Atletica Volume 4 by Powerstrike DVD – Ilaria Montagnan – region 0

Ilaria and her team will take you through a different challenge with this Atletica workout, no extra weight or dumbbells required, only your own body. Atletica Vol 4 is designed to work your whole body, with special focus on Push Ups and Core challenges. You will be alternating different push ups and upper-body routines designed to sculpt lean arms and strong shoulders with various abdominal and lower body exercises designed to strengthen your core and help you build a six-pack. Atletica Vol 4 is a 30 minute quick and intense workout that delivers a fun challenge for anyone looking to get in serious shape in a short amount of time. There are no shortcuts. Take the Atletica challenge and become stronger with each workout. Train your body and your mind will follow. Train like an athlete – strong body, strong core, stronger for life. Instructor’s name: Ilaria Montagnani Type of Workout: Toning Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 30 Minutes Release Date: 2012 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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