2KG To 24KG Vinyl Kettlebell Body Tone Strength Training Fitness Kettlebells ★ (24 Kilograms)

We R Sports Kettlebells are weights that can be lifted like ordinary dumbells, but can also be swung about for an intense cardio workout. With kettlebells you can have a workout in very little space that will get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body. With a pair of these you can burn up just as many calories, as going for a run, all you need is the room to swing your arms. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with a Ketllebell, exercising your whole body, in little space.

Kettelbell training leaves no muscles untouched, work your arms legs back and abs all in one fantastic session. Kettlebells have been around for a good few years now and are more popular than ever. One of the reasons for this is great variety of works out Kettlebells offer due to the amazing intense workouts that kettlebells offer. They really are a great piece of gym equipment, easy to use and they give killer results!!

The great advantage of Kettelbells is that they offer both cardio-vascular and anabolic training in the same session.

Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebell exercises will work your major muscle groups as well as specific muscles.

Kettle bell training offers full body conditioning for all fitness levels and all ages.

Offering all the benefits of fat burning, strength building, muscle firming, all with increased mobility and improved core strength.

A kettlebell workout really can provide the ultimate results in any fitness training regime.

Plastic coating with cement filling

Flat base with for extra stability

Improve core strength

The best way to increase fitness and endurance levels

Product Features

  • They can be used outdoor as well as indoors and need very little space when working with them. They are ideal for home use as they can be stored away very easily and take up little space.
  • The cardiovascular benefits are great also and to achieve a more intense cardio workout try using 2 in sequence. This is great also if you have a small child at home or you are at the office and cannot stray too far, 25-40 mins of training with kettlebells 3 times a week will be more than enough to reep the benefits both physically, mentally and visually.
  • Great for improving Grip strength, flexibility and core stability not forgetting ROM especially the shoulder joints.
  • Effective Toning and sculpting the body and burning body fat.

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3 Responses to 2KG To 24KG Vinyl Kettlebell Body Tone Strength Training Fitness Kettlebells ★ (24 Kilograms)

  1. Joe Dzioba says:

    Ergonomically poorlyl designed, the handles are too big and too thick. My partner bought me the same We R 20KG kettlebell from ebay not Amazon. It is too big and bulky and the handle is way too big, its too thick and also is slippy. I use a 20KG and 24KG at my local gym and have no problem with them, although they are the more expensive cast iron kettlebells, It is just about possible to do ordinary kettlebell swings with these but becomes difficult doing any single arm work as the size of the hole in the handle and the handle itself are way too big. It is…

  2. R Driver says:

    and for price pretty good value

  3. M. A. Coburn says:

    that’s perfect. The labels fall of instantly

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