Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell, 13.6 kg – Black

If you’ve been looking to add free weights to your workout, look no further than the Bionic Body Soft Kettle Ball. The large, durable handle is wide enough for a two-handed grip, while the kettle bell’s offset centre of gravity offers a unique experience.

And when fatigue sets in, it’s safe to drop this kettle bell thanks to its soft design and quiet iron, which won’t damage the floor, great for home training, fitness boot camps, and young athletes.

About Bionic Body – Developed by Kim Lyons from the Ground Up

Kim Lyons is a celebrity trainer from NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge – The Bionic Body line of fitness products has all of Kim’s experience as one of the most sought after authorities in the health and fitness arena.

The real deal at home:

Kim has motivated millions of people to reach their goals of living a happy and healthy lifestyle and now you have access to the same gear used in Kim’s Studio at home!

Leaner – Faster – Stronger

Product Features

  • Soft protective outer wrapping shrouds the kettlebell to prevent damage or injury if dropped
  • Large vinyl coated handle can be used for single or double-handed exercises
  • Offset center of gravity adds a more challenging dimension to your training
  • Iron inside keeps the kettlebells as small as possible for increased functionality and range of motion
  • The soft kettlebells offer a safer and more comfortable alternative to conventional designs

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