness.
  • THREADED SPINLOCK COLLARS FOR WEIGHT PLATE SECURITY – The dumbells are designed with 1 inch diameter threaded sleeves and a spinlock security mechanism for quick plate changes. The spinlock collars also contain a rubber rim on the inner section to help grip the cast iron weight plates for additional security.
  • CAMBERED CHROME HANDLE BAR GRIPS – The dumbells are designed with a cambered handle grip to help improve stability and forearm control during bicep curls, bench press exercises and other weightlifting movements that can put strain on the wrists.

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UK Fitness Kettlebell Strength Training Kettlebells 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg Weights Home Training Gym (4-10-12kg set)

Vinyl Kettlebells: Supplied with FREE kettlebell workout DVD showing 20 great kettlebell exercises

Easy to use and ideal for use in the home. These Kettlebell sets are perfect for cardio and strength training.

Lose weight and build great muscle definition and have great fun all at the same time and do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Perfect for Kettlebell training & Kettle bell Gym Fitness workouts & weight loss Kettlebell weighs

Kettlebell training helps build core strength and stability. Our Grey Vinyl Kettlebells are ergonomically designed made to the highest standard with a stylish design with easy grip handle an anti slip base.

Each Kettlebell is colour coding helps easy selection.

Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness. Kettlebell exercises work major muscle groups & specific muscles.

Kettle bell training offers full body conditioning at all fitness levels all ages. Offering fat burning benefits, strength building, muscle firming, increased mobility and improved core strength.

Kettlebells provide the ultimate results in any fitness training regime.

Product Features

  • HIGH-QUALITY VINYL COATED KETTLEBELL: Built to last – constructed with strong and clean vinyl case. Weight and Colour coded for easy selection Great for training indoor & outdoor .
  • INCLUDES Kettlebell Workout DVD Showing 20 Great Kettlebell Exercises. Develop co-ordination flexibility and build solid core strength: Build Muscle or lose weight.

    WORK YOUR ENTIRE BODY: HIIT Training Exercises for Your Entire Body Upper, Lower & Core Body Workouts

    TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build Muscle Burn Calories Tone & Tighten Your Body Develop your Six Pack Improve Strength & Posture Personal Trainer Approved!

  • MOST VERSATILE & FUNCTIONAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, lifting, get-ups & snatches to workout & increase strength of many muscle groups & body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, & more .
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN for comfort and safety. No slip base protects your floor and reduces noise. WIDE, SMOOTH HANDLE: Smooth, high-quality slightly textured handle provides a comfortable & secure grip for high reps
  • IDEAL FOR ANY AGE OR GENDER: The wide range of weights is ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups & snatches to work out many muscle groups and body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, & more

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