BODYPOWER Vinyl Kettlebell Weight Set 2,3 & 4kg

Bodypower Vinyl Kettlebell Set:1 x 2kg1 x 3kg1 x 4kgThis attractive trio of Bodypower Vinyl Kettlebells is an ideal addition to your core stability and functional fitness workouts. Commanding the body to function as a complete unit, kettlebell training helps you increase co-ordination, balance and power whilst working your core.Featuring an ergonomic handle, each kettlebell is easy to grip, optimising correct form and comfort. The kettlebells also feature a rubber, anti-slip base which protects both the floors and the weights. Compact in size and incredibly stylish, they’re an attractive addition to the home. 1 year warranty (HOME USE ONLY)

Product Features

  • Vinyl composition: durable and smooth
  • Ergonomic handle: comfortable
  • safe and maximise performance
  • Anti-slip base: protects floors and kettlebells
  • Compact design: great for space saving

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