Body Revolution Cast Iron Kettlebell – Strength Training Home Gym Equipment (28 KG)

A Total Body Workout Tool
Kettlebell training has become incredibly popular in the recent years, but they were the tool of choice for Russian Lifters over a century ago after recognising the effects of kettlebell training on cardiovascular endurance and function strength. Kettlebell training encourages back to basics type training that encourages the functional fitness to deal with the stresses of everyday compound movements.

How Do Kettlebells Work Differently from Dumbbells?
Unlike traditional weight lifting equipment such as dumbbells, Kettlebells are not designed to isolate single muscle groups, but instead they recruit major muscle groups through compound, functional movements. The kettlebells are designed with a large handle for stability and control but the weight itself is off-centred to recruit stabilising muscles as well as working target muscles through wider range of motions. Kettlebell workouts are also designed to build strength and cardiovascular endurance simultaneously for faster, more functional fitness results

An Ideal Fitness Solution for Increasingly Busy Lifestyles
Kettlebell workouts are intense, making them ideal for time-poor, busy people as workouts can be kept short but the intense nature of this type of training enables maximum efficiency from workouts from maximum results. Kettlebells are also relatively small and easily portable which makes them ideal for use at home, at a gym or in a crossfit studio.

Weights Available:

  • 2kg
  • 4kg
  • 6kg
  • 8kg
  • 10kg
  • 12kg
  • 14kg
  • 16kg
  • 18kg
  • 20kg
  • 24kg
  • 28kg

Product Features

  • * HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON BUILD QUALITY * – Cast iron is highly durable and more concentrated than concrete filled vinyl kettlebells, allowing the kettlebell size to be more compact which is perfect for movements that need a bit of space such as kettlebell swings and Turkish get ups
  • * TOTAL BODY WORKOUT * – Kettlebell training is perfect for building muscle, honing functional strength and athletic endurance through a variety of compound movements targeting major muscle groups and activation twitch muscle fibres
  • * WIDE RANGE OF SIZES and WEIGHTS AVAILABLE * – We stock Body Revolution Cast Iron Kettlebells ranging from 2kg for lightweight aerobic exercise all the way up to 28kg for serious athletes and weightlifting enthusiasts
  • * LARGE HANDLES & FLAT BASE * – The large handles on the Cast Iron Kettlebells are designed to improve grip, stability and control throughout a range of movements and motions. The flat base enables the kettlebell to remain standing on any flat surface, ideal for storage at home or within a gym or fitness studio
  • * FREE UK SHIPPING & EXCELLENT AFTER SALES SERVICE * – we deliver to UK customers for free and offer a hassle free after sales and returns service. Not UK based? No problem, we can still deliver to most European countries. Please message us for further details.

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3 Responses to Body Revolution Cast Iron Kettlebell – Strength Training Home Gym Equipment (28 KG)

  1. Jan Tape says:

    Fantastic kettlebells Fabulous kettlebells, arrived quickly and a perfect time for me really, around 7.30pm, and a couple of days earlier than expected, was very happy with that time especially when you’re working in the city. The grip / handle is good, did hike swings & alternating single hand swings with ease. Ordered 2 x 8kg, 2 x 12kg & 1 x 16kg, all arrived in good condition, very happy with them, have done 2 sessions with them now in-between my classes at the gym. Will order heavier ones as and when I need to…

  2. giddyup says:

    Good product. Ordered quite a few of these

  3. Seeker says:

    Five Stars

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