Absolute Beginners: Kettlebell 3-In-1 With Amy Ben [DVD] [2009] [US Import]

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3 Responses to Absolute Beginners: Kettlebell 3-In-1 With Amy Ben [DVD] [2009] [US Import]

  1. Mrs. R. E. Marshall says:

    Best introduction to kettlebell DVD around I spent ages looking for a DVD that covered kettlebell basics around form and technique. Suprisingly this was the only DVD that appeared to cover the basics. The DVD is split into 3 sections: a introduction section explaining the different moves and how to do them correctly. The second section is a beginner workout which is a shortish workout. The final section is an intermediate workout that use the moves you will have learnt but sequences them together. Initially, I thought the workouts were…

  2. Crystal Tips says:

    Okay. Purchased this DVD as I heard that using kettlebells is a very effective way to work out using resistance training. The DVD is good for ‘absolute beginners’ as the detail describes. My only critism, hence only three stars, is that there are not enough kettlebell exercises for me, as you do each section twice. There is an advert on TV for another kettlebell DVD package and that seems to incorporate a huge variety of exercises, but considerably higher priced. I suppose I should have paid more…

  3. artist169 says:

    good for first time user

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