FXR Sports Cast Iron Kettlebells With Rubber Sleeve – 15 Sizes Available (2-30kg) – With Free A3 Workout Poster! (28kg)

Official FXR Sports product

Product Features

  • Made from cast iron
  • Rubber finish prevents scratches and damage to flooring
  • Available in 15 different sizes
  • Ideal for home or commercial use
  • Comes with free A3 kettlebell workout poster featuring 12 different exercises

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Premium Weight Lifting Straps – Power Grips with the Dual Functionality of Wrist Wraps & Gloves ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ Hydar Strength Range – Flexible Rubber Grip the Best Alternative to Lifting Hooks and Fat Gripz – Ideal for Heavy Duty Lifting & Bodybuilding – Padded Wrist Support for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Workouts Deadlifts & Bench Press (Black & Gold)

The perfect replacement for wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks and gloves, the Hydar Strength range presents to you the unique and advanced all in one POWER GRIPS.

Developed by combining the latest cutting edge technology with the most advanced materials, this is the ultimate lifting accessory to secure your grip – a must have for all gym goers!

★ 5mm thick durable rubber lifting surface secures a non-slip grip around the bar – far more sustainable than other leather and neoprene products!
★ Ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable cushioned feel in the palm of hand.

★ 5mm thick foam padding wrist interior for added comfort and support – essential for protecting the wrist against any strains and relieves tension.
★ Smooth foam padding interior prevents the wrist support digging into skin.

★ Nylon webbing exterior to keep the accessory durable and long-lasting.
★ Hook and loop closure with velcro fastening to fit all wrist sizes securely and comfortably.

With a secure grip and a functional support for the wrist, the athlete is able to train at optimum levels and reach the maximum with no restrictions with both pulling and pushing movements. Grip fatigue is eliminated to improve mental focus; developing the ability to attain a greater mind-muscle connection. Grip worries can now be a thing of the past so you can concentrate on the most important part of training – GAINS!

At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we believe function and durability are key in the development of our products. The Hydar Strength Power Grips incorporate the latest muscle building technology alongside a sleek fashionable design to give you the perfect wrist and grip support that guarantees to go the distance with your training requirements.


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Product Features

  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in our Power Grips exceeding expectations!
  • ★ NON SLIP GRIP & NO MORE ROUGH HANDS! – Take your grip to a whole new level with our heavy duty rubber material that eliminates unwanted slipping motions. Maximum protection against blisters and calluses with an extra thick rubber lifting surface for both push and pull movements.
  • ★ UNIQUE FOAM PADDING – Prevent wrist pain and enhance your wrist stability for deadlifts, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, shrugs and upright rows with our padded wrist wrap support.
  • ★ 2 COLOUR DESIGNS – Available in the original stylish Black & Gold design, or for that extra stealthy look try the exclusive ‘Blackouts’.
  • ★ EXPERTLY TESTED – Durability is key when it comes to serious lifters and our Power Grips have been innovatively trialled and tested to withstand even the toughest erosions.

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Scorpion Power Lifting CrossFit Gripp Gloves Black Medium

Short four finger lifting glove. Great for all types of workout. This close fitting glove protects the important part of the hand allowing freedom of movement and enhancing gripper.

Product Features

  • Great for all types of weight lifting and xfit wods
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Machine washable close fitting four finger gloves
  • Great for rope climbing and kettle bell workouts
  • Callus guard grippy silicon print palms

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Gorilla Sports Adjustable Cast Iron Kettlebell

Adjustable Cast Iron Kettlebell

Adjustable from 1.5Kg up to 15Kg
Can be easily adapted to suit the intensity of your training
Ideal for a wide variety of different kettlebell exercises
Weight of the handle: 1.5Kg
Weights included in the package: 4 x 0.5Kg, 2 x 1Kg, 2 x 1.25Kg, 2 x 1.5Kg, 2 x 2Kg

Kettlebells can be lifted like dumbbells for strength workouts, using moves like the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. They can also be swung, either alone or in pairs, for an intense cardio workout.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • Adjustable from 1.5Kg up to 15Kg
  • Can be easily adapted to suit the intensity of your training
  • Ideal for a wide variety of different kettlebell exercises
  • Weights included in the package: 4 x 0.5Kg, 2 x 1Kg, 2 x 1.25Kg, 2 x 1.5Kg, 2 x 2Kg

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XTFMAX Personal Trainer: Complete Personal Training Program – 12 Workouts

Let Stephanie Oram be your Personal Trainer for the next 90 days and become a fitter, healthier and stronger version of you. XTFMAX PERSONAL TRAINER includes 12 workouts that will help you burn fat and build lean muscle in the comfort of your own home.
Also included with the 12 challenging workouts is a completetraining guide, planning calendar and nutrition plan. You will receive all the tools necessary to get in the best shape of your life with our toughest program yet.

12 workouts:

Endurance: High Reps and Intensity
Back and Biceps – Upper Body and Cardio Focus
Cardio – Strengthen the heart in this fat burning, longer duration workout
Chest, Shoulders and Abs – Chest, shoulders and abs
Legs Triceps and Core – Legs, triceps and core

Fat Shred: High Rep, Low Weight
Cardio – High intensity movements get that heart rate up to burn some serious calories
Lower Body – Legs and core focus
Upper Body I – Upper body focus
Upper Body II – Chest, back, and arms. Light lower body and abs

Strength: Low Rep, Higher Weight
Cardio – Power movements that burn fat and strengthen the heart
Strength I – Legs, chest, triceps and abs
Strength II – Abs, legs, shoulders and back
Strength III – Biceps, back, chest, legs and abs

Use the included training guide and calendar to help plan and schedule your workouts
We have also provided a complete comprehensive meal plan with recipes to help you plan your individual meals and fuel your workouts
Equipment Needed: A light, medium and heavy set of dumbbells and resistance bands.

Product Features

  • Let Stephanie Oram be your personal trainer in XTFMAX Personal Trainer 12 workout set and exceed all your health and fitness goals
  • These 12 intense workouts on 12 DVDs will get you great results burning fat and building lean muscle in just 35 minutes a day for 90 days
  • Includes a complete Training Guide and Training Calendar. You can also track your workout progress with the 90 day Workout Tracker
  • Plan Your nutritional needs with the included Meal Plan and join trainer Stephanie Oram to get in the best shape of your life

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MACCIAVELLI – Pull Up Grips, Hand Grips, Wodies, Gloves, Calisthenics, Crossfit, Freeletics, Gymnastics (Black, Small)

Premium protection for fitness pros:

MACCHIAVELLI hand grips have been specially developed for use in weight training and athletics. They protect your hands against cuts and calluses whilst ensuring maximum comfort.


MACCIAVELLI brand gloves are made from premium leather, with a design that ensures maximum PROTECTION for your palms. Made from hard-wearing, weather-resistant material, these grips can be used for all types of INDOOR and OUTDOOR training.

Added benefit: Improved grip for pull-ups, squats and curls – NO CHALK REQUIRED!


Enough material between the fingers to prevent tearing of the leather and pinching during wear.

Unlike other brands, these gloves can be worn for extended periods and are built for years of use.


Designed for all hand sizes.

Size chart (measuring from the base of the middle finger to the wrist):

S: up to 8,5 cm / 3.35″ (small hands)

M: 8,5 cm to 10 cm / 3.35″ to 4.33″ (medium hands)

L: from 10 cm / 4.33″ (large hands)

Product Features

  • PROTECTION: Keeps your palms protected against cuts and calluses during training. Ideal for calisthenics, Crossfit, Freeletics, strength training and gymnastics.
  • GRIP: Provides extra grip for squats, pull-ups and curls without the need for chalk.
  • SIZE/MATERIAL: Suitable for all hand sizes. Made from hard-wearing leather and with a Velcro wrist strap for a perfect fit.
  • RELIABLE: Wrist straps stay fixed at all times, making them suitable for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use. Ideal for use in competition!
  • PRACTICAL: No need for plastic straps to hold them in place, meaning no sharp edges. Enough leather between the fingers to prevent pinching without being baggy.

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Costway Vinyl Kettlebell Weights Strength Training Fitness Workout Home Gym 2kg-20kg (8 KG)

High quality Kettlebell features a stylish design with an easy grip handle and an anti slip base, ergonomically designed and made to the highest standard. Kettlebell training helps build core strength and stability. Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness. A kettlebell workout really can provide the ultimate results in any fitness training regime. The results will amaze you!

Brand new and high quality
With an easy grip handle and an anti slip base
Weights of kettlebell is 2/4/6/8/12/14/16/18/20kg
Various color– easy to distinguish the weight of kettlebell
Kettlebell training offers full body conditioning for all fitness levels and all ages
Suitable for all fitness workouts, either at home, the gym, outside at your local boot camp
Great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness

Material of shell: PP
Material of filling: mixture of sand and iron
N.W.: 2KG
Color: gray + pink
Size: 13×13×20cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
N.W.: 4KG
Color: gray +yellow
Size: 15.5×15.5×24cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
N.W.: 6KG
Color: gray +purple
Size: 15.5×15.5×24cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
N.W.: 8KG
Color: gray +orange
Size: 17.5×17.5×26.5cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Color: gray +dark blue
Size: 19×19×29cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Color: gray +red
Size: 21×21×32cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Color: gray +light green
Size: 21×21×32cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Color: gray +brown
Size: 21.5×21.5×33cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Color: gray +black
Size: 21.5×21.5×33cm ( Dia.*Dia.*H)
Package includes: 1x kettlebell

Product Features

  • Stylish design– A stylish design with an easy grip handle and an anti slip base.
  • Available weights- Weights of kettlebell are 2/4/6/8/12/14/16/18/20kg, suitable for different intensity of training.
  • Multifunction– Great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Diversified usage– Suitable for all fitness workouts, either at home, the gym, outside at your local boot camp or exercise workout class.
  • Excluded locations: Guernsey, JERSEY, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands, PO BOX

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Gymnastics Grips Crossfit – GYMNASTICS, CROSSFIT, WEIGHTLIFTING – Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Kettlebell Swing – Hand & Wrist Protection – Small UNBROKEN Bag includes Grips for CrossFit and Weightlifting – Gymnastics Protection against Rips & Calluses – Genuine Leather – Medium – Pink


  • NO MORE CALLUSES – Everyone who has worked out at a gym before will agree, strength workouts destroy your palms. Not any more. Say goodbye to slow frustrating training, torn hands, ring finger calluses and sweaty hand grips. The UNBROKEN Grips will allow you to keep training day after day without losing strength from painful hands
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY LEATHER: Made from the finest 100% genuine cow leather, those grips are durable and designed to marry the shape of your palms for increased comfort. The Velcro wrist strap ensure that you wrists do not twist during exercise so that you can put all your concentration towards that last rep!
  • Description They are ideal for workouts that include many reps of pull-ups, kettlebell swings, muscle ups, deadlifts etc. (basically anything that is very abrasive against your hands!). The shape, durable quality of those grips will leave you satisfied and hungry for more workouts. Give the UNBROKEN grips a try and increase your performances!

    Product Features

    • NO MORE RIPS OR CALLUSES – Those grips protect your hands against hand injuries that may occur in Gymnastics, Crossfit Training or even at the gym. Each purchase includes a pair of UNBROKEN grips.
    • REINFORCED GRIPS RESISTING ALL TYPES OF TRAINING – Ideal for Crossfit Training, Kettlebell Swings, Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Deadlifts, Biceps curls, Gymnastics and many more!
    • QUALITY GENUINE LEATHER – Each pair of UNBROKEN Grips is made from 100% genuine cow leather. The Grips were designed specifically to match the shape of your hand for optimal comfort while remaining sturdy and in place thanks to a wrist Velcro strap protection.
    • THE PERFECT GRIP – Easily put on and effortlessly adjustable, it will only take SECONDS for you to begin your workout safely. On top of preventing hand injuries, the UNBROKEN grips will help you reach your maximum strength and performances brought by a stronger grip.

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    Mava Sports Workout Gloves with Wrist Wraps Support for Weightlifting, Gym Exercise, Weight Training, WOD – Leather Grip Strengthener & Palm Protection

    Mava Sports is proud to bring you the best gym gloves on the market. Our Mava weight training gloves were designed to solve all your past frustrations, allowing you to train better, more efficient and focus on your performance.

    Created for gym newbies and athletes alike, the Mava workout support for men and women was built to reduce hand rips and offer the essential wrist support you need to focus on your form and results.
    Strap on Mava strength training gloves to notice their huge immediate benefits:

    Stronger Grip, no Slips: Their ingenious palm design is made from high quality Leather which guides you into finding the best contact points and minimizes grip loss. So grip more, lift more!

    Integrated Wrist Wrap Support for Better Wrist Stability: Adjustable wrist wrap provides maximum stability and support, giving you confidence for that last rep.

    Palm Protection Grip: Thoughtfully made palm design prevents tears and blisters, allowing you to not postpone any more workouts.

    Sweat Protection: Ergonomic design made to combat sweat. Eliminates annoying slippery feeling and gives you a better grip thanks to their breathable materials.
    Who are they for?

    Or Mava leather training gloves are suitable for men, women and teens who want to better focus on their exercise sessions.

    Our customers use our awesome Mava weightlifting gloves for intensive workouts, weightlifting, bodybuilding, training sessions, heavy fitness and even cross training and rope climbing. But they are also great for rope climbing, weightlifting, strength training, kettlebell workouts and many other types of training.

    Our awesome Mava workout gloves come with a 30-day-money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

    Remember, we deeply care about our customers so if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Product Features

    • PALM PROTECTOR GYM GLOVES: finally, a functional and comfortable pair of workout gloves. Our Mava weightlifting gloves with leather padding provide full palm protection against abrasions, scars, hand tears, calluses and blisters. No more slips and reduced friction while gripping exercise equipment or doing bodyweight exercises.
    • INTEGRATED WRIST SUPPORT: prevent wrist strain and promote wrist health by using our Mava workout gloves. Simply reduce the risk of injury to your joints by providing a good support while focusing on your training.
    • STRONGER GRIP and MOBILITY: our Mava workout gloves will give you a natural grip on the bar, maximizing your grip and mobility. Find the best contact points, flex and bend your hands freely to focus on your training. Don’t worry about chalk or taping but work on your grip and the rest of your muscles.
    • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE GLOVES: Thanks to their easy to put on design, you’ll be ready for workouts in seconds. Comfortable and especially designed to prevent overheating, the Mava Exercise Gloves are built from high quality materials, double-stitched gloves and reinforced on the seams
    • RECOMMENDED FOR: Gym workouts, weight lifting, bodybuilding, HIIT, resistance training, kettlebells and dumbbells, time crunch, circuit sessions, body weight exercise, endurance, power lifting, power cleans, Olympic lifts, deadlifts. Very versatile training gloves designed to improve your performance.

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    Kettlebell pair 8kg+8kg cast Kettlebell With FREE Kettlebell Workout DVD

    8kg+8kg Cast Kettlebell pair: Easy to use and ideal for use in the home. This Kettlebell is perfect for cardio and strength training. Lose weight and build great muscle definition and have great fun all at the same time and do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

    Product Features

    • 8kg+8kg Cast Kettlebell pair With FREE Kettlebell Workout DVD
    • Perfect for home use. Build Muscle or lose weight. A workout to suit you.
    • Develop co-ordination flexibility and build solid core strength
    • Ergonomic design for ease of use and comfort

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    BodyRip Unisex Brycb Iron Power Club Bell Clubbell Weight Indian Kettlebell 6kg, Black, Does Not Apply

    Product Features

    • Durable Ductile Iron. Machined With Painted Black Finish.
    • Smooth Texture For Easy Grip. Great Weight Distribution.
    • Sleek Design On The Ends For Fluid Behind The Neck And Overhead Swings.
    • Builds Grip Strength And Power In The Wrist. Builds Core Strength Through Rotational Exercise.
    • Constructed From A Single Piece Of Solid Cast Iron.

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